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At last, now there’s hope for the black male!

And just when you thought all was lost…


9 comments to At last, now there’s hope for the black male!

  • Obsidienne

    LOL, this is so unnecessary, but I guess someone has to profit from droopy pants. What always gets me is that many of these guys are already wearing belts (and not on the last notch). I don’t get it. Is the whole point to show us their boxer shorts (usually not very impressive), and their belts (also very “blah” on average)? Can someone enlighten me?

  • blaqbird

    SMH….whoever came up with this needs to go pick out a switch on the tree for this one….hot mess….

  • chacha

    This too shall soon pass. Lord willing. BTW “WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG LOOORRRRDDD!!!!” I don’t know how many more saggy ass boys but I can take. I feel like a perv when my eyes are invaded by this or little girls with their shorts up their cheeks. Maybe we should all no matter what the size of your ass just strip naked and even out the playing field

    • bashe

      Well, I thought this would pass, too. But one day this summer I was at a church youth retreat—where adults were having a devil of a time, ahem, getting our young men to keep their pants from sagging—and I saw a guy my age, late 40s/early 50s, and he was wearing his jeans exactly the way I do, and have since I was a teenager, and the awful possibility hit me: what if this is it? What if this is the way these young men wear their pants AND WILL wear their pants? What if they’re locked in?

      My wife and I have been having a friendly disagreement about it ever since—she thinks they’ll grow up and pull up, and while I hope she’s right, I’m deathly afraid that I could be 80 in 30 years, and my eyes will still be assaulted by millions of 50 year-old men STILL walking around in sagging jeans because that’s the only way they know how to wear them….

  • It’s PSYOPS in effect-youth’s been cuckolded into believing saggy style is cool. Nothing but homage to a slave/prisoner mentality of the penal system. Saggy pants -keeps you from hanging yourself in the pen besides being an urban myth signifying homosexual invitation. The rappers from the early 90′s copped it from the prison industrial complex…will it be a fad-it’s been close to 10 years…reminds me of back in the day when dudes would hold their crotch while walking or talking…keeping it real Son! A sad state of affairs…

    • pinksghetti

      It’s been a fad for more than 10 years, unfortunately. I’d say 15 or more years by now. The only thing as bad is the skinny jeans but that didn’t really take off as a trend. It would be good to go back to the style of the 80′s and early 90′s which was either just fitting pants of 1 to 2 sizes too big. Not this 5 sizes too big of 1 size to small. I agree with you on the whole touching yourself, that was so gross.

  • Jeremy

    men in garter belts…. *plans documentary

  • reg

    i’ll forego my turn to condemn the style (i share the sentiment, but, hey, whatchagonnado?!) (as it fading: lil’ wayne was rockin’ on snl just this week!). bu this solution seems not to really deal with the main, um, problem, at least for those of us who have eyes. for that check out the invention of an actress friend of mine here. personally, i wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these choices, but i’m not known for my sartorial acumen.