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“Sex And The City” Ghanaian Style

The 2010 Ghanaian rom-com release The Perfect Picture not only has become a huge commercial success throughout the continent and also winning for director Shirley Frimpong-Manso the African Movie Academy Awards this year for Best Director of the Year. The film, which deals with the love lives of three successful and attractive Ghanaian women, has been compared to The Best Man and of course, naturally, Sex and the City.

On an interview today on the BBC Radio director Frimpong-Manso, who has extensive credits directing for television and has directed 5 other feature besides The Perfect Picture, understandably didn’t necessarily agree with that comparison, but felt that if it helped the film’s marketability and got more people to see the film then she really has no problem with it. If anyone has seen the film let us know what you think.

Check out the trailer below:

10 comments to “Sex And The City” Ghanaian Style

  • Dianah

    I would say that it does have similarities of the ‘Sex in the City’ shows/movies as well as ‘The Best Man’ with of course a bit of the Ghanaian culture. Unfortunately not much of this culture is portrayed in this film which actually bothered me a bit.
    It’s a story about the relationships between 3 female friends and their own separate relationships.

    I had a chance to see the film and being such a harsh critic, though I appreciated it, I would probably give it a 4. Having said that, I am rating this against an international scale for both technical/story structure, casting,etc.
    To be fair, on the scale alongside other movies out of Ghana or Nigerian, I would probably give it a 7.
    Since ‘The Perfect Picture’ though, I would say this lady surely and quickly seems to be evolving. Ghana seems to be getting it’s act together bringing out creative and innovating movies.
    2011 I believe will be bringing to light more amazing filmmakers and directors from that country.

  • Tee

    Frankly I’m flummoxed about these ‘Sex in the City’ references, is there something I’m missing?

    On a Film and screen blog none of us are sufficiently aware that one of the most successful television series of all time was called Sex And The City?

    An interesting post, shame about that bit of sloppy detail

    • Blutopaz

      It’s called a typo, you know, like forgetting punctuation and using upper case when lower case is correct.

      jeez Luis

  • Is it just me who’s unable able to see the trailer? I don’t see it …

  • Dianah

    Thanks for the correction. I was never into the show and so I apologize for that sloppy bit of detail. Yes this movie does quite have some similarities to that of ‘Sex and the City’

  • llilkunta

    @ Tee, per who is S&TC 1 of the most usccessful tv shows of all time? Is that with Anglo ppl? Bc I dont know any of my AfrAm , Hisp, Indo, Asian friends who liked it. all those ladies were materialistic & unrealistic.

    Plus who had and has HBO? Back then it was costly & now we’re in a recession.

  • Blutopaz

    I dunno, i see this trailer and think more Living Single and Girlfriends than SATC. I actually loved SATC for the first few seasons. But once i got the message that there are almost no POC at all in Manhattan i lost interest, esp. when the one Black female character showed up to (angrily, of course) protest her brother’s relationship with Miranda.

    This Perfect Picture trailer looks like 3 young ladies, I’m guessing most African cultures would not care for an African film featuring trampy behavior patterned from Carrie and them. It just always amazes me how even the skankiest behavior regarding White characters can be considered mainstream and positive, even globally.

  • reg

    again, i refuse to judge a film based on a trailer. i can only judge my APPETITE for the film and this trailer suggests a film suffused with black bourgeois values that i find suspect (not to mention, boring), whether the it’s american, african or anywhere in between.