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Regina Hall dumped from Law & Order:Los Angeles

Actress Regina Hall (who I always tend to confuse with Regina King), along with co-star Megan Boone, have been dumped from NBC’s struggling L&O spinoff, Law & Order: Los Angeles.

Though Hall, who played ADA Evelyn Price, may return for a few episodes, reports are that casting directors are currently reading other actresses to replace both former co-stars of the show.

I’ve got an idea though. How about replacing Terrance Howard with that whimpering, cry baby voice of his from the show? He, more than anyone else, is what keeping me from watching the show.

What say you?

UPDATE: Regina Hall now has company. It has just been reported that now Skeet Ulrich who played Det. Rex Winters on L&O:LA is out too and will be replaced. And yet Terrance Howard hangs on….

20 comments to Regina Hall dumped from Law & Order:Los Angeles

  • The actors can only work with what they’ve been given and truthfully, it ain’t much. The writing is not great…at all. It’s night and day when you compare this series with the others.

  • Howard’s voice does leave a lot to be desired, but he is an amazing actor and some of his court scenes were outstanding, shades of Jack McKoy. I think the show is just done. It’s the same ole stuff and moving it to Los Angeles does not make it better.

  • Valerie Hawkins

    Ok, that’s the THIRD actress dropped from the show (the first was Wanda De Jesus, who was originally cast as the lieutenant, filmed a few episodes, was let go, and her scenes re-filmed with her replacement Rachel Ticotin–who seems strangely muted on this show). And people say “Undercovers” was rushed into production? Dick Wolf and company don’t know WHAT they’re doing with this show. The detectives are weird and blander (sorry, Skeet), Howard’s voice also gets on my nerves, and who the bleep decided to cast Alfred Molina and why in the bleep did he take this gig?? And HOW is he able to do this gig, when I swear no more than 3 1/2 weeks passes before ANOTHER movie that he’s in opens in the theaters–?!? Frankly, Regina and Megan Boone were the only performances I liked.

    • Shaun

      I agree with what you said. Alfred Molina was not used very well in this show the handful of times he was on. I loved the pairing of Regina Hall and Alfred Molina and liked the episodes they were on. I guess if we want a black woman on L&O, we can go to L&O:UK. Freema Agyeman is doing her thing, especially the episode that focused on her character.

      • JMac

        After that crappy rape episode, I can’t bear to watch Law and Order UK. Writers on both sides of the pond need to step it up. Felt so bad Freema had to act through that.

        • Shaun

          I will agree with you about the writing in the episode and the editing was bad to, but she worked with what she had and she did a decent job.

  • Oh, is this show still on? Yikes! Why???

  • Geneva Girl

    I’m a Law & Order junkie, I’ve even watched the French Criminal Intent, but this show, I just can’t get into. I’m only watching out of habit. They need to revive the original show.

    Terrence Howard doesn’t bother me, but the bald detective does.

  • SamD

    This is the bizarro world of NBC. The first actor to be cut should be Howard, but I bet he has a no-trade clause. Skeet Ulrich was the only reason I tuned in to the start, and really the only reason why I tuned in to this weekly borefest. The writing was bland and the there was no direction. Corey Stoll impressed and Molina is always a standout. Regina grew on me weekly and I didn’t mind her. Boone was way to young for the role. Howard annoyed me with almost every episode — there was only one where he toned it down and was watchable. Now that Skeet is gone (I have a feeling he bailed and I can’t blame him) I won’t have to sit through this tripe each week.

    If the ratings go up, it will reaffirm the stupidity of the American viewer or Dick Wolf will have purchased 3 million tv sets and PVRs.

  • Iamthenewblack

    I swear, this site has a gripe on any black actor that is accepted on academy award level. It is proven that Terrence Howard is one of the most daring, fiercely intelligent actors of his generation. Now you want to begrudge his voice, Can we grow up please? Regina Hall didn’t deserved to be canned but Terrence Howard was very compelling and effective in his scenes. The detectives and the writers drive the show if anything Ulrich(rightly so) and his partner should have been fired first.

    • But New Black, an actor’s voice is an essential element of their overall package. Consequently, is it right to use the words “Can we grow up” if a person is irratated by his voice?

      “It is proven that Terrence Howard is one of the most daring, fiercely intelligent actors of his generation”

      I don’t believe it’s a proven fact. Personally, I believe it’s highly debatable. I think it depends on the role, more so than his acting skills.

  • First I’ll say I love Skeet Ulrich, Regina Hall, Wanda DeJesus, Rachel Ticotin, Alfred Molina, Megan Boone and Corey Stoll (the bald guy). Second, Terence Howard makes me want to commit strange acts of violence against him. Third, I don’t know if it’s the writing, the direction or the fact it’s LA, but this show sucks when it shouldn’t. Even the guest stars are really good, but something is really way off. Now that Ms. Hall and DeJesus are gone, I really don’t know why I should continue to watch, but I probably will.

    This is the first dramatic role I’ve seen Regina Hall in, and she blows me away each time. I hope she and the others (except Terrence) find projects that better highlight their talents.

  • Sergio

    “It is proven that Terrence Howard is one of the most daring, fiercely intelligent actors of his generation.”

    SAY WHAT? But of course isn’t it obvious? Iamthenewblack IS Terrance Howard!

    Which begs the question: what is the OLD black?

  • Sachab28

    I thought that I was the only one that thought his voice was shaky (you say whimpering.

  • Iamthenewblack

    Again immature people. riffing on my name. The breadth of his material, the dignity he brings to roles, and the impact he makes on screen are all reasons I say he is one of the best. I think we have so much built up as far as personal dislikes for black actors and actresses that we can’t admit when they have built up a body of work that is admirable, it’s really a shame but to each his own.

    • Sergio

      Au contraire. There are many black actors who I respect and totally admire for the talent and body of work. Here are some names: Justin Slayer, Lex Steele, Wesley Pipes, Julian St. Jacques, Delvin Weed, Mr. Marcus and Bryon Long just to name a few.

      And you still haven’t answered my question: what is the OLD black?

  • lilkunta

    HOw do you confuse them? Regina King is from 227, Stella’s Groove, Ms Congenialuty. Regina Hall is from the Scary Movie franchise.

    Im very disappointed by this. I love Skeet Ulrich. I agree that Howard shoudla been fired.

    & NBC wonders why its channel gets low ratings?

  • Swank

    First Nona Gaye, then Theresa Randle and now Regina Hall. What is it about the L&O franchise that sistas can’t get any traction or longevity? Has this franchise had any black female characters that were regular and consistent on its shows, not counting recycled actors or recurring characters?

    • Sergio

      Well you’re forgetting of course S. Epatha Merkerson who was Lt. Van Buren on Law & Order for like 1000 years and currently there’s Tamara Tunie who’s been on L&O SVU for several years now.

      And I recall Michelle Hurd who was regular during the first season of SVU as Richard Beltzer’s parnter But her character was written off after it was revealed she was sleeping with a murder suspect (a problem common with black female cops I suppose) and she was replaced by Ice T