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If You Missed Our Livecasts Last Night… Listen To Both Of Them Now!

That’s right, 2 livecasts last night, back-to-back. And if you missed either or both of them, no worries! You can listen to or download them right now!

First, as noted, from 7:30PM to 8:30PM EST, myself, Sergio, Noelani, Obsidienne and Cynthia spent an hour looking ahead, talking about our most anticipated upcoming film, TV, theater and more events of 2011.

Immediately following that show, from 9PM to 9:45PM, I spoke with renaissance woman, Ava DuVernay, about her brainchild AFFRM (the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement).

It’ll was a busy night.

To listen to either show, use the players below. If you’d rather download the MP3 file to listen on your iPod, or other digital player, or download, access the page for the first livecast HERE, and for the Ava DuVernay conversation HERE.

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3 comments to If You Missed Our Livecasts Last Night… Listen To Both Of Them Now!

  • I listened to the first show. Now, I am shocked that Sergio does not “know” the ghetto :-)

    And, I didn’t know the other cast members live in Chicago. Anyway, I understand what Cynthia? was saying about the image of the ghetto. Regardless of the fact that many of the highrises (ghetto-hood)apartments in Chicago are now gone, I believe Cynthia was saying the essence and image of a “ghetto” (in the series) was missing.

    I also enjoyed hearing the perspectives on “When one of ours makes it to a position of authority”… writers, directors, etc. You know, what’s their responsibility to the black viewer (if there is one).

    And, I am still lobbying for a seat at the table. I got money :-)

  • And, I loved the opening music. That had to be Tambay selection? Or maybe Sergio’s? I’m thinking Tambay live is New York (everybody is cool in New York) and Sergio is ol’skool, so I know he’s hip. He probably interviewed Miles Davis

  • Tamara

    Great job. :) Enjoyed it.