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First Look At “Milk & Honey” – New Web Series Executive Produced By Idris Elba

Here’s a first-look trailer at a new web series executive produced by Idris Elba, titled Milk & Honey, created by Brown Paper Dolls (Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, and Jeanette McDuffie – all Chicago natives (Spelman, Howard U & FAMU grads) who started the production company in LA.

The series, which is headlined by Lance Gross, Debbie Allen, Faune Chambers, Bryce Wilson, and Asha Kamali, centers on 4 black women living in Los Angeles, who are on “spiritual, professional and romantic journeys to make their dreams reality.”

Brown Paper Dolls have been working on the project for “over 3 years,” and say that it will be available on all platforms, not just the web (TV, mobile and more). They describe it as “a mix between HBO’s Entourage and Sex and the City.”

I have no info on when exactly the series will debut, but you can follow its progress on Facebook (HERE) and/or Twitter (HERE) for any and all updates.

The preview follows below:

21 comments to First Look At “Milk & Honey” – New Web Series Executive Produced By Idris Elba

  • Cherish

    I rather watch this than the Queen Latifah Series that’s about to air on VH1. Just a more interesting diverse set of sistas, and not just focused on dating.

    • Ditto. However, this is on the other end of the acting spectrum in parts. Some of these actors are trying too hard, and it’s taking away from the show. I’ll watch it, sure.

  • Zeus

    They need to start calling some of these shows “The Black Version of” because that is all most folks are doing.

  • It’s all been done before. We have to remember that. The white version is a version of another white version which is a version of yet another white version. Personal and professional experiences are often universal, regardless of skin tone and the Black version is unique simply because it’s never been done before. But if the writing and acting is sub-par, none of that matters.

    • Zeus

      It has all been done but not with any creativity that gives it it’s own voice. This is the third “Sex and No Titties” cookie cutter “black version” show I ‘ve heard about in the past six months.

      They even advertise it as a “Entourage”, S&TC wanna-be. “Undercovers” was a black version of Hart to Hart.

      I’ll check it out but this “just add chocolate and go off the same script” formula gets tiring.

    • Yes. It’s all in how you tell a story more than the story you’re telling. If that whatever Sex and the City with black women thing told a better story, I would be compelled to watch out for it.

  • Alta

    Deja vu! Will give it give it chance and hope for something fresh and innovative.

  • Blutopaz

    I like the female DJ idea teaching a guy something, and Debbie Allen doing Fame again and telling those kids not to waste her time. I won’t watch it, but i like the idea of a show with Black 20 something year focusing on different types of careers.

  • RB

    I like this, this I will watch. Its definitely a bit more diverse, yet it doesn’t veer too far left, and its not above your head, and not too crass and below your I.Q. either, its in the center, making sure it appeals to both sexes and beyond the black audience. This seems to me, has more depth, we’ll see, but I like what I see so far.


  • juls

    hopefully this will be The Game killer. .really good acting so far.

  • DGAS

    Can’t find the interest in yet another group of young women trying to be fancy and fly. :yawn:

  • KiyaRoberts

    I can’t understand WHY we are such HATERS!! Here we have a group of determined and driven individuals who have CREATED a platform on which Black people can entertain, yet many of our comments are negative! Who cares what has or hasn’t been done before; that sure doesn’t stop us from watching “flavor of….for the love of…..i love new…real housewives of wherever and every athletes wife/ex-wife/girlfriend show you can imagine! I know people are just voicing their opinions and everyone is entitled to one, but I guess it just discourages me when it seems like more often than not “our” opinions of “our” scripted shows are negative. Black women are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated and represented in as many arenas as possible.
    The show looks SO amazing ladies!! Much respect and love to Brown Paper Dolls and gratitude to Idris Elba and Ms. Debbie Allen!!

    The cast is gorgeous & talented too! I’m proud and excited!!

    • If you don’t give feedback, then when the big wolves descend upon this show, the creators will wonder where the criticism was that might have helped. Not saying what we say is helpful, but these people didn’t put this trailer out just to say “Hey we’re black, just like you, and we’re entertainers. Love us!” They want to test the waters as well as get some buzz going.

      Besides, the new BET show posted here got much less positive feedback.

  • KiyaRoberts

    And I wasn’t just talking about only this show and only on this site…I mean in general about this series and all the new Black shows that seem to be emerging. There just seems to be a lot more negative comments than supportive (so this wasn’t directed at any one person on here :)

  • Juls

    Kiya – I see your point.. At times black people criticize black Hollywood more than they praise (Ie. Tyler Perry). However- directors/writers need to stimulate their audience and not always cover the same overused, cliched scripts/characters, etc. Where are the shows that will also cater to a non black audience ? We don’t need another ‘The Game’, which in my opinion– sucks big time. Poor acting, overdramatic scenes, simple lines, horrible character development.. I can go on forever..I want the show to be great- but it’s not. Sorry.

  • I can’t wait to see this, it looks really cool. I don’t see where the comparisons with Sex and the City are apart from the fact that there are four women with careers. As for us making Black versions of shows, people seem to forget that before S&TC came on the scene there was a film called Waiting to Exhale that tackled the same issues.

  • Aaron Day

    Any Emayatzy Corinealdi sighting is a good thing! She was amazing in “Akira’s Hip Hop Shop”

  • Camille in Slovenia

    This looks like the trailer for a well-funded Naija drama. I was interested for the first five second and had to struggle through the rest. It’s trying too hard and it shows.

  • KiyaRoberts said: “I can’t understand WHY we are such HATERS!!”

    Hi Kiya, There’s a song by Carly Simon, “You’re So Vain – I Bet You Think This Song Is About You”

    But exhale :-), my comment (my following comment) is not about you, I just thought the title was a great way to open.

    Actually, the word “HATER” is on my mind. I am reminded when I used that word – here at S & A – and Tambay put me on blast. He basically said he hates that word because it’s so nondescript. Of course I got in my normal fighting position to voice my dissenting opinion. But then, I thought about it. I thought “yeah, what does hater really mean?”

    Anyway, as I am reading the comments in this thread – and similar threads of this nature – I’ve come to a conclusion; people are going to do what “they” do, and humans seldom change.

    Really, for the most part, it’s my belief that we (bloggers, visitors, writers, babies mommas, pimps hoes, liers, thieves, intellectuals and dope heads, etc) are basically always preaching to the choir. Think about that. How do we change another person’s mind? Well, it seldom happens unless some great external force is applied to the “listener/other person”.

    Anyway, in reference to “doing what they do” I want to see who I was talking to on this board, so I could discern rather or not I should engage them in conversation. You know, if you talk to a fool long enough, there will soon be two fools talking. Of course I can raise my hand cuz I’ve been a fool on many occasions, but I am not trying to be a full-time fool.

    So, I looked around S & A’s family of friends, and what I found was very interesting.

    I’ll start with OndoLady because she commented in this thread. I think she’s from the UK and she loves her some SATC. She even went on a SATC bus tour. So, I understand her comments.

    Okay, now the postee, Diggame. His blog is called From Ashy To Classy. Well, he’s a aspiring writer that went to Iowa State. GO CYCLONES! GO HAWKEYES! So, I sort of understand his perspective.

    Amazingkarma, heck, I didn’t know she is S & A’s Cynthia. Now I do, and I am so sorry for ruffling her feathers :-). I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said to her.

    BIG ROD! Rod is doing his thang in The Big Apple. He can be found behind the camera as the HNIC of BlackSoul Rebels Production, so I really know where he’s coming from.

    Noelani, she’s deep. She’s an actress, dramatist & author of speculative fiction, who lives in the Windy City. I like deep women… I wonder if she’s married? uummmm?

    Blutopaz is from New York, and that speaks for itself. Well, to a large degree, ya gotta be tough to live in New York. Consequently, she does not take fools lightly. I mean, she recognizes “game”, so you have to bring some to get some, from Blutopaz. At least her comments gives that indication.

    FASHION & ART… DUH, she’s in fashion and art, so her comments come from that perspective. And, she’s been somewhere, and been around people of all walks of life. From Chi-Town and now in Atlanta, Ms Edwina has been doing her thang. What I’d like to know is where she got that first name? Maybe that’s a combination of her daddy and her momma’s name… Ed & Winny?

    But don’t look now but here comes VichusSmith. Now, I’m not so sure if Vichus is a she or a he. Really, I’m not trying to be funny, but I think they write for some sorta sistas magazine? And they love to talk (and write) about entertainment and news. So I surely understand their penchant for posting. But I am still a little confused about his/her teckie blog. It went waaaay over my head.

    But Sergio, well, he’s a writer that lives on the South Side of Chicago. I think I can stop right there… a dude, a writer who write for Ebony, and he lives in Chicago… the writing is on the wall – Daniel: chapter 5, verse 5

    Now jug, he works in the film industry, so if someone is talking about moives… he’s gonna have a word or 2 or 3 or a thousand, to say on the subject.

    DCmoviegirl! Another duh. Washington DC and moviegirl. Yep. her thang is movie reviews. She made me laugh a few time but she liked True Grit and I thought it was just another slow cowboy movie. I think she gave it a big funny face hand-clap, and I’d give it 2 naked booties down (fell asleep :-()

    Now duck, cuz here comes MONEY TRAIN! Money train is a performer that’s quite interesting. His blog is one of those fancy dancy ones that appears as if you’d have to pay for it’s design. But the man has done standup and plays in a band. but you know what… Pssst, I think he’s a rich white guy who’s doing a little slumming :-)

    Speaking of white dudes and white chicks, do you know any sistas name Beckie? Anyway, Beckie stops by S & A to leave a few comments. She loves The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, Luther (the series),Jersey Shores, Creed and Grace Jones. But wait, if that ain’t a mix bag, how about her love of Prince, Jimi Hendrix and the song “sour times” by PortisHead. Okay, I am a slow jam kind of guy, so Portis Head, what’s that? Anyway, I know why she comments at S & A. Well, she thought she was stopping at some S&M site :-(. No, I’m just kidding. She obviously likes to reach out and experience all the world has to offer.

    Well, that’s it KiyaRoberts, the above is why people do what they do. Call it HATE or call it bait, but it all make the world go round.

    But wait, there’s is one more… Saule Wright. He dropped a comment yesterday. He calls his blog “SOULECTIONS”. I bet ya can’t guess what he’s on? You guessed it, MUSIC. so you know he’s gonna have an opinion.

    So Mr Wright, take us out of here with a jam or 2 while I say goodbye to all my friends… M-I-C (see you later) K-E-Y (why? because I luv ya) M-O-U-S-E.

  • This web series is something we have all been yearning for! I want to congratulate the very talented “Brown Paper Doll Productions”. The trailer shows three years of hard work, commitment, and progress. After having the privilege to work with these women I foresee a long and lasting road of success.

  • Charing

    While folks are accurate in pointing out the formulaic premise of the series, I’m actually impressed by the body, hair, and hue diversity of the women characters themselves. I think the only other show of recent, who did that was Living Single. Since then, all the characters have been very predictable, imho.