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PAFF 2011 – “SUS” (Familiar Racial Drama, Yet Still Relevant & Enthralling)

Continuing with previews of noteworthy films scheduled to screen at the upcoming Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles (PAFF), from Feb 16 to the 23rd

As I said in my last PAFF profile, several of these films have previously been covered well on this blog, like SUS!

MsWOO profiled this Brit flick back in March last year HERE; about 4 months later, I attended a screening of it, and posted a review on this blog which you can read HERE.

In short, Sus is an engrossing drama, set entirely in an interrogation room, in 1979 London, in which a pair of racist cops question a black murder suspect. I dug it, and if you are planning to attend the PAFF this year, and can only see a handful of films, it should be on your list of films to see! You’ll be glad you did!

Sus is based on the play by Barrie Keefe, and is directed by Robert Heath. Clint Dyer stars, in a distinguished performance!

Trailer follows below:

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