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Kerry Washington & Columbus Short Will Headline Shonda Rhimes’ “Fixer” Series

Well, well, well… how about that?

Kerry Washington has signed on to star in Shonda Rhimes’ still untitled drama for ABC – aka the series that’s based on the life of famous PR guru Judy Smith, a former White House press aide under President George H. Bush, who also counseled Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick, Senator Larry Craig, worked on the prosecution of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings, the Chandra Levy investigation and the Enron Congressional inquiry.

Kerry will star as Judy Smith (who’ll be known as Olivia Price in the series), who’s described as “stylish but weary, too smart for her own good, something of a legend, formidable, driven, insightful, intuitive and fearless; heads up a team of crack legal experts.

Also co-starring in the series pilot will be Columbus Short who will play a lawyer on her team.

The synopsis reads: “Price & Associates is no ordinary law firm. In fact, it’s not even a law firm, but a group of committed legal experts who believe in doing the right thing for their clients — even if that means circumventing the law if it gets the job done…

Of the series regulars, Kerry and Columbus are apparently the only definite African Americans characters. The others are being cast colorblind.

Curiouser and curiouser… the series will be shot in Los Angeles. But no word on when we can expect its TV debut – likely during the 2011/2012 season.

Stay tuned!

9 comments to Kerry Washington & Columbus Short Will Headline Shonda Rhimes’ “Fixer” Series

  • slb

    Well, if Miss Kerry is gonna be in it you best believe I WILL be watching. Hopefully the network will pick it up.

  • Andrew

    This is something i’d luv to watch!!!

  • Yeah but…..

    Look television is a fine medium and all but…..if Kerry Washington, one of the top Black movie actresses out there is doing tv, and Columbus Short, who is ALWAYS working in film….I mean, you see where I am going with this?

    I just think it is kinda telling about the film roles available to those actors.

    • Cynthia

      I see exactly where you’re going with this. Will this change her film career? It’s really hard to be effective doing both.

    • Blutopaz

      i get what you’re saying, and I’m no industry person but I’m guessing many people think tv content is currently more substantial than feature films. There are quite a few film actors who are starring in tv shows (Kyra Sedgwick, Toni Collette). Plus this being a Shonda Rhimes production is not too shabby.

    • Jug

      I have to say, this is not the down side you think it is. Look at all of the Black actors we revered in the 90s (Morris, Taye, Terrence, Angela, Fishburne, Nia, Anthony Anderson, Regina-both Hall & King, etc) & even more recent stars like Derek Luke & Laz Alonso, they ALL have gone to TV because the trend for Black actors headlining films dried up. And it is happening again, except this time FILM is drying up. Big time, long established white actors & directors are running to tv (Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon is in talks for a show, Scorcese, Philip Noyce, Ethan Hawke) . If you’re not Justin Bieber or somebody that thinks Kesha is supremely talented, you aren’t steadily seeing every movie that comes out. Thus those sorts of movies aren’t being greenlit. But those sorts of stories ARE being ordered to tv, both on Network, but especially on cable.

      And in all honesty, I LOVE Kerry Washington, but she is a journeyman actor, not a marquis. She was not getting anything greenlit & neither is Columbus. This is the smartest thing they could, go to a QUALITY show (the pilot is a GREAT read) on a network that has proven that in prime time, they put Diversity (black folks) out there front & center. Incidentally, Shonda had MUCH to do with that. Kerry makes more money from Movada ads than she does acting. But here, just like Taye, you eventually get an overall deal where you can produce content for the network (Taye has had some pilot scripts bought, but none have gone to pilot yet).

      The same can be said of theatre. Notice you see folks running to Broadway now? Because when they were unknown, working on Broadway was cool & you made okay money, but the goal was Hollywood, BANK!. Now you’ve done some movies & your schedule allows (no film roles for you) you do Broadway, command WAAAY more money & get the street cred you wanted. Hell maybe even get a Tony nod or two, then when it’s done, Hollywood wants you again because they suddenly “remembered” you exist and are talented, and the cycle restarts.

  • Geneva Girl

    I’ll definitely give this a look see. I’m sure that Washington and Short appreciate the regular paycheck of TV.

  • ska-triumph

    Good points all around. Only adding: stran-je (hands clapping, a la BOOMERANG).

  • Boo-hoo, they’re doing TV! Guys and gals, tv is not the refuge of the weak and downtrodden! Kerry actually was on Boston Legal for a hot minute in the middle of her hot acting streak and it didn’t hurt her. Matter o’ fact, that’s probably why they realized she was perfect to play this new part – she really was great on Boston Legal.

    Look at James Garner’s career. He came to prominence on tv (Maverick), got even more famous in the movies (The Great Escape, Americanization of Emily) then blew up EVEN BIGGER on tv again (The Rockford Files). This is very good for Kerry’s career if its successful. And frankly it sounds like a great premise — though it seems a lot like USA’s Fairly Legal.

    As for Columbus Short, when in the past 4 years has he not worked? Nah, he’s cool. They both will be. And congrats to Shonda Rhimes too…she’s dope!