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Thoughts On “The Chicago Code” Starring Delroy Lindo & Jennifer Beals?

I should have posted this yesterday actually, but forgot, so here it is…

It made its TV debut on Monday night, at 9PM on FOX – the new cop drama series titled The Chicago Code, starring Delroy Lindo and Jennifer Beals!

Any of you out there watch it? I wasn’t able to. I had a film festival to curate. I suppose I could catch it online, or VOD eventually.

But if you did see it, what did you think? Excited about the possibilities? Nothing special? *Kanye shrug*?

I read 1 review that compared it to The Wire in that it gives equal weight to the “good” and the “bad” guys, and that there’s some moral ambiguity. Is The Wire a fair comparison?

To rehash, Lindo’s character is described as a longtime building magnate-turned-politician who is loved by his constituents, and who has alleged (although unproven) ties to organized crime; Beals plays Chicago’s first female police chief, who vow to clean up the streets, including Lindo’s crime boss, whom’ she’s convinced is dirty. And the chase begins…

The series was created by Shawn Ryan, whose resume includes programs like The Shield, and The Unit.

8 comments to Thoughts On “The Chicago Code” Starring Delroy Lindo & Jennifer Beals?

  • James

    Well a “Wire” comparison might be a bit much, but this son of a Chicago cop loved it. Can’t see how they can keep the momentum going, but I’ll be tuning in. I am a fan of The Unit and The Shield, too.

  • Brenda Perry

    I wouldn’t compare it to The Wire, as much as I would say Detroit 187 – It’s a rare thing that a show can grab you from the very beginning. I will be watching it to see how well each episode progresses. There is enough meat in the premiere episode to bring me back next week and beyond. So, I’ve set my DVR to record all.

  • Shaun

    I like the show. I was going to watch it after I heard it was shot in Chicago, had Jennifer Beals and Delroy Lindo. I was surprise at how in depth they went in the pilot episode exposing corruption and who’s behind it. Usually something like that will drag on throughout the season. I will continue to watch, but since it on FOX, we don’t know how long they are going to make it last. It is a good show.

  • soma lux

    It’s definitely no Wire. I wouldn’t even say its as good as Detroit 1-8-7, but there is something there. I was on the fence until the end of the episode. Seems a tad bit corny, but I’m glad my hometown is being represented and that my friends are getting work out of it. Also the top cop under Beals is not American but he pulls off the Chicago accent for the most part. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide for sure whether I like it or not.

  • Aja

    I thought “Chicago Code” had a good premiere, and (being a Chicagoan myself) thought they showcased things that are very Chicago (at least to me) beyond downtown or famous spots like Wrigley and Navy Pier, showing places like Devon Ave (where I live around) and Illinois Masonic Hospital (that one stands out to me only because it’s where my mom and a few friends work). I don’t get into many cop shows, mainly Law & Order SVU, but like a whole lotta other people I got very into it; it shows the some real Chicago, not just the typical parts. Plus, Jason Clarke and Matt Lauria aren’t too bad on the eyes; just gotta work on the accents a bit. I found a little behind-the-scenes of what the season finale will be like — someone WILL get shot, haha. I saw it on this blog Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season will be like and where this show will go.

  • Jug

    I’m pretty much with everyone else. THE WIRE is the definitive cop show, if not drama, of the last decade. Untouchable. Period. Big fan of Detroit 1-8-7 as well, here’s to hoping ABC puts some love behind it & doesn’t let it “quietly expire”.

    But Chicago Code has a lot of potential. Jason Clarke is great is Wysocki & Delroy Lindo is great too. Jennifer Beals is a little weak, but I hope she’ll get better. Rest of the cast needs some fleshing out.

    Wysocki’s daughter & her partner, their storyline, is extra & I could do without it. Seems to be a remnant of the original version of the show which was to follow different sections of police (beat coppers, detective, chief) around on their daily Chicago grinds (It was called RIDEALONG). But it became more than that, it became about the city of Chicago, it’s history & it’s symbiotic relationship with the gangster & corruption machines, the greyness of it all. Either they need to bring them into the fold of that story, or chop them.

    I got at least another episode in me :-)

  • I tuned in because of Jennifer Beals, but I’m not a fan of cop shows in general. Too much crime for me. Beals and Lindo’s characters seemed interesting though.

  • Elias

    Anything by the guys behind the Shield has my vote, and the show didn’t disappoint. Gritty, tough, complex, all the things other cop shows on TV are missing. It’s nice to see some seriously flawed characters again. As a DISH customer and employee I was able to catch the premier in Awesome HD, as well as over 200 National Channels in high-def, and it looked awesome. Really upped the viewing experience. Can’t wait for more!