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Upcoming: FUTURESTATES Season 2

The ITV, CPB joint venture “FUTURESTATES” festival is a collection of short films which are set in America and, expectedly, in the future. An impressive line-up of writers and directors have expanded their minds beyond contemporaneous norms, traveling to another time that has yet to be seen. The online based festival begins in March. Catch the first season here. Watch the preview for season 2 below.

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  • I wonder how they choose the filmmakers–probably word of mouth.

    • Obsidienne

      Hmm, good question. The site implies that they do indeed approach filmmakers by word of mouth, but they don’t go into detail. I “know” (in the Facebook sense) the brilliant producer of one of the shorts. I could ask her and perhaps do a follow up, if the process is more complicated than what we think. Got a short you’d like to submit?