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New Pics Of Chris Rock And Julie Delpy In “2 Days In New York”

As already reported back in August 2010, Chris Rock is pairing up with Julie Delpy to star in 2 Days In New York, a sequel to Delpy’s 2007 indie flick, 2 Days In Paris, which she not only directed, but starred in, alongside Adam Goldbergh, as a young couple attempting to rekindle their relationship with a visit to Paris, where her parents live… and, by the way, several of her ex-boyfriends, who they run into frequently. Of course, some hijinx and hilarity ensue… with some drama as well.

In this sequel, which Delpy intends to complete the film in time for Cannes 2011, the dramedy comes to Manhattan, and she will reprise her role as Marion, a French woman, living in the city, with her child (fathered by her now ex-lover, Adam Goldberg), and a new guy in her life, an actor, played by Chris Rock. Expect more family, ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend drama and gaiety, with some racial/cultural tango.

Last November, we shared a few on-set shots from the film, of a bespectacled, goateed Chris Rock, in character, looking like Malcolm X. Today, we get a few more new shots of both Rock and Delpy – starting with the one above. I included the old photos as well, for those who missed them.


5 comments to New Pics Of Chris Rock And Julie Delpy In “2 Days In New York”

  • Mercy

    Thanks for the update. I enjoyed 2Days in Paris. And I think casting here is a terrific. When I listen to Chris Rock in regular conversation vs his on stage voice, I can see him in a movie like this. Sergio wrote a post on this some time ago, right?

    Julie cast her parents as her parents in the first one, and I saw on IMDB that Albert Delphy will be returning as her father in this one. He was quite a character.

  • Jason

    As good as he is a comic he is one awkward stiff of an actor. The last…the only thing I ever liked him in is Nurse Betty with Morgan freeman.

  • Obsidienne

    Julie Delpy is one of my favorites. Interesting duo, I’m intrigued and would like to see this.

  • augustine

    This looks really interesting. I love Julie Delpy and Chris Rock — can’t wait to see them as a couple. It’ll be cool to see Chris in an indie role.