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Watch “The Real Housewives of Civil Rights”

Courtesy of The Root. Funny or not?

3 comments to Watch “The Real Housewives of Civil Rights”

  • Geneva Girl

    Not very.

  • Savannah

    This was soooooo NOT funny. why did they make this??? to reduce some of our culture’s most valued heroines to the buffoonery we see today is a shame and a travesty. i wished that through a veil of humor, i might have learned something about myself and my elders/ancestors. there is a way to be comical AND be valuable. this was not only invaluable, but i found it degrading. shame on whoever is responsible for making this. as if we don’t have enough negative imagery out there about black women, “Elite Delta Force 3″ took something we could be proud of and made a complete, damned mockery out of it! i’m furious.

  • Rajua

    Can we say classless?