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First-Look Footage From Geoffrey Fletcher’s Directorial Debut “Violet & Daisy” Surfaces

I believe what we have in the video below is a first look at footage from Precious screenwriter, Geoffrey Fletcher’s upcoming “‘Thelma and Louise’ meets ‘Superbad‘ meets ‘Pulp Fiction’” directorial debut, Violet & Daisy, which stars Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan.

It’s cinematographer Vanja Cernjul’s reel, which surfaced on the web over the weekend. Scattered within it, are clips from several films he’s shot, including Violet And Daisy, which also stars James Gandolfini, Marianne Jean-Baptiste (as “a worldly shape-shifting assassin“) and Danny Trejo.

Ronan and Bledel play a pair of teenage assassins lured into what is supposed to be another quick and easy job, only to run into complications, when they learn that the man they’re supposed to kill is not who they expected.

The film was shot in New York City last fall, and is currently in post-production, with a probable release in theaters this year. Although, it doesn’t appear to have a distributor yet, so I suspect it’ll debut on the film festival circuit – maybe as early as Cannes.

There has been so little information about the project available, and little awareness of Fletcher’s style as a director, so I have little idea what to expect.

As for the video below, you’ll find what I believe are scenes from the film in 3 spots: the first 13 seconds; at about the 1:57 mark for about 3 seconds; and finally at the 2:16 point for about 10 seconds. You probably won’t learn a lot though…

2 comments to First-Look Footage From Geoffrey Fletcher’s Directorial Debut “Violet & Daisy” Surfaces

  • Jug

    Kudos to Geoffrey! Exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about on the “marathon comment session” in the post about Anthony Mackie. As an artist & as an industry career person, keeping both alive & vibrant means exploring & expanding your consciousness and entertainment tastes. Simply put, break out of that “black” format whenever possible so that you can always come back. Otherwise, your career will be D.O.A. before you know it.

    Hope its good!

  • gate

    I first became familiar with Geoffrey Fletcher as a DIrector in a short he made some years ago called “Magic Markers.” You should check it out. It’s been many years, but I remember it as being visually strong and intelligently humorous. Based on the short, he instantly became a filmmaker whose work I was was looking forward to seeing. I cannot wait to see this one. Thanks for the update.