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First-Look Photos Of Nicole Beharie & Michael Fassbender On “Shame” Set


Recall my last post about a week ago, speculating on whether Nicole Beharie was indeed co-starring opposite Michael Fassbender in Brit director Steve McQueen’s next project, titled, Shame

Nicole was quoted in a December interview, stating, “I actually have a job coming up in February with an interesting director, Steve McQueen, that we’re shooting in the city. I can’t talk about it until it’s official.

Well, there never was a follow-up announcement on whether she officially was cast in the role. I hadn’t read any reports since then that affirm that. So, I emailed the production company behind the film for answers. Their reply was vague. They wouldn’t confirm whether or not Beharie is indeed the film, but did say, “The shoot is well underway and casting complete.

Ok. I’m not sure why they were being so secretive. If casting is complete, and shooting is underway, then it all should be public record.

But, regardless, as I was hoping would happen, on-set photos from the film have surfaced and, as you can tell from the images, Ms Beharie clearly is in the film.

To rehash… in the film, Fassbender plays a fellow by the name of Brandon, described as a 30-something man living in New York, whose addiction to pornography threatens to destroy his romantic life. He meets an “extremely beautiful,” “very confident,” black woman, with an “unwitting sexuality,” who is “clearly attracted to Brandon.” Needless to say, the black woman is played by Nicole Beharie. The pair apparently date, and eventually develop a relationship, although she is unaware of his inability to connect with a woman on more than a superficial level, thanks to his porn addiction! Drama naturally ensues.

The film should be out later this year, although no specific date has been announced.

Check out the rest of the pics below (click to enlarge). Thanks to reader VFLA for alerting me via Twitter!

39 comments to First-Look Photos Of Nicole Beharie & Michael Fassbender On “Shame” Set

  • Watch out, Nicole! That’s Magneto!

  • MulletLove

    I just saw these over at IMDb. She’s simply adorable–and that vanilla handbag of a man she’s walking with ain’t none to shabby either! I eagerly await what McQueen, Fassbender–and Beharie–have to show us with this one. Come on, release time! Woot!!

  • JMac

    Sounds interesting but I’ll need a vomit bag during any love scenes.

  • Lynn

    @ J MAC

    A vomit bag really? Why would you need one? I don’t think Nicole Beharie is going to pull a Halle Berry sex scene like in “Monster’s Ball” she is way to respectable and she is a GREAT actress who actually has talent. She is a Juilliard graduate and have you seen her movies like American Violet??

    • JMac

      Hoping it doesn’t turn out to be another “let’s sexually degrade a black woman” movie. I would think Nichole is above that – but you never know. It also would be nice if, for once, the white male actor in an interracial relationship movie looked like someone you’d want to have sex with. Why do they have to be soo damn ugly or geeky or plain? Nichole’s an 8 and this guy’s a 4 or 5 at best.

  • ky

    In my opinion, Halle’s performance was Brillant!!! I think people were jealous because her sex scene was with a white guy…People need to get over their prejudice attitudes. Actors are artist and entertainers. Stop living in the past or you will never get ahead.

    • JMac

      Never saw the movie (and never going too) but from the remarks other people made about it her having sex with a white guy wasn’t the big issue. It was how it was portrayed – which sounded like a page ripped
      from the past that black women are sick and tired of reading.

      As to actors being artists – some are, but others are “rich hos” and “rented slaves.” Love ya Mr. Greelee!

  • Zeus

    I may peep this. If there are any love scenes that’s cool. I’m not a bigot. :)

    • JMac

      Don’t have to be a bigot to not want to watch. Just like you don’t have to be a pathetic excuse of a black woman to want to watch WM/BF love scenes because it secretly increases your value as a human being.

      • Zeus

        Don’t agree, if interracial love making makes one sick simply because of the people’s race, that’s bigotry. No type of spin can change that.

        To each their own. I care less. I’m speaking for myself. :)

        • JMac

          Who said anything about it being due to a person’s race? That’s your assumption.

          • Zeus

            Because race is being discussed in this post maybe. :)

            But ok, I’ll play, it has nothing to do with him being white and her being black. Got it. :)

  • Vanessa

    I can’t wait! :-) I love her and he’s an awesome actor…

  • Vanessa

    @JMAC so any love/sex scene with a wm/bm as part of a intimate relationship of 2 characters in a movie would be deemed as exploiting a bm?? There wouldn’t be a question if they were both white. BTW he’s very good looking to me and many other women black or white. I think the Monster’s Ball scene irked me in the way that Halle’s character threw herself and begged this racist man to have sex with her. That movie had everything to do with race. But a movie that has leads of different races and if the issues in the movie are about subjects other than their race, I don’t see a problem.

    • JMac

      The problem with me isn’t ANY BW/WM. Reading between the lines, I see how this film could dip into degradation area. White guy addicted to porn and can’t connect with women has “relationship” with BW. It boils down to how it will be portrayed. Will he use the BW like a mute blow up doll and she walks off looking like trash and feeling like trash or does she maintain her own without lowering herself and the guy turns completely around and starts to love and respect her as a human being? I think most people are thinking/hoping it’s the latter. If it’s the former I will stop the movie and vomit and refuse to watch this chick in another film. But like I said I don’t know. I’ll wait until someone does a review.

      There’s only been one BW/WM movie that was trying to be a real romance and that was Robin Given’s movie with the french guy. Crappy movie but it was sensitive. Even then, the guy was unattractive. Get Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or somebody who looks halfway decent and can act. Of course those guys would never do a love scene with a BW. Afraid white women would stop seeing their movies.

  • Vanessa

    I’m sorry I meant “WM/BW” and “exploiting a BW”

  • Call me a bigot, a frigot or Mantan Moreland but JMac, hand me that vomit bag.

    Now step back, I don’t want this to get on you. I gotta let this fly. There’s a few of these yucky “spare me” comments, that need my attention.

    But wait, on second thought, I think it’s safe to say that err’body knows what time it is with the white guy/black woman thing, and the women that love them.

  • MulletLove

    Oh, do tell, CareyCarey, as I’m sure you will (eyes rolling heavenward).

  • brotherThee

    I can only laugh at the comments of approval. Why would this script call for a wm with a porn obsession to find a love interest in a bw specifically. That’s like The Thing in ‘Fantastic Four’ being able to pull Keri Washington. If y’all can’t do the math, I certaintly can’t help you.

  • **waving @ MulletLove** baby, what’s up with that name?

    My botherThee, that was an excellent analogy. Daaaamn!

    So, you’re saying there’s absolutely no doubt, that a white guy with a porn obsession, does not have eyes for a fine chocolate sister because of her lovely finger nails. And since he’s obviously not looking for a long term relationship, he is just going to freak and dek, and flip & flop, pick & poke, stroke & choke the sh*t out of Nicole Beharie. And, other black women that love watching that mess, have a math problem or wish they were in Nicole’s shoes?

    If that’s what you are saying, I think you’re good at math… “The Thing (the wild thang)in ‘Fantastic Four’ being able to pull (to the delight of voyeurs) Keri Washington”

  • MulletLove

    It’s just a nickname for the board, Carey. I could have easily have gone with Fred Flintstone or some other goofy thing. MulletLove’s as good as any.

    Do you think Fassbender’s character is just gonna be flippin’ and bangin’ the black chick only, degrading her or other black women exclusively with his addiction? If that were the case, then I could see something spooky going on, but come now. This sista got a job with a visionary director (a black man who I believe helped pen the screenplay, so where does that tidbit fit in?) and yeah, with a white actor who’s in like every movie coming out in 2011, more often than not where he ISN’T playing a sex addict (like someone said earlier, he’s Magneto, for Chrissakes), and that can only help her out career-wise.

    Obviously the subject matter wasn’t enough to keep her out of the film, cuz, well, she IS in the pictures, right? And I’m pretty sure that because of her participation and attachment to this project, more people know Nicole Beharie’s name today than they did yesterday, outside of the faithful that come here, or others in the black film community. That should only be a positive chip in her pocket, in my opinion. We’ll see what happens.

    • Dang Mulletlove, how on earth can a brotha debate your sensible retort? Women like you are my Kryptonite. But we need people like you; those that shine a brighter and broader light on the subject. You did good.

      But tell me, if you were my girlfriend, would you change your name? I mean, picture this: Soft music and candle lights, the time is right. I call out your name, “HEY MULLET”. Some hockey dude from Canada might come running through the door. Isn’t a mullet a type of haircut?

      • MulletLove

        Thank you for the vote of confidence, CareyCarey. I’ve grown quite attached to MulletLove, though, so I think I’ll keep it, Canadian hockey dude be darned. BTW, what’s a “brotha” like you doing with an Irish screen handle? Ain’t there supposed to be a law against that sort of thing? ;-) ;-)

        • Well, blame it on my not-so-Irish black mother from Missouri. That’s the name on my birth certificate, but few know me by that name. I have a brother, Gary, so it got kind of confusing. And, not only would “some” MulletLoves consider CareyCarey to be an Irish name, it’s also considered – by many – to be a girl’s name. So the “brotha” like me, threw that name in a trunk, and now (except for the Internet) I go by another name.

          But you didn’t answer the whole question. *snicker* You know, since I am a single black man, who’s always looking to save a little money, I am trying to skip the charge of one of those on-line dating services, so, would you be my girlfriend? :-) You can keep your name, it’s has a romantic ring.

          Lets see, in my best Berry White… “practice what you preach *deep voice* So what do you want to do MuuuuulletLoooove. I’m here, baby, I’m ready,
          I’m waitin’ on you, believe me, I am patiently waitin’ on you MulletLOOOOVVVE

          Girl there’s something wrong with me every time I’m alone with you, so come on my *deeper voice* Muuuulletluv.

          ‘Cause you keep tellin’ me this and tellin’ me that
          You say once I’m with you, I’ll never go back
          You say there’s a lesson that you wanna teach
          Well, here I am, baby, practice what you preach

          ooh baby, my MuuuulleeeetLooove. Why don’t you start turning down the lights and show me what just you can do, hey, baby. :-)

          And, if you don’t tell nobody, I WON’T. *smile*

  • Vanessa

    Some of you are ingnoring the fact that the writer of this Screenplay and Director is STEVE MCQUEEN, WHO IS BLACK!!! The idea of the black woman as a lead was his all along!! Hmmm so I guess he’s the mastermind behind the strategic move of casting a BW to degrade and exploit by a sex addicted WM.

    I wonder then why she had to have “unwitting sexuality” and be “very confident” and be the only person this “wm” considers being worthy of a serious relationship. Some of you will still play the race card regardless and put a spin on it just because of personal issues and bigotry. And to you, they couldn’t cast WM/BW leads no matter what!! “white or black leads ONLY”?? Can you see how racist THAT is?

    • JMac

      And Lee Daniels produced Monster’s Ball. Again, the truth will lie in what’s in the film. This little blurb says nothing. Just because someone black is behind the film doesn’t mean it will be respectful to black women. How many black men (and women) were behind rap videos and ghetto flicks?

      I’ve progressed past believing people with the same skin color as me will look out for our best interests – esp. when money and reputation are involved.

      I know there’s some PC trend that thinks the more interracial relationships there are or that are portrayed by the media, the more socially advanced we are. That’s a crock of bull. It’s the quality of the relationship – if there even is a relationship. I hope this a quality movie and not another BW as sperm bucket flick.

      • Vanessa

        Have you seen Steve McQueen’s “Hunger”? well it’s not a ghetto flick, he’s not even American (nothing against us Americans)I’m sick and tired of hearing all this negativity right off the bat and hearing all these assumptions just because there is a black woman involved.

        The film is not about race. It’s about a man “suffering” from sex addiction and how it affects his most personal relationships. As far as exploitation goes.. newsflash ALL WOMEN get exploited. She’s the character he is seriously dating out of all the WW he’s sexing left and right.

        Would it be better if it was Anthony Mackie the sex addict courting Nicole? (I actually love that idea lol) I could understand being resentful of the fact that maybe 2 black leads couldn’t pull this off because of public perception of it being just being a “black movie” and reception.

        Regardless, the director chose Michael since he’s worked with him and understands what he can bring to the table. Besides, Fassbender likes BW in real life so casting a BW seemed like a feasible option. And it is! :-)

      • “I hope this a quality movie and not another BW as sperm bucket flick”

        JMac, why you gotta talk so real and soooo nasty? A brotha is trying to eat his lunch oer here. *wink*

  • “Some of you are ingnoring the fact that the writer of this Screenplay and Director is STEVE MCQUEEN, WHO IS BLACK!!!”

    And so are Super Fly, Eddie Long, Rev. Ike and The Mack.

    Are you kidding me. Does Tina Turner ring a bell? I’m thinking ummmmmm, “unwitting sexuality” and be “very confident”. Yet, Ike Turner pimped her panties off.

    But Vanessa, I do get your point. And yes, some of us will not be moved. From my not so short time on this earth, I’ve noticed a trend in “packages” like the one we are debating. So excuse me if my hope does not spring eternal. And I think it’s safe to say we all have a little bigot in us. Mine shows it’s ugly head when I see a sista “possibly” being used. I hope I am wrong on this one.

    • JMac

      It’s not being a bigot to be protective of BW’s image. By the way some of these women think they’re probably the ones who called John Mayer a racist when he said he’d never have sex with a black woman. Who cares? Since when did who you have sex with determine how you respect a race of people? If it does I guess my female high school gym teacher was wrong when she said sex doesn’t equal respect. Hell, if that’s being a bigot. Sign my ass up.

      Guess if you don’t want to watch two men humping each other that makes you a homophobe or anti-gay *rolls eyes*.

      • “Guess if you don’t want to watch two men humping each other that makes you a homophobe or anti-gay *rolls eyes*”

        I see we’ve touch a nerve on this subject, you’ve spared no words on this discussion… “two dudes humping each other” Damn! But I am with you. If one voices a pointed observation at a group or action of another, they can be immediately labeled “ANTI-everything” or everything-PHOBIC. Yep, they can miss me with that one.

        I am not homophobic nor anti-white, but there’s nothing lovely and beautiful, and something I need to understand about two musty mouth hairy men bumpin’ hairy nuts. Same can be said about the abuse of black women. I don’t care if the abuser is white or green, or if the abused is being pimped by a Zebra, or if the abuser loooooves black women, or married to one, the crime is still the same.

        And in reference to art/film, I think you’ve said it best. History has shown it’s hand. And considering the subject matter of this project, why should we expect anything different.

        Jmac, you’ve been killing this tread. I think you’ve mentioned something about you being an abused victim’s advocate, or working with abused women?

  • Nadell

    Nicole Beharie is impressive! I love the roles she plays ….extremely diverse. And although in only a few films, the films she’s been in have been very substantial and memorable.
    I sincerely pray this movie gets the wings it needs to be world-wide.

  • pinksghetti

    Intersting comments. My only question is why there is so many movies/tv shows & commercials with BW/WM relationships when in real life there aren’t that many (at least where I live)? Even national there is still way more BM/WW couples than the reverse. I like everybody but wondering about this unrealistic theme.

    • Well, I tend to believe this is a white man’s world and they don’t want to see nor talk about a black man pluggin’ Miss Daisy. On the other hand, some black women – as seen in this post – will wave a flag for the fair treatment of WM/BW. And, as someone else mentioned, there’s a direct and serious risk for a white actress that plays the love interest of a black man. Picture the “Monsters Ball”… being a black man’s BALLS, and replace Halle with Sandra Bullock or Hanna Montana.

  • Trent Wright

    The premise sounds A LOT like Love, Sex & Eating the Bones, a 2003 Canadian movie starring Hill Harper.

    • JMac

      Forgot about that movie. It does sound very similar except guy in LSEB did fall in love and it’s a Rom-Com. Not enough info out on this one and sounds like a Drama.

  • MulletLove

    Personally, I’m not all that wiped out about the idea of a black man having at it with a white woman on screen any more than I am if a white man has sexual relations with a black woman in the same medium. If it’s an integral part of the film, then so be it.

    I’ve often read commentary from the community on how black actors are not able to show the total facets of their humanity, or are not put in enough situations anti-stereotypical of black life on the silver screen. I don’t see how this is the case with Beharie’s character in this film. Granted, I haven’t seen it yet, cuz they still be makin’ it, but the world is not a cookie-cutter place by any stretch, and our participation in film should reflect that reality far more than it ever has. There are sex addicts out there, some of them are white males under 35, some of them do live in NYC; there are beautiful black women in NYC with them, and chances are (especially if you’ve ever even looked at CL ads for kicks) the possiblity does exist that a handful of those black women might encounter some of those white male sex addicts under 35, whether they’re aware of what they’re getting into with them or not. And unless I see otherwise when it comes out, I am going to go out on a limb and trust Steve McQueen and Co. to give us something both entertaining and compelling as a whole–and part of that whole includes Ms. Beharie’s participation.

    But again, we will indeed have to see. Still looking forward to it!

    • Thanks for your comment. Simply put, life is complicated. There are plenty of stories to tell and plenty of people to show and tell them.

      Most things are not that black and white to begin with.

  • Parisvision

    I love both of these actors, especially Michael Fassbender he is so versatile . What is with all the unnecessary hate for a movie that hasn’t even been released yet, let alone has a trailer? Most of these comments are pathetic and repetitive, questioning the relationship, bringing up race which has no business being discussed seeing as how this isn’t a movie about Black or White but a movie about a disturbed man, and his addiction…which I might add isn’t about tarnishing Black Women and our respectability (a good amount of Black men have already done enough of that in the media).So stop whining about an issue that has no bases in the script or the movie!