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Watch Trailer For Jamaican Film “Better Mus Come”

Having a wealth of North American film industry experience, including longtime assistant to music video director Little X, director Storm Saulter was able to cull from it on his first feature film Better Mus Come which he also wrote.

With the exception of veteran actor Roger Guenveur Smith who plays the Prime Minister, the cast was all Jamaican and included newcomers Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole Sky Grey and Duane Pusey.

The story follows warring political factions in 1970′s Jamaica as they enlist the support of gangs to enforce their policies, and advance their political agenda. It begins in ’77 and ends the first couple days of ’78 during the Green Bay Massacre . An urban love story develops between suspected political agitator Ricky (Shepherd) and Kemala (Grey), a young girl he meets at his homecoming party after being incarcerated.

As a native of the country, Saulter not only wanted to create this film but to also develop something that would help the Jamaican film industry. “I am a producer of the New Caribbean Cinema series. It is in essence, communal filmmaking. A group of filmmakers get together and work on each others films, like a round robin. In the end we will have at least 7 films by different directors, which we will put together to form one feature film at a fraction of the cost of a traditional feature film. We will also have at least 7 individual shorts that can travel on their own. I don’t think we are re-inventing the wheel, but we are getting very high quality films made for very low budgets,” he said.

The film was recently released in the Caribbean and will make its way stateside in April. Follow the trailer below and check out the film’s website at

Storm Saulter

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