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3 comments to Interview With Salli Richardson-Whitfield (“I Will Follow”)

  • Shanea

    Thoroughly enjoyed this interview, Noelani! I look forward to seeing the film as well.

  • Oh this was so lovely :) I enjoyed it. I love Salli; have since way back. Great interview Noelani :) Hopefully the first of many to come. And I cannot wait (though I’ll most likely have to) to see “I Will Follow”!

  • @Shanea & Tamara – Thank you both for reading and commenting. It was a nice experience and yes, I hope to speak to more talented artists in the coming months.

    I feel your pain Tamara, the film does not open here in Chicago (found that out within the past day or so). Sufficed to say, I was bummed by that. I wanted to write my own review of it!

    All the best