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First-Look At Annie Ilonzeh & Company In “Charlie’s Angels” TV Reboot

As we already know… shooting for ABC’s revamped Charlie’s Angels TV series is underway, with the first black angel, Annie Ilonzeh, who’ll play Kate, the smart and athletic ex-cop with martial arts skills.

Here get our first-look at the trio (plus Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor), on set (South Beach, Miami). Not sure what they’re shooting here and why they’re all wearing white. Might be for a sequence for the intro credits… maybe a slo-mo shot of them strutting, as the title appears and overlays… or something. *Kanye shrug*

Anyway… full image, legs and high heels included, and a single with Ms Ilonzeh, at the bottom of this post.

Relative newcomer, Ramon Rodriguez, will play Bosley; Robert Wagner will give Charlie his voice.

Remember the intro from the original series?


4 comments to First-Look At Annie Ilonzeh & Company In “Charlie’s Angels” TV Reboot

  • Jason

    If it’s come to this I can think of better shows to redo.

  • sandra

    That first chick is Australian. I’m trying to find a show/movie that doesn’t star/co-star a foreign white actress in it? This is not a new practice! But it’s gotten ridiculous to the point that even white people are complaining that their homegrown talent is not getting work. Who’s cast in the latest hot pilots? Who’s cast as the latest hot superhero? Every week, a boatload of bland new faces enter the picture, literally. And black actors…

    As told by actress Terri Vaughn:

    Further, it used to be that black actresses where automatically considered as love interests for lead black actors. No longer the case. If you are “ethnic-other, you have priority.

    Also, any role that requires strength AND beauty – they always go with a mixed race girl (when going black).

    To be a “regular” black actress in Hollywood…

  • Melissa

    Black actresses are always cast with white love interests nowadays, whether they’re ‘real black’ or biracial.

  • Maxine

    Hollywood kills me!!! First, they act as if, there aren’t any writers with great ideas. Why must they constantly do remakes??? And secondly, I will address the African American issue. Why is it that when Hollywood says they are going for a black actress, she looks beige? LOL I mean, look at the picture…they all look the same. And lastly, the Australian chick, I mean come on now! Blonde girls in America thought they had it bad then, now they have it 2 times worse. Cause the European invasion is taking over with force!!! I doubt if we can go to their countries and get hired with our American accent!!!