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Trailer – “Black Brown White” Starring The Black Girl From “Children Of Men”

Courtesy of the Afro-Europe blog comes a film titled Black Brown White – an Austrian feature film about a young Nigerian woman named Jackie, on the run across the Sahara, with her son, trying to get to Geneva, Switzerland, to reunite with the boy’s father, a Swiss UN-employee. On their journey, they meet a truck driver, who, together with his paraplegic partner, who have devised an elaborate, though illegal system of smuggling African refugees to Europe. And more drama follows…

Jackie is played by 24-year-old Ghanaian/British actress, Clare-Hope Ashitey. You’ll remember her as the pregnant black girl (Kee), and savior of humanity in Alfonso Cuarón’s Children Of Men. Black Brown White is only her 3rd film, since that 2006 movie.

The film was released on February 2011 in Austria… no word on whether it’ll travel.

The below trailer isn’t subtitled, but I think the images and intonations say plenty… (pics and poster below as well):

38 comments to Trailer – “Black Brown White” Starring The Black Girl From “Children Of Men”

  • The Black Girl From “Children Of Men”
    Journalism at its finest.

  • Haha, that headline. Though, really I am happily astonished to see that she has gotten work post-Children of Men.

      • E Forde

        @Vichus et al
        The reasons why this may be her third film in three years
        1. She’s Black
        2. She’s a Woman
        3. She’s British
        4. She’s yet to apply for a P1 Visa to the US of A
        Anyone with a knowledge of the UK film industry and espiecally in light of the recent awards season would know that its not the most diverse of industries. If you want a career of sorts you’ve got to look to the US hence the likes of Thandie Newton, Sophia Okonedo & Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

      • E Forde said it. :) Though, I have to say, LOVE the website.

  • BluTopaz

    I am not sure if I am just letting some dumb ish fly below the radar, or have become accustomed to when blissfully clueless Black males pop off with ignorant ish when it comes to Black women. Even when they are supposedly intelligent.

    • ??? Are you talking to me? If so, you better be able to explain this one.

      • BluTopaz


        If a White writer used this same title, it would be bedlam up in here.

        • Bedlam from who? Not from me. I’m still waiting for your explanation of how this is “ignorant ish when it comes to black women.”

          If I had said “That black guy from…” would your reaction be the same? Have you even considered why I phrased it that way?

          • BluTopaz

            Maybe not bedlam from you, but I’m sure if you caught wind of it someone on this site would have posted it with “wtf” type of replies.

            And do you really not understand how “the Black Girl” from so and so (esp. a well known film-it’s not like we have to stretch to remember it) as opposed to Black Actress/Actor, hell even woman, sounds kinda funky? At first yes i laughed but then was like, wait a minute-is he serious?

            And yeah actually, a title with ‘that Black boy from” would sound just as dumb and I would ask the same thing. It’s a Black website, and we can see who is who in the photo. Imagine an Ebert review with no tongue in cheek references to the wording of the article’s title.

            • BluTopaz

              And if you had also titled your Tempest review with “the Black boy from the slave films” my first comment would have been slightly different, but still written. I get that Djimon is almost a household name with many of us; but to give you the benefit-was Ashitey’s lesser well known status the reason for such a dismissive reference as ‘the black girl’? -Jeez freaking luiz.

            • I see… so where was all your fury when I posted THIS last year, as well as THIS… I’m pretty sure there are other similar instances. You’ve certainly been commenting on this site long enough to have seen those.

              Secondly, yes, it’s a black film website, and if you’re on the site, you can see the photos. But for those who are on Twitter, those who subscribe via the various feeds, like Google Reader, they cannot! All they see is a headline. So, it’s my job to get their attention with the headline. They’re more likely to click on it and read the post, if a connection is made that they are familiar with. I run the site, so I know. I have the stats. None of these 3 names are instantly recognizable. However, there’s an instant connection made within the uninformed reader, when I pair them up to a previous film or character that most would be familiar with.

              It’s quite simple. But, as I started off saying, if you’re going to rage against one kind of supposed “ignorance” as you put it, then make sure you’re consistent, and rage against the others.

              Funny enough, in this case, it wasn’t even meant as a joke.

              • Zeus

                :D Welcome to the “we-must-not-respect-women-because-we-don’t-think-like-BlueTopaz-club” Tambay! :D

                • BluTopaz

                  Go back to the basement, Zeus. Your mom hasn’t finished making dinner yet.

                  • Zeus

                    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a child and a male pig…blah, blah, blah, blah! :)

                    Tell ya what BlueToMad, you get anger management and I’ll type what you like. :)

                    Chick please!

                    • BluTopaz

                      Yes, the expected ‘you’re a ball buster-male basher’ nonsense is original. When you can actually type a coherent thought that doesn’t involve smiley faces, nor simply co-signing you can converse with grownups.

                      I crack up at a lot of stuff on this site, often at your few attempts at cohesiveness-they’re cute.

              • BluTopaz

                Actually I didn’t see those posts. I don’t see every one as you might believe.

                But in all honesty, I would not have had the same reaction to those. One is a comedy, the other one’s race/size is relevant to the movie. Which is not the case with this actresses’ connection to Children of Men. If it was a joke with ‘yeah you all remember the ONE black girl in the movie’ it could have been a different context-same way I’ve heard (and laughed at) the references to the one Black person in many horror films. But you have explained it as a concise way to attract readers via twitter and google.

                • Zeus

                  I don’t think you are a ball buster, (please ball busters are intimidating, you’re just a hypocrite) just a chick who thinks all who don’t kiss a woman’s ass every second are not mature.

                  The only people bothered by smiley faces are CRAZY folks who hate happiness. :)

                  So that explains why they get on your nerve BlueTooMad. :)

                  Again, chick please! :D

                  • BluTopaz

                    If you don’t mind looking like a simpleton, why would that get on my nerves? It amazes me that someone who thinks in emoticons and in the most broadly based logic actually feels they have something relevant to say. Do you even reply to people on your own–Hell, at least I speak my mind and don’t wait to jump on bandwagons.

                    Please, punk.

                    • Zeus

                      LOL!! Showing a smiley icon on a blog is being a simpleton?!

                      It’s confirmed you’re crazy! :)

                      Now, for someone who claimed they don’t read every post on this blog, you sure suddenly have a vast knowledge of how I reply to every post I make.

                      So, are you saying you read ALL of my posts because if you don’t, you are generalizing and making YOURSELF look like an ass. :)

                      Tell ya what, just continue to dictate how Tambay should title posts on his own blog ok? Maybe one day all of us will see the light and check with you on the best way to type a post your highness.

                      Look out, here comes another… :)

                    • So, let’s see how this movie ends… I’ll go with the traditional Hollywood happy ending, Zeus and BluTopaz fall in love and live happily ever after!

                    • BluTopaz

                      @ zeus–

                      Dude, every post I have seen of yours has included 1)a smiley and 2) a thass right, boss!! affirmation. My apologies to simpletons everywhere: -you’re a moron.

                      And what do you mean, “all of us?”-you’re consistently the only one I mix it up with on this site. I’m starting to feel like i’m beating up on the challenged, though :-(

                    • BluTopaz

                      Tambay, that ain’t a h’wood love story, that’s an urban horror film!

                      still geeked to see all you film folks at the New School next month.

              • I do tend to see pictures in my Google reader feed, BTW.

                What I took the title of this article was a dismissal of the film Children of Men more than anything else, saying that she was treated with no respect, or that she hasn’t done much since then.

                Whatever it is, I think it wasn’t written with love.

  • K

    What is with that headline? It seems out of place here. Maybe the intention or the joke has sailed over my head, but I would assume that if you’re visiting this site, you have either seen the highly underrated Children of Men or you’re more inclined to look up a name/black actress you don’t recognize.

    On the main subject, she was in a key role of a severely overlooked, great movie, (probably because a black child is the saviour of all humanity), so I’m glad to see her getting more work. The movie looks promising.

  • Zeus


    Every post YOU’VE SEEN doesn’t mean every post I POST. Again, you are generalizing and making an ass of yourself. :)

    I mainly use the smileys with you because I know you are crazy enough that something so trivial will (and does) piss your hot tempered ass off. LOL!

    And your ASSumption is wrong. :)

    Carry on Wonder Woman! :)

    • BluTopaz

      You are using profanity, but I’m the one who is hot tempered? Sounds like I hit a nerve picking on the kid who just hopped off the short bus.

      You use a cartoon to articulate because it’s easier than formalizing a complete thought, or even coming up with one on your own. You don’t have the ability to discuss any topic without going into broad extremes-everyone is usually a “hater”, which is the go to term for people who are too stupid to realize there are valid opinions other than their own. Your ilk fits more in with a tmz or bossip, not on a site with discussions that usually go into any depth or substance.

      Now you carry on, you mindless blood clot.


      • Zeus

        A smiley icon is a CARTOON now! LOL!!!

        YOU are really reaching. And YOU keep on replying to me Queen B so if I’m an idiot it will take you 12 promotions to become one! :)

        All of my posts are not made in fun but dealing with a feminazi hypocrite like yourself, all I CAN DO is just post smileys in fun because you are a mental midget. No sane person gets so worked up over a smiley icon on a damn blog! :)

        Chick please! You’re still a feminazi hypocrite. :)

      • Zeus

        Oh! One more thing TooMad! :)

        How you gonna lecture me about cursing when you have called me an ass-wipe among other names. Did I hit a nerve? Again, HYPOCRITE. :)

        Please stop with the “I’m so intelligent and educated and you are beneath me, even though smiley icons anger me” routine ok?


  • Jay

    Any news on acquisition or a distributor?

  • Cherish

    This reminds of another foreign film I saw back in the late ’90s called The Promise. It was either a Swedish or Dutch film. The son of Construction company owner made a promise to a dying African migrant, who was injured at a construction site, to take care of his wife and son, who were also in the country illegally.

    The construction company owner tried to sell the African wife to a sex-trafficking ring, and the owner’s son fought his father, betraying him, to protect the woman. Good film, first foreign film I saw at the theatre.

  • Cherish

    Just typed that to say thanks for the memory.