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Watch Meagan Good & Ruby Dee in “Video Girl” Trailer

Meagan Good re-teams with actor/director Ty Hodges (Miles From Home) for Video Girl. The movie follows the story of Lori Walker as she enters the world of music videos and faces touch decisions as she gains fame. The cast includes Ruby Dee, Haylie Duff, Lisa Raye, Adam Senn, Hoobastank, Angie Martinez and her sister Lamyia Good also has a role.

Good tweeted that “My film VIDEOGIRL releases in AMC theatres!!!” She listed four theaters and mentioned April 29th as the opening date.

Video Girl is the second film Good’s produced and starred in.

30 comments to Watch Meagan Good & Ruby Dee in “Video Girl” Trailer

  • Vanessa

    Meagan Good is so pretty. mmmm that’s all I got. :-)

  • Lynn

    Hmm…The film still doesn’t elevate her as an “actress” she is still the “Game” type of actress if u get what i mean.

    Recently, Good said in an interview that she is “type casted” in all of her roles.

    “Being typecast, people want to put you in a box based on what they think you can do and what they think your ability is. Also, being a black woman in this industry the opportunities for the quality projects that really have meat roles to them are kind of far and few between. There’s always the media that has opinions on you & who they think you are and that kind of thing. There are definitely a lot of things that could be potential road blocks, but I try to look at everything and say, You know what? Its a blessing to have something to fight for. Just fighting to get up and go for it and fight the good fight.”

  • sandra

    I don’t know how this project is getting theatrical release over others with more potential. I do like Megan. I think she’s a true screen beauty and talent. I commend her for starting her own production company and making things happen for herself.

    If you don’t think something off is happening in Hollywood, ask yourself why is such a beauty and talent with a strong work ethic not getting marquee projects and dumb blondes from UK, Australia and wherever just come to the States from soap shows or nothing at all and snatch leading roles after leading role.

    So many bland faces: The Carey Mulligans, Abby Cornishes, Mia Washikowaska (whatever), Rachel Taylor, etc…I can’t keep up nor can I tell them apart. This is not a new phenomenon in Hollywood. I know. When I hear these black women speak of their struggles with calm and smiles, I know the real pain they are going through. As artists, they want to create as well. They want to share as well. That is why, God willing, many changes are going to happen in the next two years in Hollywood. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Quentin Strum

      You nailed it, Sandra. Well said. I agree. Good is a true beauty and talent. I wish she didn’t have to settle for such poorly directed, weak looking films.

    • Vanessa

      I’m going to have to disagree a little. Yes, Meagan is very beautiful but I don’t think she has the acting range and versatility. She’s picked a lot of stereotypical sexy girl roles than can only take you so far. It’s hard for Megan Fox right now. I doubt Hollywood is beating down her door to offer her great roles and she’s white..

      I agree there needs to be more opportunities for young black actresses. A lot of it is Hollywood not taking a chance, but I’m not sure that if I were a big Hollywood producer that I’d give Meagan a great role. I don’t think she can play down her beauty the way someone like Nicole Beharie does.

      I get your point in seeing all these white young actresses taking all the meaty roles but Carey Mulligan and Mia W are awesome actors. They’re not even that beautiful but they can act. Hollywood SOMETIMES requires more than a pretty face.

      • Vanessa

        Having said that.. I love Ruby Dee and I think the concept of the movie is good (no pun intended), Meagan hasn’t convinced me as an actress, but maybe I’ll watch this and be surprised.

      • sandra

        Vanessa, I’m just saying that the homegrown talent is being completely ignored. There are active business strategies to feed the machine with these bland white faces. Some have talent. OK. But the way they walk over black girls here to find that foreign IT girl is food for thought.

        These white girls get tons of films to showcase their talent and grow as an artist. Some times they shine. Often times, they fall flat. Still more opportunities arise. Fox’s case is complex. From what I can see, she didn’t want to play along with the dirty boys club and is now being “taught a lesson” ie silenced.

        • Quentin Strum

          “It’s hard for Megan Fox right now. I doubt Hollywood is beating down her door to offer her great roles and she’s white..” — Vanessa

          It’s hard for Fox because like some of these unintelligent actors, she opened her big mouth trying to bad mouth a powerful director like Michael Bay, a director he gave her a career in the first place. How stupid can she be? Hollywood recognizes such behavior as hasty and unprofessional. They will continue to make her pay for a very long time.

          Fox’s case is different from Good’s. Good deserves better. At least she can act.

          • Interesting point, but Shia Leboeuf publicly criticized Steven Spielberg re the last Indiana Jones film, and it hasn’t seemed to hurt him. Perhaps women are more severely penalized in Hollywood for sounding off.

            • Quentin Strum

              Interesting indeed. Did Shia LaBeouf say that Spielberg is a nightmare to work for? Because that’s basically what Fox did. Megan said, “I really wish I could go loose on this one (Transformers series) — he’s (Bay) like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for.” (click here for NY Post blog, one of the many blogs with this quote).

              Unless LaBeouf compared Spielberg to two of the most infamous Antichrist-like figures in history (although she might have a point when it comes to Bay), I don’t see the point of you making this comparison or lessening the discussion to a matter of sex.

              Bottom line, Fox was disrespectful and disloyal to the one director that gave her a chance, found her success. Unless you’re Matt Damon, someone who took off by creating his own quality projects, actors like Fox need to humble themselves and STFU!!!

              • Sergio

                Fox has just landed a big role in Judd Apatow’s next movie with Paul Rudd. But the role could have easily gone to Good just as well and most likely would have been better considering that Fox is a scary looking, frozen face, non-acting plastic mannequin who overdosed on plastic surgery with as much sex appeal as a wet mop. Good would have at least been more human.

                But Good still has that “image” from her previous roles and the gossip blogs as a sort of “hip-hop party girl”. And at least this new film is a sort of way to flip that image on its head and show her as an actress with more depth.

                However, I’ve never seen photos of Nicole Beharie on Bossip or Sandra Rose leaving some club at 2 in the morning like you do with Good almost every week. The image you get of Fox is that she’s a party girl more interested in being famous than being a good actress and that also hurts her career.

                And as Vanessa alluded to in regards to Beharie about “playing down” her beauty. both Beharie and Good are beautiful women but Beharie has a real, what I call “approachability” about her that draws you in. In other words, if you saw her on the street you you feel that could go up to her and talk to her. Good comes off like any brother who approached her would need a Rolex and a new Bentley (not last year’s model) before she gave him the time of day. Now that may not be true but that’s the vibe she gives off

                • Vanessa

                  I don’t like comparisons but it’s just a personality difference. Beharie is very mature, grounded and more of an intellectual from the interviews I’ve read. She’s not a “party girl”.

                  There’s a reason why people give off the vibes they do. It’s not just because you’re beautiful or “sexy”. I read in a Vibe interview w/ Meagan that she would love to be in one of Usher’s videos or in a video of someone “doing it big” because it gives you exposure. That says a lot right there.

                  You should be thinking about reading scripts and auditioning for great parts. Nicole could ooze the same sex appeal if she wanted to. I just think she’s too smart to limit herself to that. There’s so many more important qualities to a person.

                  I don’t care about Fox. Yes, Hollywood is going to offer her roles but not roles they’ll offer to Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway or Michelle Williams.

  • pinksghetti

    Well I like Meagan Good and Ruby Dee so I hope this movie does well, it’s a unique type of movie. That’s kind of interesting that Hoobastank has a role.

  • Quentin Strum

    This looks weak. And I know it’s not shot on film, but does it have to look like it? I really don’t care to see it but I know I will end up seeing it eventually.

  • artbizzy

    This looks kinda interesting. Video girls, especially black and brown ones, are not typically portrayed with much humanity or dimension at all. This looks like a start. Here’s another aspect of our story being told – the black woman’s body as a commodity within the context of this idustry. Go Meagan and Ruby! The above shot in the film clip with the two guys looking at her like that and her expression says a whole lot. Someone has needed to tell this story from jump but especially after Nelly swiped that credit card between a video girls ass cheeks in that music video years ago. I will see this.

    • sandra

      “Someone has needed to tell this story from jump but especially after Nelly swiped that credit card between a video girls ass cheeks in that music video years ago.”

      Lord…really? Nothing should surprise me. Anything for the Benjamins, I guess. Maybe this small, unassuming film will begin a much needed dialogue. I hate how these video chicks are idolized. I remember a time when video ladies were special: think MJ….Ola from “Thriller”, Tatiana from “The Way You Make Me Feel”, heck even Naomi Campbell from “In the Closet”.

      • artbizzy

        I forgot about Ola and Tatiana and Naomi and even Iman. Dang, all Michael Jackson stuff, too, lol! When did it change I wonder? Well, I guess it’s always been there since there’s been a camera before that it was the light skinned chorus girls at the cotton club in the 1930′s, 40′s, burlesque vaudeville, etc.

        Girls in music videos in the 80′s for the most part definitely had more clothes on that’s for sure. And in the early 90′s, too. Baggy clothes were the cool thing. It was so cute too to see girls wearing baggy clothes and dancing to the song. Somewhere along the way it kinda turned into soft porn which kinda paralleled the rise of the stripper culture, too. It became another way for a black girl, usually of humble means, to make some money. Especially if you are a professionally trained dancer, brown and with a body that rappers tend to like. It’s much like the film industry. What opportunities are available to us. I certainly get the sense that in this film being a video girl was not the Meagan character’s dream in life. Anyway, this film trailer already sparked a dialogue, which is cooool. Looking forward to seeing it.

      • Zeus

        You can blame “2 Live Crew” for the dawning of the half dressed, sexy video chick.

    • Well said, “Video girls, especially black and brown ones, are not typically portrayed with much humanity or dimension at all.” Meagan Good is on the right path producing her own material and creating roles that challenge her creativity. And when you can get Ruby Dee to sign onto your film, that’s a good sign.

  • Zeus

    This actually doesn’t look that bad.

  • Zeus

    P.S … I will say though, that last close up shot where everything gets white and bleached out is a DIRECT rip from the end of BLACK SWAN. :)

    Maybe coincidence…

  • K

    I was expecting a low-budget mess, with some pretty stilted dialogue delivery. However, this looks pretty good. The storyline is compelling enough; it’s a fairly typical hunger, rise, and downfall format, but I think Meagan can pull it off.

    Eve’s Bayou was a great part, but I think for the longest time her beauty has been an acting crutch.

    It’s nice to see Meagan try to break free of that & I applaud her for taking matters into her own hands.

    • Mr. Clinton

      Exactly, K. No sense in Ms. Good — nor “Video Girl” director Ty Hodges, nor its screenwriter Datari Turner — in waiting around for Hollywood to hand them projects. Gotta claim them for yourself, which in turn helps expand opportunities for others.

      This is why she co-produced “Miles from Home,” now available for streaming on the film’s Web site and due on DVD soon. It was written and directed by Hodges, and stars him along with Meagan Good in a layered, against-type role.

      The unexpectedly lucrative releases of “I Will Follow” and “Mooz-lum” by filmmakers Ava Duvernay and Qasim Basir, respectively, also show what can be done when we heed the can-do message of Anthony Mackie and others.

  • Marcus T.

    Is this a sequel to the movie HONEY with Jessica Alba? Looks like it…

    • R.J.

      It’s funny that you mention that film because there actually IS a sequel to “Honey” coming out in August starring Katerina Graham (aka the black girl from The Vampire Diaries). The only good thing about that is that Lonette McKee is in it…but then again, so is Audrina from “The Hills”.

  • tepnlex

    In this day and age, a movie like this is timely. Megan Good is the right person for this role, and if she is “producing it”, then she is only feeding the type cast perception of her. Either way, she stays working, in an industry full of many who don’t.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing this. It looks very well done and I get a feeling that a lot of women will see a little of themselves in the Meagan’s character.

  • Nadell

    this is how you do it, meagan! the fact that she’s taking charge by producing her OWN films annnnd is creating films w/ substance…i am VERY impressed!
    i would love to see this film!

  • I’m all late, and everyone’s already said what I would’ve, so I’m just glad to see she knows to get her own stuff made. Congrats Megan.

  • Mr. Dawber

    You are SO right, artbizzy. The video girl, video vixen, etc., is a much discussed figure in pop culture, but we don’t always get their perspective. Although fictional, this film is a way of shining a light on a point of view we don’t always see. Plus it is based on the observations of its screenwriter Datari Turner, a former video model himself.