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James Brown’s Family Considering Eddie Murphy, Chris Brown & Usher To Star In Godfather Of Soul’s Biopic

So says James Brown’s daughter, Dr. Yamma Brown in the clip below, which surfaced a couple of days ago… the project is in limbo right now, though Spike Lee has long been attached to direct, since it was initially announced about 4 years ago, with uber-producer, Brian Grazer overseeing the project. As I believe I’ve said before, I’d cast an unknown for the part. Eddie Murphy, Chris Brown and Usher… no. Though I really doubt any of them is in serious contention for the part. Also, as I’m sure I’ve also said in the past, when it comes to biopics, I’d much rather that they focus on some period of the man’s life, as opposed to trying to squeeze his entire history into 2 hours.

8 comments to James Brown’s Family Considering Eddie Murphy, Chris Brown & Usher To Star In Godfather Of Soul’s Biopic

  • Zeus

    Chris Brown?! Usher?! She’s out of her fuckin mind!

  • elhaq

    Cody Chestnut

  • Jug

    For real, if he can build on his work from DREAMGIRLS, Eddie would kill. That scene where Curtis crushes his last dream of making an artistic record and the look he gives CC while he’s cutting his heroine, the BEST non-comedic acting work Eddie Murphy has ever done. Shoulda got best supporting right then & there (but the bullshit was thick that year against NORBIT :-( )

  • Well jug, it looks like another time for me to say I agree and tell another story along the way.

    The story consists of me a James Brown on stage. (seriously)

    I wish I could show yawl a video, but I was doing the Camel Walk and the boogaloo :-). (Seriously)

    But I’ll save the rest of the story for another time. But yes,yes,yes, Eddie would kill this part. Should he have recieved best supporting actor in Dreamgirls… Absolutely! Was that his best non-comedic acting gig… (imo)you betcha!

    If he approaches this role like Jamie Fox (another comedian) did in Ray, it’s Oscar time baby. The role is tailor made for someone with Eddie’s skill-set.

    Usher? He’s waaaaay too “soft”. And the boy can’t act. We can’t have a rookie jackin’ with the GODFATHER OF SOUL.

    Chris Brown? Weeelllllllll, we know ol’James didn’t have a problem with ahh… you know… ahh… well, going upside a woman’s head, so ol’Chris is sitting in the catbird’s seat. Wait, that’s soooo wrong of me. *evil grin*

    Okay, 360 degrees, backup, I meant to say Chris and James have the same last name. :-(

    • Jug

      HAHAHAHAHA “the boogaloo”! That’s what I’m talking about, call it out man! Boy if you ain’t telling the truth about Usher & Chris Brown. Neither of them have the chops to pull it off, plus they still look like boys, ‘cept Usher has gotten some character to his face, musta been that ugly divorce from his aunt or whoever that old lady was :-D. Chris, man that boy still poutin’ cuz nobody likes him.

      Seriously, that’s my big issue with Hollywood right now, is the pool of “known” black talent is so small, it always comes back to musicians for us, whether the producing team is white or black. That’s where we’re strong & it makes good business sense to cross platforms and get as many fans (customers) as you can. It kills me because it often times lessens the quality of the project or damn near kills it (YOU HEAR ME COMMON?!? U & ME ARE THREW :-( ) LMBAO

  • Those abovementions?,Hell no!,how `bout that unknown brother that portrayed him in director- Kasi Lemmons underrated gem-Talk to Me? he(james brown look-a-like) strikes an uncanny resemblemce and the brother can move like Cisco Grease on a medicine ball, i’m just saying.