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CBS dumps Jennifer for Luther

Having never seen a single NCAA basketball game in my life (nor a NBA game either…Just can’t even feign interest to see one. I guess I’m not an American like they say about Pres. Obama), I had NO idea that this was such a big deal.

What I’m referring to is CBS’s highly popular post-NCAA game montage for which they’ve used, since 2003, Luther Vandross’ recording of One Shining Moment.

However last season the Vandross version was replaced by Jennifer Hudson singing the same song, which angered a lot of people. First of all, everyone felt there was no need to replace Luther’s version since it was just fine as it is, and second, people also complained there were too many cutaways to Hudson singing, and less of actual game footage.

So CBS has decided to drop Jennifer and to go back to Luther’s version of the song with game footage. And all is right again with the world.

Here’s a sample of the Hudson version montage:

6 comments to CBS dumps Jennifer for Luther

  • Stop it Sergio, say it ain’t so?! YOu’ve never seen a single NCAA basketball game in your life nor a NBA game either?

    How about sitting at a sports bar or Hooter’s, you’ve never seen a NCAA basketball game? I mean, i’ve heard dudes say they don’t get excited about them or they only watch the final four or the NBA playoffs, but never – no nothing? I’ve never heard a black American say that. I’m sure there are others, but…

    But let me ask, have you ever whistled at the forbidden fruit – a white woman? Or ate pig feet or chitlins? :-)

    Surely you’ve eaten greens and can play a mean game of spades or bid whist?

    But on the Luther – Jennifer Hudson tip, I just watched Dreamgirls again (tonight) and she can blow! Man, I didn’t realize she could do it like that. She was singing like “fat” Luther. However, since she’s lost all that weight (she was sorta fat in Dreamgirls) I wonder if she can still carry those notes? I mean, although Eddie Murphy and Jamie Fox did their thang, Ms. Hudson was Dreamgirls. She carried that movie, but every basketball fan knows she’s not a Luther, so yeah, get out of here Jennifer, this is a man’s game. And nobody – NOBODY IN THIS WHOLE WORLD – can do it… has ever done it, like Luther.

    How can a man live in Chicago and never – ever – watch Michael Jordan take one shot?

    • Sergio

      It bores me to death. Just like baseball, football, tennis and golf. Now if they bring back gladiator games – I mean like for real with gladiators and lions fighting to the death in an arena sort of thing – then I’ll be there front row. No joke. Definitely NOT boring

      • Well Sergio, what can I say except you’re my kind of guy.

        Just because other folks say something is “good” you have no fear to say “miss me with that boring mess”.

        I like that in you. You take a stand and tell everyone that has a need to know, to blow it out dey ass, if they don’t like what you like and visa versa. Many people don’t have that same courage to say – what’s really on their mind.

        But Sergio, lions and tigers and bears… and Gladiators… oh my. I don’t even like going to the zoo. I can’t stand the smell of all that animal poop.

  • tepnlex

    Love J. Hud, but this montage works better with Luther’s timeless rendition. As for never watching a basketball game, I guess that make more time for watching movies. Impressive.

  • JMac

    You mean people still watch CBS? I haven’t tuned to that network since… ever. Good thing they have basketball.