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Rihanna’s UNICEF TV commerical

Here’s Rihanna’s new TV commercial for UNICEF to promote their Celebrity Tap clean water campaign for donations to the worthwhile organization to provide clean water for  children worldwide .

But a few questions, in the commercial Rhianna is called “an international superstar” Really? She is? Fivehead Rhianna is ALL that and a bag of chips? I thought she couldn’t sing or dance or has any discernible talent whatever. If that’s the case then I should be an international super star too. All’s fair.

Oh yeah, she’s also called “so classy” I mean c’mon let’s get real. Who believes that????????????

17 comments to Rihanna’s UNICEF TV commerical

  • Tamara

    “Fivehead”??? Ouch.

  • Yes, talented or not, Rihanna is a bona fide international superstar. I’m not sure what is so confusing about this. She is a star worldwide because people are fascinated with HER – not her talent/music – and it goes behind Black American gossips blogs.

    Case in point: Aside from being followed/snapped by paparazi worldwide, she has been on the covers magazines across the world – Italian Vanity Fair, British GQ, Cosmopolitan (Korea, Spain), Marie Claire (Mexico, Thailand), and, the holy grail, American Vogue just last month.

    I know a lot of this offhand because I am a fashion blogger, but here is a link to her covers across the world.

    • Sergio

      What’s so fascinating about her beside that Klingon-sized forehead of hers?

      And by the way, if she was darker skinned would people make such a big fuss about her? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……. I’ve never seen, say, Kelly Rowland on any of those covers you mentioned

      • Tamara

        What’s so fascinating about her beside that Klingon-sized forehead of hers?


        Zee answer liez in zee question… or in zee Klingon, as you say?


        And by the way, if she was darker skinned would people make such a big fuss about her? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……. I’ve never seen, say, Kelly Rowland on any of those covers you mentioned…

        I think Kellz covered South African/African? Cosmopolitan… ONCE. :| And she hasn’t covered those other magazines for the same reason, back in the day, she got a “Dark & Lovely” contract while her former DC counterpart got a “L’oreal Feria” contract. :| By Jove, I think I’ve just sampled some of the “can of worms” you opened here.

        “Fivehead” :lol: still stings :(

  • @Sergio – I have no idea what’s so fascinating about Rihanna since I am not a fan. I just answered the question that you posed – whether or not she qualified as an international superstar.

    As for whether or not she would get the same treatment if she were darker skinned… let me preface my answer by telling you that I am a dark-skinned Black woman (ala Kelly Rowland) and I worked in magazine publishing for over 15 years (white and black publications) – so I don’t need any lectures about how many covers dark-skinned Black women aren’t getting. Black people aren’t enamored with dark-skinned Black women, so I don’t know why it would surprise you that Mexicans, Koreans and Russians aren’t either. Today, a Beyonce or Rihanna routinely score big covers like Vogue, Allure, Glamour, etc. But I remember the days (as in the 1990s) when Janet Jackson, bona fide international superstar, was routinely denied covers (even lowly TV Guide) only because she was black. I could tell you a lot of stories about black stars being denied their due so, believe me, you are not reporting any news to me.

    So, to answer your question, Kelly Rowland doesn’t have nearly as many magazine covers as Rihanna because she’s not nearly as big. And being dark doesn’t help. The only dark-skinned woman who comes close on international covers is Naomi Campbell.

  • Melissa

    She is known worldwide, therefore an international singing sensation. Whether talentless, or not…she is known worldwide. Just like Janet Jackson who is darkskinned. Kelly Rowland is a hit in Europe.

    The top black woman on CNN (Aisha Sesay) is extremely darkskinned and Sierra Leonian descent. She is a hit on certain pervy male forums. And on CNN, now presenting opposite Anderson Cooper on AC360 and Wolf Blitzer in ‘The Situation Room’.
    Maybe this site can profile her behind Sergio’s back?

    Lord knows he would have a fit. Darkskinned, lightskinned, ‘unsexy’ Toni Braxton…as long as you’re a black’s a problem with Sergio. The Black Perez.

    • Sergio

      So all I do is attack black women, Yup I guess. I confess you caught me. You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool you

      • Melissa

        I dont know what you do all the time, lol!. All I see is your blogposts.
        I know that when reporting on Black people, its inevitable to make posts about Black women and Oprah, but if it pains you so much to write about the Antichrist and her minions, be like other bloggers and totally avoid the subject instead of calling girls 1/4 your age ‘klingons’ and whatnot.

        • Sergio

          Funny, I don’t hear you going off and getting all upset about all the really horrible terrible things I’ve said about black male actors and celebrities…

          I’m an equal opprtunity offender

          • Melissa

            I have no use for western black males so whether you are insulting them or not(which I doubt you are to the same extent that you do Oprah), I could care less.

            I said you had a problem with black women, you got sarcastic about it, implying that you dont. But then it seems your sarcasm was misplaced seeing as you’re calling yourself an ‘equal opportunity offender’. So which one is it?

          • Melissa

            Do you have a post on Chris Brown calling him a monkeyface(as I’ve seen many entertainment blogs doing to him and Usher)?

            I know Rihanna has a higher profile than him(as black female singers often do) but perhaps you could write about Chris Brown sometime, complete with insults, to keep it ‘equal’. Probably not. Never mind.


            • Sergio

              When Chris Brown does something related to TV or films then I’ll go after him. But ypou haven’t read my past posts when I’ve gone after R Kelly, Swizz Beats (who some people really got mad at me when I went on his looks) Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence and other black men too numerous to name.

              But there’s no point trying to defend myself. I am who I am, repulsive and all. You need to go to one of those “self empowering” websites and calm down

              O.K. baby?

  • Melissa

    Sergio… black women are not the antichrist! No…really…for reals :)

  • Melissa

    I love your posts on other things though. You, like many western black males, are objective when it does NOT involve an african devil femme, so keep up the good work.

  • Cherish

    “But a few questions, in the commercial Rhianna is called “an international superstar” Really?”

    Well, let’s see, she has been singing the hook on some of the biggest singles for the last few years, with some of the most popular male superstars (Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem). Plus she has a few #1 hits of her own (Umbrella, Take a Bow).

    The girl performs on most European awards shows, anywayz. So, yeah, she is an international star. Duh.

    • Sergio

      What do I know? I never listen to pop music anyway. Umbrella I heard like once and Take A Bow I’ve never heard of. You must think I’m 20 years old or something