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Idris Elba to open health clinic in Sierra Leone

Here’s some positive news for you.

It’s been reported that Idris Elba, along with his cousin, who’s a nurse,  are planning to fund and open a heath care facility in Sierra Leone, to provide support for sick families in the country.

Elba, who was born in the U.K. to African immigrant parents – his father from Sierra Leone and his mother from Ghana – has never visited his father’s homeland, though that’s something he plans to to address very soon.

As he was recently quoted in the Observer magazine: “It’s embarrassing. I have to go. There are plans, serious plans! I can’t wait. I want to go to Sierra Leone with something — whether it’s some sort of contribution to health care, or to the entertainment industry. My cousin is a nurse; we are talking about opening a clinic.”

Let’s give the brother a round of applause.

9 comments to Idris Elba to open health clinic in Sierra Leone

  • Myself, with a mission team, just got back from Sierra Leone. Our Mission Team leader is from Sierra Leone. His name is Bishop Eugene Wellington. Mr Alba, I would love to hear from you to talk with you about your Father’s homeland. Thank you,
    Pastor Greg Walls Sr.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for this post. *Round of applause to Elba*. Keeping up with the stereotype of ‘Africa is the white man’s burden’, I’m sure this post about a brotha doing good things in Africa will be found only on here and a few places on the web.

  • pinksghetti

    It’s great to hear stories about people giving back!

  • Other song

    mission team = biblethumpers?

    definitely something we need less of.

  • sandra

    Positive news. Hopefully it will be a place where people from all walks of life and faiths can receive honest and natural health care.

    Just keep an eye out for those faulty/nasty vaccines and expired medications from the West. This is just the beginning. Good to see that Elba is not just a lump of sexy chocolate! Lord knows I can’t stand this “let me get mine” attitude that most black entertainers have.

  • renee

    i think its wonderful
    if your able to give back
    then its great… we all should help out causes in any way that we can.. even if its just something small… its a great feeling to know that you have helped someone…

    i worked at this clinic as an RN and we give chirstmas gifts to a grojup of children that normally wouldnt get anything… when i gave the little girl her gifts that had bought her.. that look on her face… made my year….

  • Nadell

    This is awesome!
    Thank you, Mr. Elba!
    (setting an example)

  • lilkunta

    Glad he is going to help.
    But I cant applaud him bc Im disaapointed in his character. Take care of you children Idris.