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So what will Oprah’s final show be like?

So according to gossip-mongers Oprah’s final show in late May will be a two-part episode, taped on May 17th at the United Center (where the Chicago Bulls play home games), and will consist of  “an homage to the Queen of TV and her 25 year career”.

The first hour will be hosted by Tom Hanks, with Will Smith hosting the second hour.

Along the way, other movie stars will make an appearance such as Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx, Jerry Seinfeld, and of course Tyler Perry (How could she NOT have him?).

Musical guests will include Mr. Camel Face (as he’s called by his fans I’ve been told) Jay-Z and Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Patti LaBalle and Rihanna (WHAT? No Chris Brown? I guess he was unavailable).

Is it just me or does that line up not exactly blow you over? Everybody who you’d expect to be on her final show is on her final show. No real surprises. Nothing unexpected. No Lexington Steele or someone totally off the grid. But then again I have no plans to watch anyway, so why should I care? And since this is what is rumored, don’t jump on us if this lineup doesn’t happen they way they say.

9 comments to So what will Oprah’s final show be like?

  • Arnold Drummond

    *dead* at Lexington Steele. Stedman wouldn’t have it. I’ll spare an opinion on the rest, since it’s all speculation, and I can’t imagine her producers would let it slip this early.

    • Sergio

      As I said, it’s all rumors so far, but don’t be surprised if most of those listed will appear on the show. They seem like the most likely bunch and besides nowadays PR people and producers nowadays like leak some info out on the internet to get people interested

      And I would definitely have the great Lex if was my final show. Justin Slayer and Mr. Marcus too. Besides why would Steadman be upset??? It’s not like he and Oprah have a relationship or anything like that. We all know the heat of passion is between Oprah and Gayle.

  • No John Travolta on the “rumored” list? We all know that’s her DUDE, right there… :-)

  • Tamara

    Musical guests will include Mr. Camel Face (as he’s called by his fans I’ve been told) Jay-Z and Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Patti LaBalle and Rihanna

    Not surprised at all; actually expect some of these folks to be there.

  • Kate

    All those token whites have big bank already. Would love to see her show support for some of the up-and-comers she thinks are worth it. If she’s too racist to use any white musicians, then how about some latino/hispanic music?

    • JMac

      Up and comers? It’s the last broadcast show. That’d just be stupid.

      And you must be one delusional individual with your “all those token whites” and “too racist to use any white musicians” statements. Chick’s whole career has been based on white stars for white audiences. Black entertainers and personalities have rarely gotten any attention from her. But IF she has a lot black musicians on her LAST show she must be racist against white musicians. You people kill me. Oh yeah I forgot, she campaigned in favor of Obama. That automatically makes her racist.

      If she expects OWN to last she better get a butt load of black stars on there – give an indication of what’s in store for the future. The blacker, the better.

  • lilkunta

    I dont get the Lex Steele reference.
    O hasnt cared about AfrAm since 97. Why should we care about this? I watch the clip of Patti on YT bc I do love Patti.

    O is a hypocrite. She has drug dealing misogynist camel face on. He is a convicted felon. Ludacris –who she refused to have on with the rest of the cast of Crash–isnt felon , carter is. Is she really wants to go out w a bang she needs to FINALLY have an episode about hiphop culture, with a portion dedicated to rap. Talks about it origins with Grandmaster Flash Furious 5 & Sugarhill Gang & DJ Kool Herc & Afrika Baambaata & RunDMC & Public Enemy. Then the gangsta era with ice t/ice cube/nwa; pac & biggie; the commercial show off era puffy; all up to present. Gotta have segments on rappers who have always been real: talib, mos def, jean grae.

    • pinksghetti

      I’m not sure of the exact words Oprah said about Hip-Hop but I will say that I understand why she may not like it. She is a 57 yr old woman, it’ probably not common for women or men of that age to be a fan of it. It came out after they were adults and the music style is the opposite of the R&B songs they grew up with. Plus I doubt Oprah’s fan base is down with Hip-Hop either. I’m a fan of it but I know not everyone is especially of the Baby-Boomer generation unless they were making the music, benefiting financially from it or trying to be young and hip.