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MSNBC to explain to white people what black people want

Hell, I can do that and it doesn’t take a whole show to do it. WE WANT IT ALL! Your jobs, your houses, your money, and most importantly… your women! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

But seriously folks (well maybe not that seriously), MSNBC will jump into the “explaining-to-white-people-what’s-up-with-those-weird-black-people,” Soledad O”Brien CNN specials, with its own version called: A Stronger America: The Black Agenda, airing this Sunday on the network, starting at 12 Noon (EST); hosting will be the network’s Ed Schultz and Rev Perm himself, Al Sharpton.

Most of the show consist of a panel of experts (whom I’m sure are still pissed off at Pres. Obama for not being black enough for them); and we can imagine the cast of characters they’re going to get for this show, can’t we? Here’s the promo for the program:

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9 comments to MSNBC to explain to white people what black people want

  • BluTopaz

    So glad it’s not just CNN that worries about us.

    Interesting that Sharpton is hosting this right after organizing a fundraiser for President Obama.

  • Zzzzz. I hate these types of specials. It’s just rehashing the issues that African-Americans have discussed in their homes for decades for the purpose of providing ratings to the networks and pathology-centered entertainment to white folks. Next!

  • Oh, and since I wasn’t consulted, I have a problem with them labeling it “The Black Agenda.” We are not a monolithic people, and I’m tired of a handful of politicians and pundits claiming to be the voices of 36 million people.

  • Ronald Sistrunk

    Hell spend 30 Mins with me on 79th and Cottage Grove in Chicago and you can see what Black America wants,I so agree with Monroe you are right. When I saw that Ed. Shultz was going to do a show on the status of Black American I said to myself OMG! Where is all the black Journalist (Professor Dyson, Professor West, etc.) that could be doing this piece. Oh Well I guest old chicken eat’n Rev. Jesse and Rev. Al, is so happy with being call on when master needs a black opinion the can’t speak up or out about this mess!!!!

  • Serudj

    I like and watch Ed’s show. But why couldn’t Tamron Hall host such a show? I feel this will be corporate spin on “black issues” for entertainment purposes. When the first CNN Black in America previewed in Chicago, before being aired, during the Q&A, I asked the Exe. producer about why this show highlighting pathology, and he said it was for their mainly 40ish white male viewers, and I believe that is Big Ed’s demographic.

  • Melissa

    Can we discuss the White Agenda in South Africa and Zimbabwe too at this rate. (I know these are foreign countries but CNN should do a special).