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Now I can die happy

The film that I’ve been wanting to see, the film that just might be the greatest unintentional laugh riot of the decade, is finally coming to DVD.

I’m talking about N’Secure which Fox Home Video (Fox???) is releasing on June 14th; it stars Denise Boutte (the woman with the fantabulous weave with the porn star’s name), the guy who looks like a dead ringer for the guy from The Parkers sit-com, some ex-sitcom stars wondering how their careers came down to this level, and Nephew Tommy. And, by the way, would someone again please tell me who in the hell Nephew Tommy is?

The DVD will be available in both standard and blu-ray… though I think VHS would be more appropriate.

Let’s take a look again at the trailer for the film shall we?

5 comments to Now I can die happy

  • Lee

    I am surprised this film actually made it into a theater.

  • Lynn

    If you are wondering who Nephew Tommy is he starred in the Heartspealist and you can also see him in David E. Talbert plays occasionally aired on BET.

    It is very unfortunate that most of these people in this awful low-budget film had careers before they dropped to z-list. Elise Neal had a successful career run on the “Hughleys” that aired on UPN. Essence Atkins as well starred in “Smart Guy”, “Half & Half” TV series and she also appeared in films like “How High” and “Deliver us from Eva” alongside L.L Cool J and Gabrielle Union.

    • トヴィタ

      To quote the late great Helen Martin in Hollywood Shuffle: “There’s always work at the post office”.

  • mlm

    Funny story about this film. My friend(who is white) and I went to the movies and we were going to see “Let me in” and we see N’secure as we are walking to our theater. He says “What is this a Tyler Perry presents?” I say “you are so racist” jokinly of course. Just thought that was funny. I’m sure he thought it was possible for it to be a to film.

  • トヴィタ

    Wait, so you mean to tell is that isn’t Professor Oglevee?