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Just What You Were Waiting For… Trailer For “Honey 2″ Arrives!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Stop everything you’re doing right now! Trailer for Honey 2 just dropped, and it looks like just about every other teen dance competition movie that precedes it. OMG! It’ll be in theaters (yes in theaters) June 10th! Is that Lonette McKee?

14 comments to Just What You Were Waiting For… Trailer For “Honey 2″ Arrives!

  • Aw, lawd!! That is Lonette McKee. Well, a check is a check.

    Quietly, though, I will end up watching this. As a former cheerleader and part-time/recreational hip-hop dancer, I *love* watching movies about dancing. Fame, Center Stage, Paris is Burning, Dance With Me…Stomp the Yard.

    *looks around furtively and logs off*

    • blaqbird

      lol same here! i love dance movies no matter how bad the directing/dialogue/acting is…I just can’t resist!

    • Mr. Dawber

      I hear you about the check. Gotta pay those bills, so I ain’t mad Lonette. Plus, looking at her IMDb page, it appears that she’s got some more serious projects in the works.

  • JasonJee

    Dance movies like cheerleader movies have there niche and in that my s/o is in said niche I know I will be seeing it at some point. Interesting point in the original Jessica Alba’s character was supposed to be a latina named Honey Garcia but she changed the name to Honey Daniels and got two Black parents.

    • Shane

      I found that weird when I notice that, but considering before Jessica told the world she was latina; she could got away with playing different racial background. But then again her acting has been mostly misses, instead of hits. When “Dark Angel” came out and no one knew who she was people speculated she black and/or latina

    • OK, so I never saw that movie, but what was the rationale behind not making her latina? Do they explain on some DVD extra or something?

    • I never heard of the “Garcia” surname, and I assume the name was Daniels because the role was created for Aaliyah before she passed away.

      The ethnic switcheroo in lead actress, her character, and her love interest, is veddy veddy interesting… Jessica Alba’s Honey was “lack”, but Katerina Graham’s (from The Vampire Diaries) character is Latina when the actress’s ethnic background is Black/Russian Jew. And I am also intrigued by the white love interest in this film, and the black love interest (Mekhi Phifer ) in the original Honey.

  • You know, this is the kind of movie my eight-year old is starting to like. As long as there is nothing too inappropriate for her age, we’ll sadly be renting this. Then I’ll have to watch my munchkin imitate all of the dance for the next two weeks.

  • Melissa

    My life is complete after that uber-original trailer. ;)

    Movies like this will cease to exist when we eliminate all the teenagers in the world! lol (kidding)

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for this post Tambay! It made my day… Audrina Partridge, Mario Lopez??! What?! This is destined for greatness. :-) *sarcasm*

  • blaqbird

    In the original, Honey was latina. In this one, it looks like it’s a whole different character. In one scene, the lead tells Honey Daniels’ mom, “Not everyone can be like your daughter.” So I’m guessing they’re still using the title “Honey”, but the character is not supposed to be the original Honey Daniels from the first movie. Not sure if that helps.

  • pinksghetti

    Was the first one popular or made enough money at the box office to warrant a part 2? But so many movies get sequels it probably doesn’t even matter.

    • Tamara

      It was pretty popular :| I think.

      And DVD sales are probably responsible for this sequel. And the dance moves. :)

      • pinksghetti

        Thanks. I see the original from time to time on MTV and BET (never actually watched it though). I remember people saying it was a bad movie so I never bothered to watch it. But I guess there is an audience out there for it.