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And speaking of Civil War movies and black people in them…

Is there any film better than Ed Zwick’s 1989 film Glory, about the founding of legendary Massachusetts 54th Colored Union Regiment? I can’t imagine seeing how anyone isn’t be moved by the film; A film that was extremely difficult to make back then, and would be impossible today. (But we do have Lottery Ticket if that’s any consolation). Here’s the classic scene from the film when the soldiers gather together the night before the major battle.

11 comments to And speaking of Civil War movies and black people in them…

  • JMac

    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not but I remember watching this in AA history class and how we (black kids) thought this film rang so false. Hearing certain lines and shouting out “yeah right!” To be honest, I think this scene got more laughs than anything. I still can’t watch this film. Don’t feel a thing.

    No laughing at Roots though so I’m assuming Glory was just a bad, unrelatable film.

    • Jug

      And isn’t that the problem JMac? Not sure how old you are, but I’m only 34 & my generation LOVED GLORY. I played ball for an HBCU and we sang this very song before EVERY game as our “hype” song. But like you said, each generation feels less & less connected to those ideas & images, especially when they are of Us being “oppressed”, fighting for equality & pride. All of that, is aside from GLORY being a masterful film & some wonderful performances-Period. If it weren’t for Denzel, folks would remember just how damn good Braugher, Broderick, Elwes & Freeman really were.

      Guess people today feel that they have equality in spades..CYKE! :-(

  • Jug, now you know Jmac is 29 and still fine, and I know yo momma taught you better… never ask a woman her age nor her waist size.

    Anyway, like JMac, I think Sergio is being facetious. Well, based on that clip (that he posted) I’d bet my high school letter sweater that Sergio is snickering in the background. I mean, if Sergio would have picked a different scene than a group of colored soldiers singing and praying and being so damn happy about meeting their maker, I would invest more “seriousness” in Sergio’s “Is there any film better than Ed Zwick’s 1989 film Glory, about the founding of legendary Massachusetts 54th Colored Union Regiment? I can’t imagine seeing how anyone isn’t be moved by the film”

    But I totally agree with… “If it weren’t for Denzel, folks would remember just how damn good Braugher, Broderick, Elwes & Freeman really were”

    However, although I loved some of the acting, I’m sort of leaning toward Jmac’s oveerall view of the film. I didn’t like roots and Glory is not in my yearly rotations of must see black films.

    Who’s in the rotation? Well, let me start with Ray, The Color Purple and The Five Heartbeats. I mean, I am going to watch them every year, for various reasons. Are they the best black films I’ve seen? Well, we’ll have to qualify “best” and best at doing what? Oh, and The Wiz is also part of my 20 black movies I will see every year.

    • Jug

      DOH!! I had no idea. Of course I know better LOL MAH BAD JMAC :-D

      I like GLORY, I really do. Will I watch it day in & day out? No (too much yessur, massah sur for my brain in one sitting) but it IS those performances that do it for me. Didn’t mean to come off like “You young whipper snappers, get off my lawn!” LMBAO I just think that when there’s a historical movie on, we tend to tune out because we think it has nothing to do with our current life (or it’s corny). I love historical movies, except when they’re propaganda, either proving/disproving historical facts or when they’re style over substance (HBO’s MILDRED PIERCE, the WORST!)

      Having said that, I can watch MALCOLM X (which arguably has all of those negatives) ’till the cows come home :-)

      • JMac

        No prob Jug. Actually a little bit older than 29 but not gonna say how much. :D Don’t get me wrong I like historical films but when it deals with black people in a certain context it’s like watching a horror film. You just want to shout “Don’t fall for it! Shoot those mofos! You don’t know what’s comin’ next!”

        I’m a doc queen anyway. Give me a well crafted, balanced, quote filled Ken Burns documentary and I’ll watch all 8 hours in one sitting.

  • Sergio

    The story of my life. When I’m joking people think I’m serious. But when I’m serious people think I’m joking. However like Jug I really really like Glory. (I’ve even got the blu-ray DVD of it) True it has it’s faults (too much “Yessur massah” for sure) but it’s a GREAT story. I mean it’s no masterpiece like Slaughter’s Big Rip-ff with Jim Brown (and I ain’t joking either) but I find it a powerful film.

    But if Jug won’t say it I will:

    “You young whipper snappers, get off my lawn!”

    • Neziah

      Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off? Come on, Sergio, I thought a big Jim Brown fan such as yourself would realize that “Three The Hard Way” is Jim Brown’s masterpiece by far.

      • Sergio

        Three brothers saving the entire black race. That’s why Three the Hard Way is a f—-g masterpiece. A film NO ONE would have the balls to remake nowadays(And nor should they. It’s sacrilegious) Besides where would you find three black actors MAN enough to be in it?

        Still Slaughter’s Big Rip-ff is right up there. Just fantastic!

        • Neziah

          Lol, it never gets old, I could watch that film everyday, I saw it for the first time last year and I’ve been hooked ever since, Gordon Parks Jr nearly outdid Superfly with that film.

  • Sergio, when I read your comment “You young whipper snappers, get off my lawn!”, I immediately thought of the movie I watched last night starring Hal HolBrook (Yeah, my lady loves corny and sappy).

    Anyway, Hal was in his 80′s and his son sent him to an old folks home. Well, he had worked his farm all his life and didn’t like his new home so he escaped and went back to were he raised his family. He had only been gone about 3 months but when he returned his son had rented the place to a man he could not stand. He called them rednecks and poor white trash. So, since the new occupants refused to let him in the house, he slept in the sharecroppers quarters on the edge of the property. He refused to give up his house and land. One day, the father of the renters was outside beating his wife and his daughter with a garden hose. Hal came out of his little shack, gun in hand, with no shirt on, showing all his wrinkles and sagging tits, and said something like “stop beating on them women and get off my land”

    Well Sergio, you’ve proudly said you’re up in age but I know you’re not a white guy and I don’t want to see your wrinkles, but I do look forward to hearing you on S&A’s podcast, love your wit and humor. Are you guys still doing one tomorrow?

  • gate

    I love the 54.