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Blackenstein – another reason why I love blaxplotation films so much

Yes, you read that right Blackenstein. After the success of American International’s 1972 Blacula with William Marshall (which later spawned its own sequel Scream Blacula Scream), some fly-by-night production company rushed into urban theaters this 1973 zero budget travesty about the black Frankenstein.

Of course it was ridiculed and laughed right out of the theaters, but it sure was a hell of a funny movie. I’m still laughing all these years later. Watch the trailer and tell me how can you not want to see this film, if not just to laugh your head off.

4 comments to Blackenstein – another reason why I love blaxplotation films so much

  • Neziah

    One of the worst movies ever.

  • Rasheed

    Wow. Yeah, that looks awful…but oddly I need to see it.

    Here’s a related question… What if the blaxploitation era had continued to grow and thrive? What if the films progressed in terms of budget and overall quality, much like the Poitier/Cosby films? Where would Black cinema be in 2011? There’d be no Tyler Perry that’s for sure! :D

    • Sergio

      Interesting question. Who knows the definitive answer to that one?? Your point is very valid. Black cinema would be a WHOLE lot different. Aisde from no Tyler Perry there would have been perhaps no Spike Lee or Lee Daniels. Then again they might have been making altogether different films. Perry would have wound up making adult porn films. Isn’t that a thought!

  • pinksghetti

    The acting was terrible and the SNL sketch with Nicki Minaj based on this was better, LOL. The one guy shot at Blackenstein 5 times but since that didn’t harm him he thought that punching him would work even better o_O