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Watch A Preview Of “Rebel” – The WTF “Violent Art Film” Featuring Gangs, Hip-Hop, Nude Women & More

A couple of weeks ago, I alerted you to a project that the over-exposed James Franco has apparently been working with indie-film enfant terrible Harmony Korine, which they’re calling “a violent new art film” titled Rebel. The film, which will premiere at this year’s Venice Biennale, will reportedly include a fight between actual L.A. street gangs, with the members being allowed to use real weapons and hurt one another; Notorious B.I.G. tracks, Tupac t- shirts, bikes, an empty parking lot., naked black women (evidence HERE), and who knows what else.

A teaser of this “violent new art film” has surfaced, via a Tweet and delete, courtesy of Franco, and you can watch it below… maybe someone out there can tell me WTF is going on here:

7 comments to Watch A Preview Of “Rebel” – The WTF “Violent Art Film” Featuring Gangs, Hip-Hop, Nude Women & More

  • So, a snuff film for the new millennium?

  • Ash

    Jeez this guy is such a crashing bore

  • Tamara

    Still can’t formulate the words to say what I’m thinking they’re going for here…but I Do know that those long t-shirts bother me. Not practical when riding a bike. :| Yeah, I still gots nothin’.

  • A.B

    James Franco and Harmony Korine appear to be entitled punk ass idiots, who evidently imagine they’re so “edgy” and “cool”. I hope someone cold-drops them a knuckle sandwich and levels their combined egos to a stop. PS. Here’s a tshirt idea;[Save the world. Flatten Franco +Korine's arrogance.]

  • pinksghetti

    Are the gangs females? Because the people on the bikes look like the same women as the nude women. I really hate to hear about the actual fighting and use of real weapons. This sounds much worse than I thought.

  • NothingButAMan

    ewwww, this has a slot in Venice this year? Why don’t decent American indies ever get into that fest?