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Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner to headline new series for BET

If you’ve anxiously been waiting for the return of Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner to the airwaves then your wait will soon be over. It was announced today that the both of them will star in a new family series for BET, Reed Between the Lines.

The show will deal with a married couple (Ross is a psychologist and Warner is an English professor) and their lives with their three children. Hmmmm sounds rather Cosby-esque doesn’t it?

The show is scheduled to premiere in October.

And as no surprise, BET also announced that it has renewed both their series – The Game and Let’s Stay Together – for another season. New episodes will premiere in January 2012.

9 comments to Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner to headline new series for BET

  • slb

    I guess Debra Lee is right. BET is trying to produce higher quality programming. Am I the only one to notice however that Black sitcoms (let’s not even talk about the non existent Black drama market) have been relegated to cable. TBS with their TGITP (Thank God it’s Tyler Perry) Coonfest lineup and BET with their Monday night lineup are the only places to see Black sitcoms. They are no longer on the traditional networks.

  • Tamara

    Cool for Tracee and Mal. Don’t know that I’ll watch, though.

  • Observer

    I am very excited about The Ross/Warner show and must give praise where praise is due… kudos to BET for giving us quality tv (never thought I’d say that!). Tracee Ellis is phenomenal and who doesn’t love Theo? It seems as though this show will be more progressive than the low-life stuff we get from Tyler Perry’s TBS junk. I am also excited about Let’s Stay Together returning — found the show refreshing and loved the portrayal of black people and black love.

    I love that good, non-stereotypical black comedies are resurfacing: Let’s Stay Together, Are We There Yet and now, Reed Between the Lines

  • I wonder if Warner will still have time for Community. It’s nice seeing him on that show, albeit occasionally.

  • pinksghetti

    I like both of them so I hope to watch the new show they are in. Networks have dropped the ball so it’s good that other channels have picked it up.

  • Cherish

    As much as I’m fan of Traci Ross and Malcom Jamal Warner. After watching what BET did to The Game and that snooze-fest Let’s Stay Together, I can’t be too excited about this sitcom. Nothing but extreme caricatures and limited view of blacks.

    Traci Ross is so underrated. She belongs in a sitcom on broadcast tv, just as good at Courtney Cox or the other mainstream actresses out there.

    • My sentiments exactly. But thats the politics of the tv industry. Which is pretty much like the other mediums.
      I’m still waiting to see a Black show that has avant-garde style of humor & social criticism, or atleast something that takes risks.

      I’d like to be the one to do it, but nobody cares about a person who ISN’T a celebrity (now-a-days). They want celebs to push out these programs.

      • Lynn

        I agree with Cherish i am not looking forward to this BET new TV series.

        I was very disappointed with The Game it is super cool that the fans protested for a season 4 but when BET decided to bring the series back it didn’t excite me one bit. The series sucked and it ended up being a half-hour TV series w/ terrible writing and acting.

        @ Shaquan Yoing
        You make a intertesting point nobody cares about unknown actors because they want BIG names like Tina Fey to push a television series.

        I cant wait to watch the new series on Showtime w/ Don Cheadle!!!

        • LOL
          Thats funny.
          People don’t describe what a show or film is about, anymore. People say “yo, you saw that new DENZEL movie?” “I gotta watch my TRACY MORGAN show!”