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Listen To Episode 2 Of The New Shadow & Act Livecast Season (Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Yaya DaCosta, Birth Of A Nation)

If you missed last night’s episode, you can listen to it now! Another lively discussion on the Shadow and Act Livecast, recorded last night, Wednesday, April 13th, from 8PM to 9PM EST.

Myself, Tambay, Stephanie, Cynthia and frequent Shadow And Act commenter CareyCarey spent an hour sharing our thoughts on some of the hottest topics from the blog: Morgan Freeman’s recent comments, Reuben Cannon’s comment about Tyler Perry spawning a new generation of filmmakers, Yaya DaCosta—could she be the new Hollywood It Girl? Birth of A Nation almost 100 years later and more!

Several of you dropped into our chatroom, shared your thoughts and asked questions, which was great!

You can listen to the full hour using the player below; Or you can also subscribe via iTunes (HERE), where you can download and transfer to your mobile listening device, or via RSS (HERE) if you prefer.


24 comments to Listen To Episode 2 Of The New Shadow & Act Livecast Season (Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Yaya DaCosta, Birth Of A Nation)

  • Jug

    I listened to his yesterday and it was really fun. Hearing you guys’ voices was cool :-D Yeah, real talk, you NEVER want to be the IT guy/girl without having done some real work beforehand. Hollywood will always anoint someone just because, but if you haven’t done anything before, when you fall off-YOU FALL OFF LOL I caught the part about BOAN and couldn’t stop laughing. I taught acting for non-majors in grad school and made my students watch AMERICAN HISTORY X, in terms of learning character arc (since Norton’s character arc technically doesn’t begin ’till the end of the movie). Suffice it to say, MANY of them were traumatized by that movie :-), which was my main reason for showing it. To counteract that sort of crap “Oh, let’s watch this movie about racism & vileness against a people, tho it’s part of the fabric of our country & celebrate the film because of it’s ‘technical merit’ “. I can’t stand that because obviously you can’t get around that because that is at the heart of the film, but in using it as a teaching tool it makes people feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER when it’s “not about them or their ancestors”. I showed AMERICAN HISTORY X, not blaming anyone at all, but definitely including the themes & tones of racism as discussion on an acting level. Discussing BOAN technically is cool, but what did those advances mean towards the content of the film, how did it accentuate/detract from the content-why were those decisions made? Forces them to think about the content, in their face- that would be my direction. So that a filmmaker learns that their creation ALWAYS has an impact.

    Looking forward to the next podcast guys. Good stuff!

  • Tamara

    Chiming in (again) to say I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. Monique did a GREAT job hosting! :) I enjoyed the “It Girl” discussion. Maybe YaYa isn’t to much the new “it girl” as “the one to watch”…or is there a difference? What’s that Vanity Fair cover with the young Hollywood referring to? The up and coming or the “it girls and guys”? I am excited for Yaya. I’m excited for Zoe. I’m excited for Anthony Mackie (though he’s been on the come up for some time). I’m excited for Paula Patton. I’m excited for ‘new’ talent.

    How often are “black actresses” or women of color actresses, how often do they get the title “the new it girl”??? Not very often. I wonder if we can even assign it as such. I should go back and read the Yaya post.

    Anyway, great convo and I’m looking forward to next week’s podcast!

    • Hi Tamara! Thanks for listening and I’m glad you enjoyed my hosting skills. Of course a host is only as good as her co-hosts so all thanks goes to the S&A crew and our special guest, Carey Carey.

  • “We gotta get Jug on for the next one! I kinda like this idea of having readers join the convo, especially when they know their shit”

    Yep, great idea. Well, as long as he doesn’t talk as looooooooooooooooog as his comments :-).

    Now, here’s another suggestion. The deck is stacked! Well, when I tried to show Tyler a little love and give my opinion as the everyday Joe Smoo, the “quality” and filmmakers crowd cut me at my knees *whispering Monique’s name*. But really, I believe stephanie and the rest of the crowd on the left used the word “quality” as if that trumps every other aspect of a movie. Or at least, why a person will,should or will not see a movie. I mean, obviously, from their perspective they need the somewhat ambiguous “quality” in there viewing pleasure, but since Tyler is the HNIC (and my cast mates said he doesn’t produce quality movies) I’m wondering what’s really going on?

    What’s this thang called “quality” and does it make the turnstyles turn? If not, I am suggesting the livecast should consider a balanced voice.

    I can see it now. One side says, “we enjoy Tyler’s and Martin Lawrances movies because….

    And the other side says… “we dislike Tyler’s and Big Mamma’s movies because…

    And I wanted to ask the “quality” crowd how does humor play into the mix. Quality “humor”, uuuuuum. See, again, I’m thinking Tyler and filmmakers with similar visions, have something that other filmmaker need to get up on. Or they might miss the boat, while looking for Mr Quality.

    Again, I agree… having readers – pros & cons, just like the blog. To much agreement makes me go to the bathroom. *BIG SMILE* and *eyebrow raised*

    But I have to say (imo) Noelani did an admirable job. And Tambay I take it you liked being a face in the crowd and not the host with the most – responsibilty?

    • Jug

      HAHAHAHA! I have at once been honored and vilified (Carey you a dirty dog man LOL) But yeah, I’m loong winded :-)

      I missed the part of the convo about Tyler, but I will say that in a discussion about Tyler, acknowledgement hopefully will level the playing field. growing up, I hated Jordan, I was a Magic Johnson guy. Posters, shoes, every night in front of the tv ’till late (I’m an east coaster). But all day long I gave Jordan his props as THE best basketball player-EVER. All of you that call Wilt the Stilt calm down, we’re talking all around game as well as leadership-not how many women you slept with :-P But watching Jordan I was amazed and wowed just like everyone else, even though I hated him for whooping squad for his first championship…so scripted it made me sick.

      But those two things pretty much sum up my view of TP. I can’t stand his product, because I think he can do better than that, especially when I see flashes of real skill in his movies sans Madea and now that he has bank & power, somebody can pull his coattail to “make it better”. But I will acknowledge ALL DAY the impact this man has Hollywood, “Black” Cinema, & our economy as a whole. Dudes movies CONSISTENTLY generate revenue (put that in your pipe & smoke it Universal!) And like Jordan, I can’t front, I laughed at some of Tyler’s stuff, even as Madea. Some of it is damn funny. But that is because, for me, it speaks to low hanging fruit-like a good fart joke. I can’t do a whole movie of fart jokes.

      In Hollywood, or in any arena where money is part of the equation, you MUST acknowledge the commercial viability of a project always, for better of worse. If that weren’t the case, 50 would be under the jail, Adam Sandler would’ve been beaten with his own mic & Jack Black would just be some fat dude from Santa Monica still trying to be in a rock band.

      Tamara has an interesting question about the “IT” person. I think there’s a difference, but they’re not always mutually exclusive. Often “IT” whatever, means they just dubbed you that without any merit. “One to watch” is the sneaky sneaky, has been doing quality work but isn’t on the radar of everyone yet. This stuff is straight up velvet rope-sometimes you get to cut the line cuz ya man is workin’ the door, but most of the time you gotta wait your turn, no matter HOW good you look.

      YaYa got it right tho, and Zoe (and Idris) did too btw. Both of them steadily worked on good stuff, some not so good stuff, but stuff that spread their name and work around town. Then BOOM! they’re on the cover of People and everybody is like “Get me that Brown Chick!” (you know that’s what they say in the office *sarcasm* LOL)

    • Stephanie

      It was great to have your opposing view, Carey. It helped to broaden the discussion, so thanks :).

      I think I qualified my (very subjective) statement about quality by saying that I think Tyler Perry’s movies are an extension of his stage plays. The two mediums are quite different, they operate on different principles, and I don’t think Perry has shed his theatrical background to approach filmmaking cinematically. That’s a major flaw in his work in terms of how I personally gauge quality. But again, quality is subjective when it comes to artistic expression. Something that’s not my cup of tea is obviously a fine brew for millions. Tyler Perry’s theatrical approach to filmmaking has helped secure his long-term success with people who enjoyed his stage plays before he became a filmmaker, so in that way “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (?).

      • Yeah, I thought you qualified your opinion, but I just threw your name on the table because I didn’t want Cynthia busting me out – if I used her name to bolster my point.

        And she’s gotta be proud of me. I didn’t twist anybodies arm or call her Evillean. Opps :-)

      • Jug

        HAHAHA! Y’all are funny. But Stephanie, I definitely agree that TP’s movies are an extension of his plays. They are one & the same, but the “theatricality” of them isn’t the issue. It’s the poor craftsmanship & the lack of any real “reach” in his writing. He doesn’t seem to want to go beyond a coffee table discussion of a topic, but by all accounts, that seems to be in line with his target audience because DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS, WHY DID I GET MARRIED and THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS are examples of his films that deal with complex topics in a very surface manner. I’m guessing because “on the down low”, “good black men” & sanctity of marriage” aren’t things that get their due in modern black discourse *sarcasm*. And then the “other” stuff that gets thrown in I won’t comment on-we’ve done that to death. The reason I say it’s not the theatricality, is because I just watched THE SUNSET LIMITED with Samuel Jackson & Tommy Lee Jones, which is based off of a play, and it kept not only the two-man tone of the play, but the claustrophobic one room construct-that often makes for a very “boring” filmic experience. Did I like it, Yep, because I love theatre and shows like this, but I admit in a movie form it often visually is one note.

        Tyler’s stuff just tends to be over the top & too kitchen sink for me. For the life of me, I’m still wondering why Janet went on a five minute “smash everything in the house” rant :-( LOL Just because a character “said” it?! Show us, don’t tell us-it’s still a visual medium

        • Stephanie

          Excellent points Jug. I suppose I took it for granted that even Perry’s stage plays were thematically ineloquent and thus his films, which mimic his plays, follow suit.

    • Now Carey, you know good and darn well, I never said anything about the ‘quality’ of Tyler Perry’s work; I said that I do not have anything against him but am not a big fan of his work (not in those words but something similar). As for cutting you off at the knees, NO, I cut down the rambling. And as host, I have to not only manage the time but get in the topics I have on the docket. So, Mr. Man, I had/have no problem with you expressing your thoughts on Mr. Perry but the show must go on! :) *swats your hand* Don’t make me spank you. On second thought, you might like that.

      • I am a single black man in America, so while I am swating my hands, spank me baby, spank me. We can make somebody jealous. :-)

        My number is 555-555-4YOU

        I’ll be up late tonight. *wink*

        See Jug, see what you get when you’re te special guest. *snicker*

        I am off to put my request in for the “one time” special host. Then I can really spank some bootie(s). I’ll know how to cut the rambling. LMAO

        I wonder if Stephanie, Cyhthia and Ms Woo are single women? If not, I wonder if they fool around? *slapping my hands*

  • Neziah

    I need to come on the show and talk.

  • Well Jug, there’s comfort in accepting and facing one’s character flaws. So just look at me as you’re long lost big brother that’s trying to put you up on a little game. I mean, I’ve been a dirty dog (last night and the night before, had 21 robbers at my door :-) but I’m just trying to help a brotha out. And when I think about it, I should stop being the kettle that called the skillet black. :-(

    On the “It” girl tip, I believe luck can be involved but first and foremost, imo, they have to be bring something very tangible to the table. Check this:

    If I say Beyounce, you say…..?

    If I say J-Lo, you say….

    If I say Rihanna, you say…

    If I say Oprah, you say…

    • Jug

      You did say that last night huh? Well, I’m not sure I agree with that, at least not a hard rule. If you look at the Vanity Fair cover from 2010 (yeah the one where they “conveniently” forgot Zoe “I’m in the top two selling films of the year & the highest grossing movie of all time bitches” Saldana & Gabby “I’m nominated for a gotdamn Oscar” Sidibe), what all of those actresses brought to the table is that they look alike.

      Talent as an actor is one thing, but they all have a very “I’m 14, I’m your daughter & I love you but I can freak out at any moment” look to them. Basically, they are young ingenues that fit a mold in films Hollywood is making right now & Zoe/Gabby I guess didn’t fit the bill. THAT is a big part of the IT girl, that and is somebody I know is talking about you. I saw GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and while Noomi Rapace was damn good, excellent actress was she good enough for every studio to be fighting over her for every movie in dev? Not when there are people running around Hollywood doing what she’s doing, who look like her. But that’s the issue, there is an exotic quality to her, both that she’s from another country, to the “I discovered her” aspect.

      About her meetings in Hollywood:

      “They’re originally meeting her expecting this hard-ass on a Harley wearing leather. But she’s nothing like Lisbeth. They’re shocked to find this unbelievably beautiful and sexy fresh-faced actress with a wonderful sense of humor. So now that’s opening doors for her. They go into the meeting to ask, ‘Do I have a villain? And they leave saying, ‘Do I have a great female lead?’”

      Why would you think that? Because she looked like that in the movie? Where is your research, why wouldn’t you know different? What are all your assistants for?!? Well it’s because they had created in their minds this end all be all of who she “really” was and “what” they wanted to hire (sleep with)LOL

      Which brings me to your check list Carey:

      If I say Beyounce, you say…..? F*ck

      If I say J-Lo, you say…. F*ck

      If I say Rihanna, you say… F*ck

      If I say Oprah, you say… lots & lots of Money (which is as good as a F*ck) LMBAO

      • I didn’t really follow the first part but I’m glad you went so deep with the ending… fuuuuuuuuuck? :-(

        Why you gotta talk so nasty, Ray?

        • Jug

          LOL I was talking about the “IT” girl having to bring something to table. I agreed but only partially, because from the podcast I thought you were saying that the IT girl had to bring something of merit, and I was saying that sometimes, often actually, it’s something that whoever is making the decision sees they can capitalize on rather than something the actress actually does. But, in that sense, yeah I guess it still is bringing something to the table

          The end part, just being honest about why some decisions get made. Come on, honestly, tell me when Beyonce was dancing & singing in the video Work it Out, did you say to yourself “her voice is amazing, I wonder who her vocal coach is?” :-)

          • See, you’re gonna make me follow your lead. I think we are on the same page, I wasn’t talking about their singing or talent, I was talking about that A$$. :-)

            That’s always been the way for some “IT” girls.

            Until we meet again,Roy Rodgers, I’m off to watch Lawrence Fishburn in Othello

  • BlahBlah here: yeah the discussion was fun last night. I’ll definitely check it out next week.

  • Monique,… your voice is divine.

  • Lea

    “IT” girls have a certain essecence about them, its intoxicating and everyone wants it or capture it.The best way to explain this is the “IT” girls of yesteryear like Mia Farrow, Edie Sedgewick – they have iconic qualities that make them unique and they’re put into films for that quality, its unclear but its what pushes the film along and the attention it will receive.

  • Lea

    If Birth of a Nation, by film historians, is a historical work that for some god awful reason, needs to be shown in film class…it amazes me why white professors show the entire piece instead of excerpts. The film supposely is Griff’s interpretation of his childhood during the Civil War, than its his opinion not some important work – it should be archived and not seen again, TCM or IFC doesn’t air those Hitler documentaries on the anniversary of WW2, no one says that Meim Kampf is a great adaptation but Griff’s Klansman is ? I think I see a Double Standard, don’t you? Wonder what would happen if they put some of those Hitler youth films on TV? They be upset, right?

    • excellent point. Thats pretty much how I feel. We let White people off the hook too easily. Yet, we’re quick to dog each other out.
      The White execs who control Hollywood, who are JEWS, dish out propaganda to the masses all the time.
      Meanwhile, we’re afraid to make subversive works of art that challenge mainstream agendas & this western society’s increasing facism.

      You’re right: The powers that control the media will NEVER tolerate anti-semitism, but yet Blacks are expected to endure racist artifacts.