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OH NO! ABC to cancel “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”

These are truly the final days for All My Children and One Life to Live. ABC has just announced that they are canceling both of their long-running daytime soap operas and will replace them with newly created health and lifestyle shows.

All My Children will be the first to go in September, to be followed by One Life to Live in January 2012. They will be replaced with two new shows: The Chew (The Chew???? That’s the best title they could come up with?) which will be “a live show about anything and everything related to the world of food and beyond”.

The second show, which has the tentative title of  The Revolution, will be a positive health and lifestyle transformation show.

But to be honest I thought AMC and One Life to Live had been cancelled years ago. Are there any daytime soap operas left on TV anymore and, if so, is anyone watching them? The television landscape has changed drastically over the years, and I’m surprised that some soap operas have still held on, despite dropping (or literally dying) viewership. It’s a TV genre that is long past its expiration date.

11 comments to OH NO! ABC to cancel “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”

  • Cynthia

    I guess it won’t be long before the rapture now! lol

  • Andi

    How awful. What ridiculous shows to replace them with. I hope they have NO viewers. I’m an accountant and have been watching them both forever. I’m devastated. How could ABC………

  • MulletLove

    Sigh, I guess Tangeline will never happen for sure now. Ah, well…the writing has been on the wall for OLTL (not sure AMC) for some time. Au revior, Llanview.

  • Wow! That means General Hospital won’t be too far behind. This is really unfortunate because All My Children is the only Soap on ABC with any real diversity.

    • Tamara

      Truth. And it didn’t get that diversity until Angie and Jessie came back on the scene. :| Once upon a time OLTL had diversity in their cast but they got all flibberdigibit when a black character “Evangeline Williamson” started receiving major fan-praise (and hate) so they ixnayed the character and storyline and that’s when I stopped watching OLTL. General Hospital lost me when they killed Justus, the LAST OF THE BLACK FOLK (and folk of color). :|

      RIP All My Children and One Life to Live.

      Not even that move from NYC studios to LA studios could save the show.

      • MulletLove

        You feel that way too, eh, Tamara? Renee E. Goldsberry emanated such radiance, displaying brains, sensitivity, and beauty on that show; once she was no longer there, the thing that made OLTL worth watching at all completely went with her. I was very much into the Todd Manning romance angle she had going just before she left (or the bosses did her dirty. But the best revenge is Broadway and primetime TV, chile), and there were so many layers involved in the chemistry between her and Trevor St. John (Todd) that it was a real crime when that love connection wasn’t fully realized. But the fans have certainly not forgotten Miss Renee or what she brought to the table on that show.

        Ah, well. As I said before, the writing’s been on the wall for this show and all of daytime for some time now. Shame that they’re all going, it seems like, in one fell swoop, though.

  • J

    I don’t watch soap operas, but I have a couple of friends that are AMC fans and are going to be devastated over this. Personally, I’m interested to know how this is going to impact the hiring of more black crew, since soap operas are notorious for having few if any black writers and staff.

  • Cherish

    So much potential wasted. There is room for daytime serials, but these f*ckin writers and producers completely refused to evolve. Cable show have given us a glimpse what great writing and production is out there (from Mad Men, The Wire, True Blood). Many of these shows and night-time dramas have adopted “soap-opera like” qualities over the years. But the ABC Daytime just completely ignored the cries for better writing and actors.

    Ugh, now we get more reality and stupid talk shows. I’m heartbroken.

  • Even though I haven’t watch AMC in decades I feel a bit sad. I spent a year out of school stuck in a hospital bed and watched AMC faithfully.

  • pinksghetti

    So they actually believe a show that sounds that boring on paper will be better than long running All My Children and One Life to Live? Alrighty then. And yes there just aren’t enough talk shows (or judge shows) already *sarcasm*