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2 More Madea Movies On The Way; “A Madea Christmas” Will Probably Be Next

I was just reading THIS article announcing the next Tyler Perry stage play, titled, A Madea Christmas, which will begin running at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA, on May 13 and 14, with tickets going on sale tomorrow. I’m not sure if this show will travel like like last year’s cross-country tour of Madea’s Big Happy Family.

I bring this up because, as we’ve witnessed, after last year’s theater tour of Madea’s Big Happy Family (or it may have been sometime during its run), we learned a film adaptation of that play was coming; and of course, we already know that it’s been produced, seen the creative posters, the trailer, and know that it’ll be released in theaters in a week.

So, Obvious Guy says, well, does this mean that the next Tyler Perry Madea movie will be A Madea Christmas?

We already announced Lionsgate’s new agreement with TP, extending their relationship even further, with promises of at least 2 more Madea-centered movies. So, maybe we should just consider this stage run of A Madea Christmas to be a kind of audience test for what may be the next Madea movie.

I found the full list of Tyler Perry’s plays, and of the 13 titles he’s performed, 7 have been made into films, meaning, there are 6 potential Madea movies left: I Know I’ve Been Changed (1993), Madea’s Class Reunion (2003), What’s Done in the Dark (2006–2007), The Marriage Counselor (2008–2009), Laugh to Keep from Crying (2009) and the aforementioned A Madea Christmas (2011).

So, what’s A Madea Christmas about? The AJC gives the synopsis as: “a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate; family arguments and secrets cause quite a stir. It takes Mr. Brown, Cora and the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot-stomping good time.

Bring it :)

To our ATL readers, if you’re interested in checking out the play, visit Ticketmaster. Tickets are $25.

18 comments to 2 More Madea Movies On The Way; “A Madea Christmas” Will Probably Be Next

  • I was indifferent until “foot-stomping good time.” Now I’m just like W-T-F?! SMFH.

  • MiddleMyatt

    Are Shadow and Act readers the only people in our community who take issue with TP’s films? Unfortunately, it looks that way. Is it education — or lack thereof — or what? Not that I’m so educated myself; but I am smart enough to recognize the harmful effects of modern-day buffoonery marketed as entertainment reflective of our overall culture. TP is a product of our times — and sadly, times aren’t so good right now.

  • “education — or lack thereof”.

    OUCH! Stop slapping me in my face, and that of the other 10 million Americans that enjoy watching a few Tyler Perry movies.

    “I am smart enough to recognize the harmful effects of modern-day buffoonery marketed as entertainment reflective of our overall culture”

    What exactly are those harmful effects? And what movies do you enjoy? I mean, “harmful effects” on our overall culture. Seriously?!

    • I’m with you Carey. I get not finding Perry’s ouvre their cup of tea, but to conflate Madea, the Browns, et al with the demise of the black community and black film/TV is rather overwrought. Last I checked, we were still fighting for control of our images and debating the same issues we are today during the the renaissance for mainstream black film/TV between the 70s and 90s, which was long, long before Tyler Perry rose to prominence.

      • MiddleMyatt

        “Conflate Madea, the Browns, et al with the demise of the black community and black film/TV is rather overwrought”–huh? In the immortal words of Steve Urkel, I’ve got to ask, “Did I do that?!”

      • lilkunta

        Madea at first glance is sh|t. But she does have some good aspect.

        Browns however is just straight stepin fethcit.I tried to watch. It isnt even sensical. Brown felt his dad told him to refurbish the family house & open a retirement home. So he does this. But the way he goes about doing it is crazy. I tuned out after the 1st ep & havent tuned in again.

    • MiddleMyatt

      CareyCarey, I’m too familiar with your past posts to believe you actually considered my comments a slap in the face. Moreover, my familiarity with your many S&A posts prohibit me from engaging you by actually addressing the questions you put to me about what the harmful effects of TP films really are and what kinds of films I personally enjoy. I would be tempted to do so if I actually believed you to be sincere in your inquiry — and not just desirous of an empty and adversative on-line tet-a-tet. (Bottom-line: what part of “buffoonery” don’t you understand? And don’t play dumb — you know, like you’re really counted among those 10 million TP-loving Americans!)

      • Okay MiddleMyatt, I will admit that I probably would not be listed among those 10 million TP-loving Americans. Yelp, you’ve been doing your homework. I don’t particularly care for TP’s films, but I would never go as far to say they have “harmful effects” on our overall culture. I look at Tyler’s films objectively, I don’t plug myself in Mr Brown’s suits nor Medea’s dress.

        Listen, you’re obviously a smart man, does Hannibal Lecter have a harmful affect on an overall culture? What negative affect does the slutish, scanky, Sexy Girls In The City, have on a culture?

        Now believe me, I’m serious, I’d like for you to explain the question you side-stepped. What are those harmful effects? As Gigi implied, tell us something new. Agsin, believe me, I understand Coonery, Bafoonery and their cousin Foolish Negros, but how on earth does having them portrayed in a movie, adversely affect our culture? And, more mportantly, what exactly are those harful affects. Bring me their heads. :-)

        Now it’s your turn, don’t play the nut-role.

        • lilkunta

          carey: TP’s films reflect what he saw growing up in Louisiana. & even today there ae those who are ignorant and ghetto like what is scene in Madea franchise.

          I think the harmful effect on culture TP’s franchise ahs is that since it is making so much $, MSM/HW will think to only have *ss backwards grinning shucking/jivin support background roles for AfrAm in their movies.

      • “sincere in your inquiry — and not just desirous of an empty and adversative on-line tet-a-tet”

        Stop it, your gonna get me in trouble. I was merely trying to see if YOU were serious. I’ve heard it said that if a person “tells” you who they are, believe them. So, I am asking you, should “we”/I take your comments seriously.

    • MiddleMyatt

      You earlier alluded to 10 million American TP lovers (of which you are not one, I realized — you’re too smart to embrace what you take such pleasure in defending for argument’s sake). Well, among that number are young people — young people who will invariably, embrace, emulate — feel compelled to identify with the buffoonish, shallow, and downright ignorant characters they see in TP films (and of course, on his godforsaken TV shows, too). They are prone to do so due to the dearth in a balance of positive cultural images available on large and small screens. So essentially, the very popularity of TP’s films is an attribute, or component, of the harm I initially spoke of. Get me? It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so damn ubiquitous (in every multiplex, bootlegs of ‘em sold on every corner, freakin’ church groups bringing busloads to the theaters on Madea opening weekends, etc.). And additionally, it wouldn’t be so damn bad if there wasn’t such a disparity in the flipside to TP product, the antidote — I’m talking about quality Black films — ones with positive and more realistic portrayals of us (hell, I’ll even settle for ones with solid writing and acting). You following me, CareyCarey?

      Basically, I’m saying, young people (and many old ones, too–let’s be for real here) will wholly buy into TP’s ignorant, offensive and one-dimensional on-screen portrayals, and his wrong-headed worldview that’s oversimplified by false and empty dreams of salvation through wealth and riches — both worldly and heavenly. And therein, my friend, lies the potential harm: our young people drinking TP-flavored Kool-aid because they actually believe it’s what we all must drink to be down, and that there are no other flavor options out there!

      You get me? (Now, you’ll probably attempt to counter my argument by suggesting I give the young folks of our communities a little more credit — and I’ll respond by asking you to tell that to all the young men in my neighborhood of Inglewood, CA, walking around in sagging pants, throwing up gang signs, and frowning upon educational advancement and straight employment because they’ve wholly embraced the negative images of themselves on the big screen — Menace II Society, Boyz in the Hood, New Jack City, etc. (films I love, by the way, and accepted as the morality tales they were — but realize that a whole generation of non-critically-thinking young people saw and continue to see them as glorified-gangsta-how-to’s) and on the small one, too (any freaking gangsta rap video on BET!).

      Harmful, indeed. (Or should I instead ask what community you live in, Carey,Carey?!)

      • “(Or should I instead ask what community you live in, Carey,Carey?!)”

        Self destruction lives in every neighborhood.

        I hear what you’re saying, but from my perspective as a convicted felon (ex-con), I will not put as much weight & blame on the troubles of our new generation of youth, as you give to movies (media). I do not believe the “fault” starts there or remotely sleeps there. Since I’ve lived with, slept with, eaten with and talk with hundreds of the “underprivilaged”, young and old, black and white, I don’t believe it works that way. The influences of movies are – at best – a minucule part of the bigger problems. I get my information from the “horses” mouth, not special interest groups. Serious talk! Don’t fall for the hokie doke.

        And seriously MiddleMyatt, if we used your model/suggestions of good vs bad morality, aside from TP’s products, most movies, TV programs and many books would be thrown in the fire.

        Backatcha… “You following me”

        • middlemyatt

          CareyCarey, let’s pause for a moment to take score: Let’s see, here — your ex-con status clearly trumps my Inglewood residents status… and damn: you win! You silenced me this time, CC! Well-played, my friend! Until next time…

  • Um, perhaps you guys should lower your knee-jerk reaction against Tyler Perry and do a bit of research…of those five plays you’ve listed, only one of them features Madea.

    • Excuse the oversight, but that does’nt relinquish the tenacity of his primitive-idiosyncrasy or should i just go el ebonic(s)and say his IDIOT-SIN-CRAZY!. F*&^%! tyler perry and the horse he rode on, take what he Black Enterprise OUT(business savvy)and uzurp the model.

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