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John Singleton says “Hollywood doesn’t care about black people”

And I think that’s how we all feel don’t we? In a recent interview to talk about his upcoming new film Abduction, which we have already profiled here on S & A, John Singleton talks about his new film and the film business in general.

In the piece he praises Tyler Perry (… well someone has to ya know?) and talks about how Hollywood ignores the black audience, taking them basically for granted.

He also briefly talks about his plans to make black films again, though he gives no actual specifics on a new project or whether he actually has one currently in development.

The entire interview is right HERE for your perusal.

(a special h/t to Anne)

64 comments to John Singleton says “Hollywood doesn’t care about black people”

  • reg

    Yawn. Tell John Singleton to go talk to Anthony Mackie first and then Morgan Freeman, and then subscribe to Shadowandact.

    • Jug

      LOL You do have a point there reg. I did say the same thing when he spoke at a SAG panel here in LA. “Where are you mentoring the next generation?” And in his mind, and his responses, he was saying we had to do it ourselves. What made it clear to me tho, that it ain’t so easy is his anecdote. He told a story about ROSEWOOD and how the studio was gonna shut the movie down. He said he told the studio that if anybody came down to the set, he was gonna call some Crips and they were gonna come back to LA and, I quote “Whoop they ass”. It’s hard to constantly do what you wanna do, especially when it ain’t your money & you ain’t “there” yet. But you fight on

      Even so, what he’s saying here is nonetheless true.

  • Jug

    John summed us ALL up on this blog. We love movies, we love black people, we love movies with black people in them. And Tyler, has proven, that ALL of that can be had and make money, which is all Hollywood cares about. They care about it to the point where they think “they’ll always be there, they’ll show up for our movies”. Until we don’t, or we stage a march/boycott, and then you see folks start winning Oscars and getting network shows all over the place.

    I can’t wait for John to come back & others like him because then they’ll call those casting directors and they will dust off the cobwebs, open up their casting books, and start calling in that new wave of black talent; that then get filtered into other projects, whether made for/by blacks or not. And then they build their own business, produce stuff, direct, the whole nine. That’s how this business works, you get in, work and then make the biz work for you. I can’t WAIT to put people on :-D

    Again, hats off to John & ABDUCTION for real

  • Lynn

    I actually love a few of John Singleton’s work Poetic Justic w/ Janet & Tupac and Boyz in Da Hood w/ Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube, Laurence Fishbourne & others.

    But i can’t hop on the Tyler Perry bandwagon of bafoonery films that hit theatres nationwide. I don’t find him funny at all and i think Madea is a modern day version of Wilson.

    In the words of Spike Lee when are we going to move on?? And i say when are we really going to move on?? I applaud Tyler Perry for being a hard working business man who has a multi-million dollar studio but i don’t like the quality of films he puts out it is just stupid and his audience is for the lower class uneducated individuals in society. Who enjoy watching garbage films that create stereotypical views of African-Americans as southern fried chicken eating loud mouth indivuduals w/ baby momma issues.

    Arg! I personally don’t even watch that many films i go out and enjoy local theatre performances in my city. I refuse to support and watch non sense like Tyler Perry Madea foolery.

    • “i don’t like the quality of films he puts out it is just stupid and his audience is for the lower class uneducated individuals in society. Who enjoy watching garbage films that create stereotypical views of African-Americans as southern fried chicken eating loud mouth indivuduals w/ baby momma issues”

      See, I am going to pretend you’re a very young person, and thus give you a pass. Come back when you’ve completed high school and/or when you’ve raised a child. You know, and not have baby momma issues.

      Geez… “lower class uneducated individuals in society”???

      Those types of statements are very offensive!

  • Mr. Singleton said that as though it weren’t obvious to anyone with half a gnats brain.

  • Other song

    No, John Singleton, Tyler Perry ISNT what we wanted. What’s the point of having ONE individual who accomplishes what we’ve all tried to do, but makes movies that keep us in the stone ages mentally?

    The whole point of minorities getting into this film shit is so that we can control the images they put out. That goes for Black people, Asians, Hispanics, etc. It doesn’t mean we have to be portrayed all super glowy and positive, but the key is balance. And most of all, ART. Which Perry just doesn’t make.

    Enough of bigging this guy up. It’s so sad to watch. Even some Black people in the industry know better. I’ve talked with them. We know art when we see it, and Perry just isn’t that.

    What’s the point of one man making one step forward financially when his/her entire race takes several steps backward?

  • NothingButAMan

    Hollywood doesn’t “ignore” black audiences… at least not the young black audience. On a whim, I saw Insidious last weekend, and the audience was at least 1/3 high school age black kids. Black folks are a huuuuuge part of the box office economy, even if those numbers and that type of presence doesn’t trickle down to the the sort of “black stories” many of us would like to see…

  • Oh. So, is that why he produced “Hustly & Flow”, a movie directed by a White guy?

    • Zeus

      So! He’s a black producer as well as director. Aren’t we saying we need black folk behind the camera producing different projects?

      He’s not allowed to produce a film with a white director?! LOL!

      • You’re assuming you understand where I’m coming from. Don’t assume.

        I never stated that Singleton isn’t allowed to produce a film by a White director.
        HE made a comment saying “Hollywood doesn’t care about Black people.”
        But, yet instead of choosing Black filmmakers to produce films for, he chose to produce one for a White guy, which contradicts HIS statement.
        Plus, his latest film stars a NON-Black person.
        Contradiction number 2.

        Singleton just seems to be trying to say something “controvesial” just for controversy’s sake. He doesn’t really believe his own words. The proof is in his actions.

        In my opinion, most of Singleton’s movies are horrible stereotypes (that he passes as “message-driven”) packaged with the worst of urban cliches. And, the actors were ALL Black.
        His themes are usually NOT progressive.
        It doesn’t make it any better just because he’s Black.
        So, don’t color me as racially-confrontational.

        • Zeus

          I have to assume when you don’t get specific. :)

          The director came to him. The white guy, Craig Brewer, sought him out through a black woman producer named Stephanie Allain who also produced most of Singleton’s movies, not the other way around. So you haven’t done your homework.

          Singleton helped the film get made which is what we talk about here. Getting blacks in producer positions.

          I’m not a fan of his work either and frankly think he is a hack but i’m not going to trash the guy because he DARED to produce a movie with a white director.

          • Shaquan Young

            Zeus, are you having fun debating with yourself?
            Because you clearly didn’t read my comment that “he chose to produce one for a White guy”.

            I never stated that he SOUGHT Craig out.
            Thats irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who sought after who because ultimately Singleton CHOSE to produce the movie for Craig.
            He didn’t have to.
            I’m sure there are HUNDREDS of Black filmmakers that approach Stephanie Allain.
            Singleton chose to not produce any of those people’s films.

            Its all good, though, Zeus.
            Atleast you’re not frontin like you know me, personally…. or calling me a “stone wall”.

            • Zeus

              No you said Singleton CHOSE him. :)

              But, yet instead of choosing Black filmmakers to produce films for, he chose to produce one for a White guy, which contradicts HIS statement.

              Which is not true. Brewer chose Allain who then chose Singleton.

              So Singleton was suppose to say “Nope, sorry, your a white director. Get the hell out.” ? LOL!

              Again, not very progressive thinking for those who want blacks to have more power behind the camera.

              • Shaquan Young

                Zeus,… READ that comment again.

                Now, read what you wrote.

                I wrote that John “chose to produce one for a White guy”.
                There’s a difference between choosing a director, and making the choice to produce that director’s film.

                Seriously, my dude. Quote a person right.
                I’m not messin with you anymore.

                I never stated that I have a problem with a Black person producing a movie for a White filmmaker.
                For the love of god,…… my FAVORITE films are by White filmmakers.

                know what?
                Keep on, brotha.
                Have fun.

                • Zeus

                  I read and quoted your comment. No misunderstanding here. :)

                  And you know I will. It’s all good. Good topic. Welcome 2 the board. :)

  • Neziah

    Great interview, I could’ve done without the Tyler Perry bit, but great interview. I’ve actually wanted John Singleton to get back to doing African-American “coming of age” films for a while now, so I hope it works out for him, and I’m looking forward to how Abduction turns out. I’m sure he’ll be back on top of his game soon, if Antoine Fuqua can get so many films made in a single decade, then it should be a no-brainer for Singleton.

  • ghost

    i think the real excuse is that black ppl dont care aabout black ppl … we have the actors, producers and writers to tell whatever stories we want and yet we dont

    • lilkunta

      @ghost : Really? Where are they?

      There needs to be Affirm Action in the industry. MGM, 20th cent fox, warner bros, amblin, etc need to go to film schools and drama schools across the US. See the talent & INVEST IN THEM. Ask professors for recc. Send the promising youth to sandford meiser /stella adler/ etc. Let them being assistants/intern to casting agents, set designers, directors, etc. THIS IS HOW YOU BUILD. By investing in the up & coming.

      • add some season salt and volka to the punch, when WE go:)

      • JMac

        Yeah, that’s what we need. Big important white folks throwing crumbs to blacks to make white films or white influenced films. Want to build something, get a more solid foundation.

        • Yeah, i would’nt mine referring these sentiments to Al Sharpton & Cornel West, while We REVAMP the School System and MIX our MORTAR (this time!) with piss,vinegar and apple cider.

          REAL TALK

  • Jug

    Hmmm, I understand all of the angst on this thread, and on this blog. This is totally without malice & condescension, but I’m gonna ask, how many of you have ever made a film? How many of you have ever worked on a film? And if you’ve answered yes to either of the top two questions, were there white people involved in the projects (let’s say “not black” for starters)?

    I’m seriously asking because as “Artists”, we are supposed to be working on craft. True, there comes a great deal of politics with it, but are we creating craft for a political end, a social end or a purely commercial end? Again, I really want to know, because it sounds like so many of the comments on these posts have a “kill whitey”, “whitey hates us”, “down with Hollywood” attitude, that don’t even have a focus or thought about those questions, like it prevents us from seeing the whole picture-WE make up Hollywood-it isn’t some alien thing from space that has come to enslave us. Gay people, Indians, Asians, Jewish people, British People, Scandinavians, Australians, French, etc with ALLLLLL of their crap. Hollywood as a model is an imperfect vehicle, but it’s made of the sum of it’s parts-same as government. When folks start saying “the white man” this & that, I wonder, do you REALLY think things would be different if black people were running it? Ask folks who worked for Puffy, or Berry Gordy, or Earl Graves, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, etc etc. I’m sure they put minorities on, but A LOT of folks, who look like you & me, got fucked in the process or weren’t even let in the game. As to the reference about Steven Spielberg, why SHOULD he go to Howard, or Morehouse, Fisk (which I would love it if he did). That man is going where he went to school and the places he digs. Same reason why Phylicia Rashad pays for the whole classes of acting students at Howard to spend the summer at Oxford studying, it’s where they went to school. I may be oversimplifying it & there may be a color component to it, but not everything is a shadow conspiracy against you because of whatever minority you happen to define yourself as. Rupert Everett screams about Hollywood being anti-gay, and in certain respects he’s right. But the main he’s not working is because he’s an ASSHOLE! Some things just aren’t that deep yo LOL

    PEOPLE do shit, good & bad, black & white, gay or straight.

    • Zeus

      it sounds like so many of the comments on these posts have a “kill whitey”, “whitey hates us”, “down with Hollywood” attitude, that don’t even have a focus or thought about those questions, like it prevents us from seeing the whole picture

      Agree with you 100%! And the answer is YES to both your questions! :)

    • whoa.
      Sensationalistic, are we?
      You and Zeus seem to be making a lot of blanket generalizations about the people who post opposing views to these celebrities.

      I have not seen anybody projecting a “kill Whitey” pathology.

      Dissent doesn’t mean we “hate” anybody. Nobody here “hates” Tyler Perry. Nobody here “hates” White people.
      A good percentage of my favorite films are by Caucasian filmmakers.

      With that being said, constructive criticism isn’t always going to taste good to everybody.
      Because, (evident from posts like yours), people take criticism waaaay out of context.

      And, that “We make up Hollywood” statement is based on your idealism (for the purpose of dismissing any of our claims about elite agendas).
      We certainly do not control Hollywood.
      The architectural men who own those companies/properties/entities, ARE the ones who ultimately determine what gets shown in movie theatres.

      And, make no mistake, deception for one… is deception for all. We’re all connected (no matter how much we’d like to construct illusions of separate-ness).

      • Jug

        *sigh* No Shaquan, it’s not sensationalist. I read alot of the comments sections on here and some I choose to post on and others I don’t. Many of the ones I don’t are because they tend not to offer any real CONSTRUCTIVE discourse, it’s just a bitch fest. Lesson one about being an artist, surround yourself with forward thinking people, or you become mired in bullshit-because much of your life will be bullshit, no’s & the like. When I say “kill whitey” Yes-no one to my knowledge has actually said “I’m going to commit murder”, but I need for you to think before you write & recognize sarcasm & intent. That intent being that there is alot of anger on here, and rightfully so, but much of it pointed at ONLY white people (and Tyler Perry LOL). But anger without focus, without perspective, is just energy flailing it’s arms.

        “And, that “We make up Hollywood” statement is based on your idealism (for the purpose of dismissing any of our claims about elite agendas). We certainly do not control Hollywood.” is a weak argument if I’ve ever heard it. I’m not dismissing anyone’s anger. I’m acknowledging it full on, and asking the questions that need to be asked when anger is guiding force. Is it directed properly? Can I end up cutting off my nose to spite my face because of this anger? Am I angry because a wrong has really been done to me, or am I angry because I can’t get what I want, like a spoiled child? I ask myself these questions on a daily basis, ESPECIALLY when I’m pissed off at the decisions Hollywood makes as a whole, and those questions usually bring me back to reality. Why, because I’ve just as many BLACK people fuck me over in Hollywood as I’ve had WHITE people fuck me over-actually, it might be more…lemme go check my stat sheet.

        Now I can tell that you & I most likely have fundamentally differing views on the hows & the whys of Hollywood & it’s workings. What we CAN agree on, is that alot of things are fucked up & need fixing. I’m not an idealist (at least not constantly), because I’ve been doing this for over ten years, both in Hollywood & not-thru DC, Baltimore, Philly, NY, VA. I’ve seen alot of bullshit and a lot of stuff to make my heart soar, but one thing I don’t do is come at ANY of this with “wide-eyed” idealism. That ship has sailed. What I do come at with, is pragmatism, and boots on the ground knowledge of what people do to other people.

        SO, next time you want to paint me as some “head up his ass, why can’t all just get along, doesn’t know shit from shinola” type of cat, you may want to rethink that.

        • I’m not making this a race issue, but rather an elitist issue. Yes, those who control mainstream media are Whtie, but those agendas trickle down to “other” people who deem it neccessary for them to perpetuate.

          You keep stating that we’re making this about “Black vs. White”, but I certainly haven’t been making that my argument.

          Anger without focus? Without perspective?
          I don’t think you’ve read ANYthing that I’ve written. I’ve clearly targeted the source of the problems, and ALSO provided some suggestions I feel will benefit those of us who don’t hold clout in Hollywood.

          Your assumptions about people on here prove that YOU too are guilty of NOT thinking before you write. Some of us have considerably valuable experience in film production. I have worked with Hype Williams, as well as Reed McCants (Neema Barnette’s husband), in addition to many others.

          I wonder if you’re only paying attention to the fact that some of us are raising a concern to the forefront, or if you’re also aware of our full insight.
          I’m curious as to know just what exactly do you validate as CONSTRUCTIVE discourse.
          Because, from what I’ve read, there is plenty on here.
          But, just because we QUESTION the status quo, and challenge agnedas that seem shady,… we get accused of just “flailing” our arms.

          You claim that a lot of people’s anger on here is directed ONLY at White people.
          Thats a huge miscontruing & exaggeration.

          Since you proclaim to know more about the film industry than all of us, I’m very bemused by your lack of explaination on what exactly is REALITY (in regards to the elitist favoritism & disproportioned allegiances).

          And, whether any of us choose to create art thats serving a socio-political stance, or for pure entertainment is irrelevant. Art’s basic purpose is simply to EXPRESS an idea or feeling.
          If it can be bought (on-line or at an establishment), its commercial.

          All I see you writing is complaints about people who are complaining.
          If you’re any inclination of what “forward-thinking” is, then I need to find another definition.
          I feel that most of us want ALL of us to have equal access to the same resources that are hermetically-reserved only for Hollywood’s elites.

          We see that something is wrong with the system we are relying on, and we’re brainstorming on ways to resolve it, but first all of us must be clear that a problem exist.

          If you’re content with the way Hollywood is relating to you, then fine.
          But, from what I see,… your perspective hasn’t provided any solutions above those who are actually discussing the problems.

          • Jug

            FINALLY. Some actually answers and not double talk. You make some good points, both about me & the industry in general. You could very well see it as I’m “complaining” about people who complain. Yep, give you that. But, I never looked at S&A as “the cure” to all of Hollywood’s ills. I never looked at it as anything as a respite from my daily grind with like-minded people, who share of film & entertainment & a view (hope) that there should be more Black people in it in all facets. The cure & ideas like that, that was something you brought up in one of your earlier postings in reference to the secret societies & agendas running Hollywood, and I’m all for a good “unmasking” so I paid attention and didn’t get anything other than vague, mysterious postings about the “false world” that has been set up around you. While cool and all, never did it lend to YOUR assertion of having an answer. So I wrote you off as a conspiracy theorist who sees the boogey man around every corner. If I had you pegged wrong, which I may have, then by all means, accept my humblest apology.

            Me, my way to “help things along” is to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated and am continuing to sort through on a daily basis. I never purported to know more than any one on here. I know there are all types of people who post on S&A, in the industry and not, with their own viewpoints, journeys, etc. just as valid as mine. If it’s bubpkiss, then I can inform if I know. If I don’t, I shut the fuck up-because sometimes talking just to be heard is stupid. Listening is just as powerful.

            What I HAVE said, is that I AM here in the Industry and seeing things actually happening, because I’ve worked not just as an actor, but on the Production Company, Studio & Network side-both for film & tv-for Creative Execs, MP Attorneys and Casting Directors, etc. I’m seeing the decisions they make, brilliant & ridiculous, and imparting that knowledge to anyone that will listen-because someone did it for me.

            I’m not omnipotent, clairvoyant, a seer of conspiracies or, as you would characterize me, a demagogue. I’m an actor, trying to make it-period. What I do ask of people when I lay questions on this blog, as of myself (which I have stated MORE than once) is to try and look at things from more than one perspective. Doesn’t mean your original view is wrong, but it will give you MORE insight into not only what you see, but how others are viewing the very same thing. Gives you an advantage and a serenity in how to deal with it. Less stress on the brain & more energy to where it needs to go-into your endeavor.

            Do you Shaquan. I get that you took it personally when I talked about flailing arms, and you should have. Some of it was directed at you. But I’m the first one to say I do it myself. Bitch & complain when something is bad, or not what I what, and feel “better” for having my bitch session and feeling victimized. That was my point, and I stand by it. Disagree with me, PLEASE, that’s what makes this country great. Because the more we disagree, the more chance I have to learn something, if even indirectly by knowing I don’t fuck with you (not directed at you). But never ever believe I want one to blindly follow me. Listen to what I’m saying, if it makes sense to you-cool-test it, take it as your own or throw it away I don’t care. But bring some intelligence & reasoning to the discourse, not some spastic reaction to the shit we ALREADY know is going on.

            With that said, I’m out. Chores LMAO Peace

    • Sometimes WE become So Enameral of the snake necklace(Hollywood) or so close to its beguilements, that WE find ourselves ‘capsized’ a in Miasma of Delution or Grandiose mis-focus,that its monikor- All About the Benjamins(in true capitalist form), but? we must always be cognizant of its communal surrounds and those very enticing virtues, i dont profess to have all the answers nor herd a crystall ball( i’ll that to some of these shamens on this site)but i will submit openly & honesty my unbridled stance on waging ideological warfare, now who u with?

  • Tamil

    WOO, HUSTLE N’ FLOW, and ILLEGAL TENDER. All films produced by Singleton without Black directors.

    When is he going to care about Black people?

  • Jug

    And as you can see Shaquan, I LOOOVE a good debate :-D

  • Rasheed

    I can’t be so quick to applaud Singleton making yet another film that basically enforces the myth of white exceptionalism. Lautner is a black hole of talent. The kid is obviously terrible, and yet, White Hollywood continues to force these lame whiteboys on the population. “Actors” like Lautner, Channing Tatum, and Sam Worthington get opportunity after opportunity. The real crime here is two-fold. Authentic Black talent is slowly, but surely getting “blacked” out, pushed firmly into the sidekick roles if not totally ignored. And our talented Black filmmakers, who should be telling stories featuring our own people, are making the same types of whitewashed movies that white directors make. So where does that leave the black actor when Tyler Perry (with his one-dimensional stereotypes) is the only consistent mainstream employer of Black talent?

    And to answer Jug’s question, “Yes, I have made a feature film. I had one white actor. The rest of the talent behind as well as in front of the camera was Black.”

    • Zeus

      Again, there is no mandate for black directors to have black characters. That’s complete bullshit.

      You are assuming he has control over the cast which he doesn’t so why get pissed at him? Is he supposed to not work because of some damn symbolism?

      BEHIND the camera is the key.

      • Jug

        Agreed Zeus. One step further, more black creative execs at Studio & Network level. That’s why everyone is running to Sony, because of folks like DeVon Franklin. Aren’t that many on the studio level, they’re mostly at the prod. company level. Channing Dungey at ABC Studios. Because of her, GREY’S ANATOMY is on the air.

      • Rasheed

        But it’s not bullshit for the hundreds of working white directors to cast only whites in their films, right?
        Look, I’m not saying Blacks should only work with Blacks, but when you’re the minority in an industry that regularly ignores or sidelines people that look like you and you’ve got some influence over who gets hired, it’s only natural that you use your power to address that situation. At least that’s what every other race does. It’s not even a question.
        Using Singleton as an example, here’s a brother that’s been in the business since the early 90′s. He’s not a neophyte. I know his star has fallen considerably over the years, but there’s no way he doesn’t have ANY control over casting. A half dozen principals in Abduction and NONE of them are Black? Really?

    • Jug

      Finally an argument I can get behind..and oppose LOL I agree with you about Lautner. He, Channing Tatum & Sam Worthington, Chase Crawford, Cam Gigandet, Chad Michael Murray (basically the entire cast of THE O.C. LOL) are cardboard cutouts. But anyone who has been in an acting class knows that not everyone is always up to snuff, but they make it thru. I agree that Hollywood is pushing them, not just on us, but on everyone. It’s why I have such a soft spot in my heart for Spike’s early movies, because his talent pool was THICK with talented actors, who for the most part all came out of Yale or another mainstream “white” established acting training program. LOL

      Authentic Black Talent..hmm…I have issues with that statement-only in the sense of what we’re deeming as quality black talent. Are you putting folks who grace the pages of YBF & Mediatakeout as the “good black talent in Hollywood” because I can argue that Lance Gross & the casts of HOP & MEET THE BROWNS are just as paperthin as Sam Worthington (which actually proves your point about who Hollywood foists on everyone, but that’s not what I’m asking here LOL). Or are you talking about the Chiwetel’s & YaYa’s of the world? The Aldis Hodges, the Naomie Harris’? I’m really liking the work Jon Michael Hill is puttin’ down on DETROIT 1-8-7, and he comes out of Steppenwolf in Chicago. Following that, some of the best work James McDaniel’s done since NYPD BLUE & Aisha Hinds is PROVING that she just isn’t the crackhead, homeless chick everyone wants to cast as her as. She can bring not only heat, but look surprisingly feminine & dare I say it-attractive. The whole cast, is actually damn good and pretty ethnic (3 Blacks, 1 Latina, 1 Indian, 1 OBVIOUSLY Italian and some recurring White characters).

      I’m not saying anything about you Rasheed, just pointing out that many of the industry centered media that spotlights artists/entertainers of color often make a distinction of who they follow just like major ones do. It’s sites like S&A that tend to go deeper & find those who aren’t pinup people or fly-by-night director’s (just like THE PLAYLIST, which I might add ALSO migrated to IndieWire, CONGRATZ S&A!). I’m not doggin’ those sites at all, making an assessment, that the more popular sites, whether they be black or white, make a distinction of “talent” and we as the audience go along, often because that’s who we see all the time. It’s part of that vicious cycle of pseudo-celebrity that keeps the same people working. “Who do you want to cast?” “Oh, man I JUST saw something about so & so, let’s bring them in” And thus the short list is made. Think I’m wrong, that I’m making it up? Look at the past black films that have come out or are coming out of late(aside from Tyler Perry) and see who is in them:

      Laz Alonso, AVATAR
      Paula Patton, JUST WRIGHT, MI4, DEJA VU
      Meagan Good-BIKER BOYZ
      Loretta Devine-everything black
      Angela Bassett-Looong List
      Romeo Miller (Lil’ Romeo)-dude has his OWN show

      Paula Patton-Again!?!
      Pam Grier-my old lady crush from her 70s joints :-P

      The list goes on & on (NOT EASILY BROKEN with Morris Chestnut & Taraji Henson). All I’m saying is that business is business & I’m not sure why people think it’s all of a sudden going to be different because Black people are in charge. Hell, John Singleton wanted Tupac to play Jody in BABY BOY too! BUT, I dig that he says he breaks people, like Spike did, because honestly-John did. NOBODY was thinking about Tyrese as an actor, he’s lucky Tupac died. NOBODY was thinking about Taraji, Omar Gooding as the “heavy”, just as the funny kid from SMART GUY. Even with white actors, because aside from ZEBRAHEAD, not many people were on Michael Rappaport’s shit.

      Rasheed, I dig your response to the questions and serious, I didn’t ask them as a gatekeeper of righteousness, I asked them because I have to ask myself everyday why I’m getting mad over something that happens, what is my REAL reason. I often come to the conclusion, I’m mad because things aren’t happening the way I want them to, but if they did, I wouldn’t be “as” mad. Real talk.

      • You’re touching the tip of the ice-berg. However, not enough to dig beneath the surface.
        It gets deeper than that.
        We need to develop practical solutions, instead of just saying “well, thats how it goes in Hollywood”.
        You’re in the right ballpark, though. In my opinion.

        Just wanted to throw that out there, just in case you thought that I was deliberately aiming at you.

        • Only If We cn find a comprehisive/adhensive like dry syrup on used linoleum, feel me:)?

        • Jug

          Shaquan, you’ve said that on several posts, “just the tip of the iceberg” but you never, ever elaborate. I’ve watched & read..You never give any evidence or facts to back up your assertions about Hollywood, film, how to fix it. Nothing of merit, just philosophical musings. Unfortunately, that’s not constructive. It’s akin to Scientology, where they tell you “there’s a secret that you don’t know about, but only I know the answer-pay me” LOL.

          Sorry, but that’s rhetorical, self indulgent nonsense. Like John McClain said in DIE HARD “If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem. Quit being a part of the fucking problem and put the other guy back on!”

          • I assure you, my intentions aren’t self-indulgent. I have no money to gain, nor am I attempting to start a “cult”.

            As far as Scientology is concerned, they didn’t create their info. All of that stuff has origins that pre-date L. Ron Hubbard’s existance. Besides, they only speak half-truth.
            And, no I’m not a Scientologist.

            You want some evidence to back up my assertions?
            Here you go:
            Read up about the Tavistock Institute.
            Thats just to start with.
            Don’t be put off by the cheesy titles.
            You have to fact-check & research the names that are mentioned, (just so you have your OWN proof that everything is legit).

            I’ve been researching all of this since 1995.
            “Conspiracy theory” is just a term thats used to get people away from challenging our society.
            When did we become a nation of people that are afraid to question?
            Question EVERYthing,… even the info I’m giving you.

        • Jug

          But thanks for telling me I’m “in the right ball park”

          • Pssst, jug, come over here my talented friend. If you talk to stone walls, they will never answer, nor concede.

            • Jug

              True indeed. Sometimes I forget my own self :-D

            • Wow.
              “stone walls”
              Very interesting.

              That reveals alot about some of the personalities that are popular on this website.

              • Shaquan, I was just suggesting that some people (that visit this site) have shown that they will never concede a point. I love a debate in which both parties are working for a solution and not working to win small talking points. On many occasions, the latter seems to hold court.

                I’ve noticed “some” will change the topic (cloud the issue – go off on tangents) instead of acknowledging that their “challenger’s” statements holds merit.

                I am sure you understand?

              • Jug

                Dude, get over yourself. “the personalities on this site”. Who the hell are you, some cyber-Che Guevara?! LMAO You’re killing me LOL!

                But, Yes, there is an elitism in Hollywood, and THAT is something I can get with you ALL day about. Where you hang out, who your trainer is, where you live etc etc. Very little is about any kind of credible measuring stick. And even when it is, it still is elitist. Having said that, much of YOUR argument tends toward an elitism of white people. See you discussion with Zeus above. That’s not the first time. I’m all about the elitism of Hollywood-PERIOD. That means everyone involved, regardless of their color, which is why often when I speak, I tend to stay away from “white people in Hollywood” do this or that, primarily because that snobbery & elitism know NO color lines. People are shitty regardless. We agree in that respect, but you have to admit (probably won’t) that your arguments tend toward the “white man is doing it to you” when I submit that yes, they are in the majority in terms of ownership & content creation, but that is not a genetic disposition, that is a power/in crowd situation. Because other races in America and in the country of their racial origin, do the SAME THING. That’s all I’m saying.

                And if you’re worked with Reed McCants, who made CIVIL BRAND, then you should know better than anyone. I saw that film at the ABFF in Miami (maybe you don’t) and all the hate/drama that came along with that film from “our” own people. Yeah, I go to the Black film festivals and see the way our own treat our own, the EXACT same way that white people treat their own at every other film festival. That’s taught me that in this game, where you are your own business, that no one corners the market on ridiculousness.

                As to your link “Are your thoughts your own”, that shit doesn’t bother me in the slightest. NONE of your thoughts are your own, whether influenced by the music you listen to, the friends you have OR your parents-never mind control juice in the water & subliminal messages in the airwaves. I live as best I can, because things like that, to be upset about & constantly “look for the boogey man” as I said, you might as well kill yourself or move to some deserted isle & live like the Unibomber because somebody is ALWAYS going to be above you, or trying to control you, cajole you, schmooze you, indoctrinate you-whatever. If that is something that you’re constantly concerned with, as I said before, do you. But it isn’t about questioning, this WHOLE SITE is about questioning, but questioning for the sake of questioning is a circle jerk. Something to make yourself feel like “AH HA! I figured you out, you didn’t get me” Again, whatever, you like it I love it, but at least try and have an intelligent or at least coherent discussion about film or entertainment. If everything is a smoke screen, or a secret symbol about the aliens that have already landed and are controlling you, then why have it. Why even come on the site? Save yourself and let the rest of us “deluded” perish in our own iniquity.

                And as for “stonewall”, going back to your idea that everyone is “elitist” on here or dares to challenge you, Carey is actually making the reference that on many postings people have poked BOOKOO holes in many of your statements, but you reply with “Oh, you just don’t know the truth” so why even bother beating your head against the “stonewall”. Waist of finger energy even typing to you. But I’m sure you feel the same way about us pseudo-intellectuals & elitist Hollywood douchebags. Really screams of someone that is actually insecure about their position & knowledge base. Just like a sport, which all this posting is in a way, you need to be trained & prepared before you step foot on the field. What I need from you, if you’re going to engage people about film & entertainment, is up your IQ. Learn who is doing what & why. Who the real influential people are, both now & in the past. The “somebody is behind curtain” talk, is all good, but for a discussion of what film was greenlit it’s kinda lacking (or the almighty trump so you can ALWAYS be “right”-depends on your viewpoint). That way folks can start to take you seriously. That is not elitism, that’s competition 101 bruh. And Carey actually alluded to that by saying “I’ve noticed “some” will change the topic (cloud the issue – go off on tangents) instead of acknowledging that their “challenger’s” statements holds merit.”-Carey that cracked me the fuck up :-D Nuthin’ but a shell game man, been there, seen that :-(

                Oh, and the fact that you referred to money, lets me know you don’t know what “self-indulgent” means and how it even was used. Gotta up your game man.

                You sound like a parrot, like you heard some stuff somewhere from somebody that seemed to “explain” all the problems you saw & spout it anytime you get into a conversation. But of course, I’m sure you think that of me.

                But again, do you Shaquan.

                • Shaquan Young

                  Okay,…I’ll leave it alone (after this).

                  WHERE was my statement about “White elitism” with Zeus? My comment was that John Singleton was contradicting HIMself.

                  I need to “up my IQ”?
                  I need to “try to have an intelligent discussion”?

                  I can name drop just like you do, but I choose not to.
                  I know who the real influential people are.
                  Do you know ALL the reasons WHY certain decisions are made in Hollywood?

                  Proof that you also need to step your game up:
                  Reed McCants did NOT MAKE “Civil Brand”.
                  He only acted in it (as a Warden).
                  His wife directed & produced it.
                  You haven’t read the bulk of the info through that link I posted.
                  Because if you did, you wouldn’t say nonsensical things like “boogey man”.
                  The research (which you haven’t done) doesn’t promote fear & paranoid reactions. The information has nothing to do with fleeing from society.
                  Besides, if you read all of it, you’d know it clearly states “not everything” in popular culture is affected.

                  I don’t question things just for the sake of questioning. I question when there is a clear & evident problem with the info thats presented to me.

                  And since you brought up IQ, how could you liken me to Che?
                  Just because I implied that some personalities on this website have a very cliquish way about them (which displays favortism).

                  I’ve never eluded to any genetic disposition of White people.
                  You pulled that one out of thin air.
                  My point has been:
                  The Jewish men who hold ownership (& who are the exces) ALL stick together. They never say “I got mine, you gotta get yours” to each other. They understand the importance of communal effort.
                  Ofcourse, they’re gonna employ the kinds of people they can relate to.
                  I know the names of those who MATTER.
                  Do you?

                  I don’t cloud issues, and change the subject (which you’ve defended Carey on). I’ve been addressing situations that go beyond just mere surface issues.
                  Its just that you can’t (or don’t want to) easily investigate what I’ve learned.

                  At the end of the day, I don’t care about “winning” arguments on a website. Thats petty simple-minded shit.
                  My aim is to inform people that I feel will benefit from it.
                  Changes will come. Whether we’re a part of it, or not. I’d rather WE be that change.
                  No, I this isn’t my “sport”.
                  Thats what the OUTDOORS are for.

                  If you need people to ONLY name-drop celebrities just so you can take me seriously, then miss me on that.
                  You can see that shit on E news or Access Hollywood, or BET with Ed Gordon.

                  I see that you’re amusing yourself, as well as being amused by Carey’s “jokes”.

                  I have no problem leaving you & whoever else here to engage in your “sport”.
                  Being here just to “argue” is NOT my idea of self-indulgence.
                  Thats simple-minded.

                  Continue name-dropping (of all the Hollywood producers that we already know about), if thats whats considered “intelligent discussion”.

                  Continue with your “debates”.
                  (and you accuse me of doing a circle-jerk).
                  I don’t want to waste time “debating”.
                  We need to find solutions.
                  But getting to the core of the prolem is not taken seriously by you or Carey.

                  Have fun

      • Rasheed

        “Authentic” meaning actual actors and not rappers, singers, dancers or stand-up comics. People who take the caft seriously and work hard perfecting it and aren’t cast to satisfy outdated marketing schemes. ;)

        “Authentic” meaning actual screenwriters and directors who take the craft seriously and not glorified playwrights with a built in fanbase. ;)

        • Jug

          I almooost agree, because real acting training used to mean singers, dancers & comedic techniques. It’s gotten watered down in the last 30-40 years because of bastardized Method training & film/tv casting practices & speed. Bcuz those folks take the craft just as serious, and can tap dance their ass off (not me)! LOL

          • Rasheed

            Fair enough. LOL. I was really talking more about people who get cast because they’ve got a hit album or single on the charts.

  • Sergio

    And the funny thing is that I thought NO ONE would respond to this post. Just goes to show you, ya’ never know!

  • Mr. SMDH

    Why are we so concerned with whether Hollywood cares about Black people, when so many Black people don’t even care about Black people?

    Are we letting BET and TV One off the hook that easily? What about these so-called musicians who fill the heads of our young people with foolishness? Those are the people we should be concerned with. Hollywood doesn’t owe us anything. It’s been clear for a long, long time that they could not care less if we in their stupid films.

    It’s time for a different discussion. It’s time to talk about ourselves, and the things that we can do better.

  • Jug

    And two more things before I quit this thread. First, I’m definitely embarrassed about all the misspellings & poor word usage in my posts above(waist for waste), THE WOYST! LMBAO

    Second, this is an article I think everyone on S&A can dig. Exactly what we’re talking about here & in general about Hollywood’s issues with race & the ridiculousness of the creative/development/production process in general. IT’s top to bottom bullshit for all, Very informative interview. Peace!

  • Li

    I do work in Hollywood and I can say that we have to look to the Blacks in this industry and ask them why have they not gotten together and done more? There was a brief time were Eddie, Keenan and others who were making films would stipulate that they see Black faces on the crew. They were asserting their influence to help Black people get into the industry. It didn’t last long but now when I am working I am not the only Black face in the sea of White on films and television shows.

    My criticism of Tyler Perry is the same criticism I can level at many Black businessmen I’ve met through the years, an inability to rise above ego and create a community with one or two other powerful figures in order to make a conglomerate large enough to really make a difference. Bill Cosby is another individual with too much ego to collaborate with others. Figures like Jay Z, Puffy and Kanye could change the game for Black performers in all “arts” but can they rise above their own egos? White folks don’t have this problem, that is how the mega corporations we have can exist today. They see the benefit in the power grab and they slice up the profits and White folks stay on top. Tyler Perry is a small thinker and his films and television shows are evidence of this, debate it as you will but you cannot deny that his kind of thinking and what he promotes will not take us forward. It just gives some exposure to some great Black talent and crew (which he under pays) more notoriety for himself and puts more millions in his own pocket. Oh and Oprah is in there too. Another too busy being a control freak to make a plan and really make a difference by joining with other Black entertainers to form a Black entertainment powerhouse.

    Controlling images in the media is power. Just ask any politician. It is time we got serious about having control over the images of the Black community in the media and holding those Blacks who have power in the media accountable.

    • Shaquan Young


    • Rasheed

      LOVE THIS! This is basically the same argument I pose to the Perry stans. Yeah, he employs a lot of Black talent, but everything he does is in honor of himself. :D I have never seen the same person’s name listed so many times in a film’s opening credits as I do for ANY Perry film. It’s like watching an indie or a student film. Written, produced, directed, starring. We get it Tyler. You’re a God among men, come down off the mountain to bless us with your most excellent tales. Enough already! :D

    • @Li, your critique is CLEAR AS THE BEAT OF An African Drum, some of these “Self-Aggrandizing Simpletons’ CRAVE ATTENTION,while aiding and abetting this kind of nappy headed logic(no succinct basis for their arguement,nor anykind of deductive reasoning, other than make punk moves behind “OTHER Folks Faulty Analysis” .. as i’ve submitted before on this site,WE have to wage pragmatic struggle whatever we indulged our collective senses.. Frederick Douglass said it best-Without Struggle,There is No Progress. or to Quo, african rogue scholar: CHINWEINZU- its the West and The Rest of Us.

  • @ Shaquan,

    “Continue with your “debates”.
    (and you accuse me of doing a circle-jerk).
    I don’t want to waste time “debating”.
    We need to find solutions.
    But getting to the core of the prolem is not taken seriously by you or Carey”… “Just because I implied that some personalities on this website have a very cliquish way about them (which displays favortism)”

    Shaquan, I don’t know where to start. I mean, I don’t want to sound all condescending nor “attacking” so I am very perplexed. See, I like your fighting spirit, your never-say-die attitude and how you’re (generally) respectful. Admirable qualities for sure. So bare with me. My writing skills are not the best and I have never been accussed of being part of a “click”. I am too opinionated and bull-headed to ever fall in that group.

    So, on the issues of “debate” and “solutions”, I’ll start right here… Jug said: “And as for “stonewall”, going back to your idea that everyone is “elitist” on here or dares to challenge you, Carey is actually making the reference that on many postings people have poked BOOKOO holes in many of your statements, but you reply with “Oh, you just don’t know the truth”

    Shaquan, without “debate” in all it’s forms, it’s highly doubtful any positive solutions will ever be found.

    Look, I’ve never been impressed with those that carried their degrees and titles in front of them, as if those titles spoke directly to their wisdom, moral character and/or their overall knowledge of all things in life. In most cases, I found that to be far from the truth. They may have had the patience, resources and ability, etc, to earn a degree in their choosen field and thus get a “title”, but outside of that, wisdom is learned by “going through”, some call it experience.

    So, I have a little story. First, I have to say I have not arrived, so I’ll be the first too say I am not all that. But I think my little story may be of some use to you.

    See, to some degree I see myself in you. I was the guy that had all the answers and resisted any suggestions from others that was outside my “thinking”/mindset. They didn’t know what they where talking about but I did. Or at least I wasn’t man enough, or courageous enough, or “whatever” enough to consider that they might have something I should look at. I had the propensity to poo-poo their opinions, especially if they differed from mine.

    One day I found myself in a terrible “storm” (Trouble with a capital “T”). My friends and family said, “boy, you done fk’ed up now, and here are our suggestions”. But oh no, not me, not this smart SOB, I had all the answers, and now I was on auto-pilot to resist ANY of their suggestions. Of course some where ambiguous nonsense, but many were suggestions I should seriously consider, but I put them all in the same box.

    Well, one of my cousin’s, who was a little younger than me, said “Carey, if you keep dismissing people and their suggestions, they will stop addressing you, and thus stop trying to help you”

    Shiiiiit, with my “never could say I was wrong” ass, that was music to my ears. I didn’t want to be around “those” people. But lawdy lawdy, you know the story, I fell all the way down on the ground, and few came to my rescue. I had already told everyone that I had the answer, so why now, why would they now come to give me words of wisdom? Well, not until I was sitting in my jail cell, lonely and depressed, did I realize that I was the biggest fool in town. I had all the things money could buy, and a family too, but now I was locked up with a gaggle fools (some, but not all), just like me.

    Okay, I think it’s time I cut to the end of this “moral”. One day in my incarceration, I was transfered to a two man “max security” cell block. Two men, two cells, one small 12 X 8 cell block. There was one small (the smallest of small) tv up in the highest corner of the block and that’s it, except the steel 3′ X 3′ all purpose table. When I got there, a young man was sitting quietly in his cell. He was in the block because he had been in some sort of riot. I was sent there for… **another story** :-(

    Oh, this facility was out of my home state so I didn’t know anyone, and that’s not always a good thang. But anyway, as I was getting acclimated to my “new home” (laying out my belongings and rolling out my cot) the guy in the next cell said “Hey coach, what’s up?”.

    Damn! It was one of the kids from the little league in which I was the president and his coach. He was no longer a kid, he was a young man facing 25 years.

    With a look of dismay in his eye’s, he said, “Coach, what the fu*k are you doing in here?”

    Yeah, how did I get there? Yet, more importantly, what changes would I have to make (where do I have to jack-up my slacks) to never go back “there”. Not just a place in time, but in my heart and in my mind, I had to make some serious changes that nobody could fix but me.

    Well, it’s apparent that in the game of filmmaking and films in general, jug has been through some shit. I believe he’s grown and learned a little wisdom/knowledge every step along the way. So, if we’re talking films, I’m listening to that boy, before I’d listen to those that may have great aspirations, or a degree in whatever. Some may call it cliqish, I call it championing the right voice at the right time. And on top of that, I call it following those that have gone before me (through a storm) which does not mean those with the best writing skills or the most “education”

    • Shaquan Young

      I appreciate you sharing your personal story.
      Glad you made it through.

      To be fair, all I’ve seen is a one-sided scale that weighs more in favor of Jug’s or your way of thinking.

      As far as experience in the film industry:
      #1- You don’t know anything about me.
      #2- Because my aim is to dig beneath the surface, deeper than just surface info you see on or Essence magazine, you view that as me resisting your suggestions.
      #3- I’ve offered to release some sources, but nobody was interested.
      #4- I’ve worked for Hype Williams for several years (starting in 1996).
      #5- I also worked for other directors/producers (Little X, Steve Carr, Fatima), & others who are not as well-known as Hype Williams.

      You say that I’m being resistant, but not once have you looked into anything I’ve written.
      My point (in some posts) has been that things are NOT always what they seem.
      From my experiences, for example:
      Most of these so-called “Christian” celebs involve themselves in arcane rituals, in which spiritual work is done to their films & song masters.
      Its not just celebs, even the Pope is all about that. What do you think he’s doing when he signals his hands the way he does?
      The major conglomerates all have “committee members” who get help from spiritual practitioners.
      These practitioners have access to altars that are used for making offerings/ & even sacrifices.
      There’s a science behind Lions Gate, MGM and the British Royal family with ancient inconography.
      Thats why I tell people that Tyler Perry wouldn’t be successful (in the mainstream movie biz) without Lions Gate.

      My problem is that I assumed people here would be open to information that we don’t see in mainstream media.
      This isn’t a game to me. I don’t come here to just “debate”.
      I don’t care about being right.
      I care about things being right for US.
      Each one, teach one.
      This isn’t a “sport” to me. I could be doing other things. I have a life.
      Matter of fact, this is my last post.
      Life goes on.
      I never proclaimed to know everything,… but you never even considered my truths.

      Write me off as some hard-headed, “paranoid”/ “conspiracy theorist”/”know-it-all”.

      I’m sorry that you don’t take me serious.

      My mistake is trying to “argue” my point.
      You don’t think I have any wisdom to offer.
      You don’t think I have an intelligent perspective that sheds light on whats happening in our culture.
      If anybody here wants to consider what I’m talking about, it’ll be up to their own free-will.


      • Okay. And I am still going through. There’s always something to work on. The race is not given to the swift but to them that can endure to the end.

        But first, the person has to accept the fact they might have a few issues/problems to work on.

        I hope you find your lane.

  • He had me until he gave props to the Prime Minister of Coonistan.