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Madea Dishes Out Some Wisdom In This New Clip From “Madea’s Big Happy Family”

Starring one Mr Tyler Perry, Madea’s Big Happy Family opens a week from today – April 22nd.

We received an invite to the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles next week Tuesday, the 19th. I live in New York, but hopefully, I’ll be able to get someone in L.A. to attend on our behalf, and report with some early thoughts.

13 comments to Madea Dishes Out Some Wisdom In This New Clip From “Madea’s Big Happy Family”


    Okay, I know those words can incite some folks to riot, however, I am trying to speak to those – whomever they may be – that have shown their dislike of Tyler Perry (the man) or his products. Of course everyone that directs negative criticism toward Tyler are not do-or die haters, so I want to make this perfectly clear who I am talking to. Well, if the shoe fits, pick one – or two. Here’s the list:

    1. I don’t like Tyler’s movies because they show us in a negative light.

    2. I am not a Christian, so Tyler’s movies are not for me.

    3. His movies are not funny. It’s just a bunch of baboonery.

    4. I am in the film business and his movies lack “quality”.

    5. I don’t believe Tyler is very creative.

    6. I believe Tyler is a closest homosexual.

    7. His movie are basically a vehicle to beat down the black man.

    8. Tyler should never be viewed as a role model. Well, he makes money but what else should we emulate.

    9. I fail to see the pay off.

    10. Tyler’s movies influence our children in all the wrong ways.

    11. I am just a dumb ass negro that’s highly influenced by the opinions of others.

    12. I am just a wannabe uppity snob, so I wouldn’t be caught dead sitting with a bunch of “those” Negros.

    13. Tyler’s movie are directed at the church crowd and the lower class.

    14. I am basically a person who sees nothing good in life, and I love to gossip about sh*t I know little or nothing about. Yes, I am just a full time cynic.

    15. Tyler’s writing sucks and he’s a piss pour director. And he’s blocking the advancement of those of us who can’t get our ( more significant) stories told.

    16. I am in the crowd that just hates the man and I can’t explain why.

    There you have it folks. Pick your spot and pick your poison and I’ll be back. Now remember, CHOOSE WHERE YOU FIT, OR IF YOU FIT, OR SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!

    I am sure some will be able to say “BINGO, THAT’S MY NUMBER(S). And then, there will be others that say, “YEAH BUT”. So go ahead, rant on Tyler, cuz I think many (filmmakers too) are missing the boat. Nevertheless, I will be back. **looking around the room*

  • sandra

    As the wise Anthony Mackie once said: We need to step up our game! Plain and simple. No hatin intended.

  • トヴィタ

    Geesh, Tyler Perry is not the ambassador for blackmerica. It doesn’t exist. He doesn’t have a responsibility to anyone but Tyler Perry(and Lionsgate). He’s a glorified popcorn salesman, who’s making the films he wants to make. So what if those films aren’t exactly high brow? If I were him, I’d start making movies with white folks. It pays better and you don’t have to deal with black people calling you a coon, which is a pretty F**ked up thing to say, if they don’t like it. Perhaps if some of you spent less time on the internet riding his jock, you’d be on your way to realizing the same success he has. Damn, I feel like seeing this movie out of spite.

    ……….Aaand that feeling just left.

    • こんにちはTovita、大きな反響。私はいくつかの人々が毎回氏Perryさんの名前が表示されて酔って忙しい蜂のように振る舞うのかわからない?

      “Damn, I feel like seeing this movie out of spite”


      • トヴィタ


        I just might!

  • Darkan

    I just sucked my teeth at this sucky clip!

  • skyvolt2000

    I’d start making movies with white folks.

    Well if he did that he WOULD open more doors for folks especially considering the last guy that did was very successful. The late Dwayne McDuffie did pretty well with Ben 10, Justice League nad a few recent DC Animated movies.

    • JMac

      And don’t forget Keenan Ivory Wayans and Scary Movie – more whites than blacks but if you’re going to go full buffoonery take the other races with you.:D You’ll make a lot more money and won’t get anywhere near the complaints… from black folks that is.

  • Gobedo

    LOL i actually think that clip was funny