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Ambitious 3D Civil War Series In The Works

Like I said, it’s Civil War fever folks… in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the start of the war.

Sony, Discovery and Imax are teaming to produce what they’re calling an ambitious 4-part 3D production about the Civil War, slated for a fall 2011 debut on the 3net Network, a 3D network created in a collaboration between the 3 companies.

This will be photographed in 3D by the way… so, none of that converting in post-production stuff.

Principal photography is said to already have begun on the series, which is currently titled, simply, The Civil War 3D.

THR says that the program will “combine digitized stereoscopic archival imagery from the period, scripted re-enactments and character narrative,” and will mostly be shot at the actual locations and battlefields, like Gettysburg.

David W. Padrusch (who has a background mostly in documentary filmmaking) will co-write and direct the series, which will include personal narratives from soldiers who fought in the war, or each side.

Padrusch said the series would “bring the prism of 3D technology to first-person accounts of battlefield experiences as a way of exploring the humanity and the complexity of motivations of soldiers on both sides of the war.

So this makes it the 7th or 8th Civil War-based project in the works currently.

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