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Percy “Master P” Miller and BBTV (Milk Carton Alert)

Three years ago, the internet was all abuzz about the new television network Percy “Master P” Miller was embarking on. Better Black Television was going to exemplify a new and improved standard for an under-served market.

It was going to be a general entertainment channel running a wide range of scripted, unscripted and news programming including: drama and comedy series, movies, animation, reality, politics, sports and entertainment news, children’s educational and teen programming along with “responsible” hip-hop music videos.

A company statement claimed the network would provide…”positive content for a black and brown culture.” Supposedly, production had already begun and a website had been implemented.

Advisory board members for the network included Oscar winner Denzel Washington, Vault Load Films president Jim Finkl, NAACP executive director Vicangelo Bullock, NBA player Derek Anderson, hip-hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc, entrepreneur Olatokunbo Betiku and real estate mogul Curtis Oakes.

Master P was elated to announce the venture stating…”I believe that there is a market in our community for a new diverse network that provides a new brand of superior programming that caters to all aspects of television, from reality to original programming.”

This network was going to pounce BET and shake up the stronghold it had on us. In short, it seemed promising at the very least.

Then, out of nowhere, talk had diminished and POOF…the project was gone. No grand statements from Denzel. No unified front from the advisory committee explaining new investors on board. No all-star cast of a new sitcom chatting it up with Oprah. No trash talking comedian announcing a late night show. No lifestyle, all-in-one new hostess to look forward to. Nothing. Just dead.

Hearing about Bounce TV, the new network being launched by Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III, caused some major reservation but I’m hopeful.

So does anyone know what happened to BBTV?

9 comments to Percy “Master P” Miller and BBTV (Milk Carton Alert)

  • Jug

    I gotta say, the Milk Carton alerts always make me laugh :-D

    “Uggghhh, NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA!!”

  • Zeus

    Weird. Wikipedia says the network launched in 2009.

    Then this link:

    …says they were to launch a year ago. ????

    Usually, when you stop hearing things in a venture like this, either the investors pulled out or they are still in development. Who knows.

    • Cynthia

      Yeah, the official press release was from August 2008 and they were suppose to launch in 2009. I thought we would get some whispers from him or his support camp about the postponement or cancellation.

  • JasonJee

    People expected something like this from Master P? Really? Based on what, his high caliber music?

  • that dude

    I’m always stunned when people take press releases like this seriously. When there is no money source listed, there usually is no money. Now read that Bounce TV press release again.

    • Cynthia

      Uh-oh…I sense skepticism. LoL But I think Bounce TV is apart of a bigger Comcast agreement so that may be a little different.

  • AJ

    Comcast does need minority networks, but Bounce is trying to bypass cable and go over-the-air so supposedly they don’t need the MSOs.

    I originally thought BBTV would premiere, since it seemed fairly thought through (the website, content from Miller himself, tons of promo shots for the shows).

    Now I’m leaning toward a “no.” and we should all be skeptical of Bounce too. Sometimes people announce to gauge interest, not because plans are set.

  • Oliver W. Ottley III

    I just hope that this really is a concentrated effort to bring quality content to the forefront because we all know what a Viacom check is capable of (Oops, did I say that out loud?).