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Watch Short Film “Alisha”

Here’s an award-winning short film titled Alisha by student filmmaker Daniel Citron. The story deals with a teenage girl struggling with her body image and her strained relationship with her father.

Alisha from Daniel Citron on Vimeo.

4 comments to Watch Short Film “Alisha”

  • Lynn

    Hmmm….this is like Lee Daniels Precious except it deals with a insecure obsessed teenage girl with a loud mouth verbally abusive father.

    The acting in this short film is very disappointing. But i give the filmmaker credit for trying to portray this story.

  • Darkan

    Took the words out of my mouth…

  • Okay, yes another downtrodden Black person story, but I liked the lighting in many of the shots and am curious about some of the color correction techniques.

    Any film is hard work to get from concept to release so I also give them credit for getting their story told, even if it a story that is somewhat similar to others. Its up to me to make the movies I want to see.