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Where are they now? #8


I haven’t done one of these in a while and I’ve been thinking about adding him to the list. No, not Eriq La Salle, though he could be a potential candidate for the list very soon, but D. Clark Johnson the writer and director of the 1994 film The Drop Squad. A intentionally controversial and admittedly rather clumsy satire produced by Spike Lee, who makes a cameo in the film, about a team of black radicals who kidnap people who they felt have sold out their race with La Salle, who plays an advertising executive, as their latest victim. The film tried to hearken back to the good old black militant days of protest of Amiri Baraka.

But the film wasn’t entirely successful being much too preachy and heavy handed, though one wonders how it would play today considering, for example, the angry critcisms of BET. It could well very have been a film ahead of it’s time. However The Drop Squad turned out to be Johnson’s only directing credit. Johnson (not to be confused with actor/director Clark Johnson of TV’s Homicide and the director of S.W.A.T., The Sentinel and many TV episodes including The Shield) only recent credits are for writing the screenplays for the fogettable 1998 rom-com Woo with Jada Pinkett Smith and the 2005 straight to video prison drama Animal with Ving Rhames, Terrance Howard and Jim Brown. What D. Clark Johnson has been up to lately or why the huge gaps in his resume is anyone’s guess.

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  • Eric

    I went to Howard with the Drop Squad director/producer crew back when D. Clark Johnson went by the name “Butch”. Drop Squad, if anyone recalls, was feature length version of a much better realized short. Butch was actually a sought after cameraman/producer with ABC News. His writing partner worked for a bit with Saturday Night Live after Drop Squad came out – if I have my timeline correct.

  • I worked briefly with David Taylor for my own series that I’m developing and Butch is still around, and a bit heftier. He’s in currently in charge of “Drop Squad Pictures” in NY, and they still work very closely with Spike Lee. In fact, while I was at their studios, they were editing promos for Spike’s “Miracle at St. Anna”