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Where in the world is Carl Franklin?


We haven’t heard anything lately about director Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress- still a classic no matter how many times you see it  and Out of Time) but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been inactive. News came out just recently that he’s been working as one of the directors for the Steven Spielberg produced 10 part mini-series for HBO, The Pacific.

The series, which premieres in 2010 and costing a reported $250 million making it the most expensive mini-series in television history, chronicles the experiences of a group of Marines fighting in the Pacific Theater during World War II. One hopes that the show will in some way deal with the experiences of black soldiers who fought in the Pacific campaign during WW II,  which HBO’s previous WW II series set in Europe, Band of Brothers, completely failed to do, but I’m not holding my breath.

3 comments to Where in the world is Carl Franklin?

  • pnc

    You’re right Sergio, I haven’t heard his name is centuries.

  • Eric

    Hasn’t been inactive or hasn’t been active?

  • mlm

    You know I didn’t like “Devil in a blue dress”. I had high hopes from all the hype and from reading Mosley’s books. I never read that book. When I watched the film I felt it was nothing like his novels would play out. I know it was a movie but still it needed some better pacing I felt like it was rushed and chopped. Anyways, hope is staying busy doing what he loves.