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Trailer – Misconceptions (Orlando Jones Is Gay And Wants A Baby)

The film is called Misconceptions, and its story goes: unable to conceive a baby of her own, a Southern Evangelical woman receives a “divine order” from God to become the surrogate mother for a gay couple from the Northeast: Orlando Jones and David Moscow. She gets more than she bargained for when the anxious parents-to-be move down south to “supervise” the pregnancy and take on the local Christian community.

Upon initially seeing the trailer, I assumed it’ll be a straight-to-dvd release; however, it’s IMDB page states that Regent Releasing will be releasing it theatres on August 6th.

2 comments to Trailer – Misconceptions (Orlando Jones Is Gay And Wants A Baby)

  • mlm

    i love my slow small town movies but idk bout this one. the color makes it look like an old lifetime movie. i know Orlando will bring the humor.

  • The most fascinating thing about this trailer to me is that it compares itself to other lightweight comedies and shows their grosses… While that’s probably normal for trailers shopping distribution it still makes me feel additional ick above the content of the movie…