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The Shocking ‘On My Block’ Finale And What We Owe Black And Brown Kids

If I wanted to see images of Black and Latinx kids being shot up and bleeding to death on screen, I’d unblock Shaun King.  I certainly wouldn’t expect to find it in a comedy series on Netflix. Unfortunately, that’s where I end up at the season one finale of the new streaming show On My Block. I never intended to binge the show in one sitting. Like the novice screenwriter I am, I...


In Defense Of Erik Killmonger And The Forgotten Children Of Wakanda

Disclaimer: This article contains serious spoilers about Marvel's Black Panther.   “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all the time.” This is James Baldwin’s prolific quote about being Black in America and the sentiment that genius screenwriter and director Ryan Coogler tapped into when he wrote his version of...